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Spectacle and great figures for the 7th Rally di Roma Capitale

A high-level rally with varied and complete stages. An unrivalled setting from Castel Sant’ Angelo to Ostia Lido with the closing show of the “Arena ACI Roma”. Rendina: “A strong team that wants to grow thanks to ACI and the Municipality. Maurizio Battista Testimonial of the event

Rome July 10th, 2019. The details of the 7th Rally di Roma Capitale, the event that will be the 5th round of the European Championship and Italian Rally from July 17th to 21st , have been unveiled. This sporting event will involve the whole area of the Capital but also the province of Frosinone and Ostia. Promotion of the territory through the spectacle of rally that is close to people. Everyone will be involved either along the roads of the rally or through the intense programme of TV, radio and web coverages to broadcast every moment of the electrifying weekend in the Rome area. This is the essence of the event devised by 2014 Rally Production World Champion Max Rendina, that will have its headquarters in Fiuggi, will start from the heart of Rome, Castel Sant’Angelo before moving to the stages that will take place in Ciociaria for two motorsport days that will reach their conclusion with the final show of the “Arena ACI Roma” that is a double challenge on the stage in front of the sea.
Sixteen stages for a total of 203,40 competitive Km on a total liason of 849,72 Km split in two days: day one will feature some very technical stages on twisty roads, while technical perfection will make the difference in the more flowing stages on day two.

A packed “Giuseppe Spizzuoco” room at the Automobile Club d’Italia headquarters has welcomed the introductory meeting to the rally Roma Capitale in the presence of Max Rendina and Motorsport Italia managers, Automobile Club D’Italia’s President Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI Sport’s General Director Marco Rogano, Rally ACI Sport Commission’s President Daniele Settimo, Rome Municipality Sports Depute Andrea Pesce, Giuliana Di Pillo, Pico’s Major Ornella Carnevale, delegates from the areas staging the Rally and the Testimonial of Rally di Roma Capitale Maurizio Battista.

Max Rendina Motorsport Italia: -“Thank you. This year we organized an even bigger event and, thanks to the partnership with the Municipality and ACI Rome, we could organize a better stage in Ostia. A staff of more than 1000 people plus 200 volunteers will work hard on this rally. This is the second most important race in Italy and we want to grow. In Ostia, a big event in the event will involve a test drive for manufacturers, karting races with guest stars like Giancarlo Fisichella and Emanuele Pirro. The exhibition of WRC+ cars from the WRC rally scenes and the Police’s Lamborghini, our testimonial and a lot of exciting appointments are on the menu of the event. We devoted our full commitment to this rally as always and we hope it will be appreciated”-.

Angelo Sticchi Damiani, Automobile Club d’Italia’s President: -“The Rally di Roma Capitale won a tough challenge especially due to the difficulties connected to the size of a city like Rome. The success of Rendina lays in the big presence. As the Federation, we try to showcase our talents in these International events. We brought back sports among the main aspects of ACI, the Federation that has a long and prestigious history and that nowadays organizes directly a Formula 1 Grand Prix and a World Rally Championship’s round. The Federation ACI shows its value also through the important confirmations obtained internationally. Automobile Club d’Italia got to the heart of the sport, but its activity goes beyond sport. This has to be clear. A big thanks to events like the Rally organized by Motorsport Italia that brought an international event to our Capital”-.

Andrea Pece, Sports Department of the Municipality: -“We feel like members of a big family, as citizens and fans. The city is close to the event as the whole territory and this is quite a clear synergy”-.

Marco Rogano ACI Sport SpA General Director: -“The Rally di Roma Capitale, an event devised by the farsighted idea of Rendina, grew and is an important appointment. It involves people and takes place among the people that can enjoy this spectacle from a close perspective. A European Championship is an important event and this is confirmed by the figures shown, the high-level staff and its complexity. Such an efficient organization deserves to be highly successful”-.

Daniele Settimo Rally Commission President:-“The rally di Roma Capitale is a big event and the European setting raises further its profile. I personally know that stages and, due to their high technical level, they could be part of a World Rally Championship round. Our Federation is proud of this organization”-.

Ornella Carnevale Pico’s Major: “ Our Municipality suits particularly the rally. We have been living and organizing rally rounds for a long time. We are great at this and our roads are already set up thanks to our associations. Important interventions to increase safety and spectacle have taken place. We are very fond of our rally and kept its name within the important context of the Rally di Roma Capitale. We are ready to welcome all the fans that will join us here”-.

Giuliana Di Pillo President of the X Municipio Roma: “This is a public event. That is how we defined the Rally di Roma Capitale, an event that brings a lot of people to our territory. The Arena ACI Roma will be in Ostia’s center among the people. We wished this strongly and I personally fought for this event in our city. I am happy because this is going the first time of this new configuration. We are waiting for a lot of people. Ostia is ready to welcome all the rally fans”-.

Gianluca Marotta, Race Director: “Spectacle and promotion of the territory are two important aspects combined in the organization by Motorsport Italia. Safety will be paramount and several staffs like technicians, race directors and people working at the event devoted the highest care to this aspect. This is quite a complex machinery featuring high numbers. This is why we are also grateful to all the involved Armed Forces, and particularly the Questura di Roma e Frosinone, Polizia Stradale di Roma e Frosinone, Carabinieri and the Polizia Municipale di Roma Capitale”-.

Videos and pictures of the presentation are available. All information can be found at and on the renewed app rallydiromacapitale that is available through google play and apple store.

Michela Bove 🇮🇹

Media Rally Di Roma Capitale 🇮🇹🌎

Photos: FIA ERC 🌎
Media Rally Di Roma Capitale 🇮🇹🌎
Sven Kollus / Flat Out Media Agency / Germania 🇩🇪
©2019 🇮🇹
Leonardo D’Angelo – Photo Action 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
Media SKODA Motorsport / Checa 🇨🇿

Rally di Roma Capitale FIA ERC Campionato Italiano Rally
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14 July 2019

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A 21 años de historia en el Rally Mundial, con este número 137. Nos desplegamos con una nómina de temas, muy interesante, desde el Rally de Gales con el triunfo de Ott Tänak, sobre la Yaris WRC de Toyota, que gestiona el finés Tommi Mäkinen. Además de una nota bastante significativa de la noruega Veronica Engan, hermosa copiloto y haciendo experiencia en la estructura de Jÿvaskyla en TGR WRT.
La despedida victoriosa del «vikingo» noruego Petter Solberg, en la clase WRC 2, junto al local Phil Mills, que en su última incursión en el Mundial de Rally, en Inglaterra al volante del Polo GTI R5 de la gerencia deportiva de Hannover por VW Motorsport. Y su hijo Oliver, que estrenó su vínculo en el WRC con el otro auto alemán de nueva generación.
El romano Max Rendina, regresa a la actividad profesional del Rally Mundial en el año próximo con la Fabia R5 EVO by Motorsport Italia.
El estupendo momento de Hyundai Motorsport GmbH, ante el liderazgo en la tabla de posiciones entre las marcas con sus veloces i20 WRC Plus 2019.
La normativa del flamante vehículo estadounidense en la clase R5, que fabrica y proyecta M-Sport, que conduce el inglés Malcom Wilson, el novedoso Fiesta R5 MK II.
La ratificación en el calendario de la entrada de japón al WRC 2020.
Prodrive, sigue aumentando ingresos para retornar a la base de su categoría estrella, el CMR, será en el 2022 con los coches híbridos. Volverá el auto azul de Mitaka con Banbury en la división técnica desde el Reino Unido.
Pläzy, festeja el título ecuménico de la WRC2 Pro con el escandinavo Kalle Rovanperä, ganando en Liverpool.
El anuncio oficial del WRC 2020, con la continuidad del Rally de la República Argentina en sus 40 años de historia, que se correrá en los días iniciales de mayo, en el ciclo venidero.
Fabio Andolfi, la realidad italiana, que expone ACI Sport y MSI en el WRC 2, manejando la Fabia R5 de la formación romana, que lideran Bruno De Pianto & Max Rendina.
STARD & TEIN, cumplen con el sueño de proyectar el Fiesta eléctrico «PROJECT E», que correrá en el World RX 2021.
Una temporada auspiciosa, que nos eleva una epílogo más con la publicación RRM WRC Argentina, en sus 21 estaciones con la disciplina en el ámbito nacional y internacional.




All The Best, Pablito 🇦🇷 🌍

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15 de Noviembre 2019

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The stars aligned for Petter in Wales last week,as former team-members joined him at Wales Rally GB.

Petter lands the high five with another Wales Rally GB win



The Solberg story headlines at Wales Rally GB (again)
Emotional farewell as Petter signs off with a WRC 2 victory
Petter: “That’s a proper way to say goodbye.”
Oliver fastest on his first ever WRC outing
Stunning Saturday morning speed, Oliver beats everybody on just his third WRC stage
Mixed emotions doesn’t come close for the Solberg family following another thrilling week in Wales.

Petter and Oliver drove their Volkswagen Polo GTI R5s on one of the season’s most complicated and competitive rallies. Both have a story to tell…

For Petter, a four-time Wales Rally GB winner, the last week has been an astonishingly rapid run down memory lane. It’s seven years since the triple world champion competed in Britain, but it felt like yesterday when he delivered the dream: a fifth Wales Rally GB win – admittedly, this one was in the WRC 2 category.

This time, even Hollywood was almost lost for words.

“Incredible,” he said. “Unbelievable. Since we planned the Farewell Tour at the start of the year, I wanted to come here and wanted to do GB. It was different this time with Oliver driving as well. The emotions were a little bit more complicated, but this result… what can I say?

“The comeback starts now!”

Petter admitted returning to one of the season’s most complicated rallies was not straightforward.

“I didn’t underestimate how tough this would be? But maybe I forgot a little bit about how tough it was! This rally is one of the hardest in the championship and it always was – that’s one of the things that make it so special when you are having the success here.

“The days are long and the roads are so, so difficult to read and take confidence from, but when you get it right, it’s the best feeling in the world.”

More on that comeback?

“Do you think I should? Maybe? No, we’re working on Oliver’s plan now. Oliver is the future for the Solberg story, mine is a little bit in the history now. Honestly, it’s been really nice, fun and a lot of emotions coming to this rally. I love this place and these people, so to share my last proper WRC round with Wales was so special for me and Phil.

“That was the proper way to say goodbye.”

Back to the future…

In the last week, Oliver’s World Rally Championship dream got real.

After an already insanely successful rookie season of four-wheel drive rallying, where Oliver has become the youngest ever European Rally Championship event winner and taken America by storm with Subaru Motorsports USA, Wales Rally GB was the next mountain to climb.

Predictably, Oliver made short work of his big moment. He was fastest of all the R5 cars (including WRC 2 Pro and WRC 2) on just his third stage in the World Rally Championship.

Unfortunately, a misted-up windscreen spoiled SS1, while a smashed wheel rim on the second test ruled him out Friday. After a day by the north Wales seaside, Oliver was very much back in business on Saturday morning.

That’s when the fastest times started. Nobody drove an R5 car faster than Oliver through Dyfi and Myherin. Nobody.

Unfortunately, just as the weekend was starting to fly, Sweet Lamb turned sour and Saturday was done.

“The car stopped,” said Oliver. “We don’t know why. We checked everything, but it wasn’t possible to continue. We came to service and the team made lots of investigations, worked on the car and then I could come back again on Sunday.

“Of course, it was disappointing that we couldn’t take the experience we wanted from all of the stages, but the thing I wanted to have a look at for myself was the speed.

“I have been asking myself for the whole time: “Where am I for the speed? How will I compare with the other guys?

“When I came to the first stage on Saturday morning, it was really difficult. I had nothing to win and a lot to lose if I crashed. Honestly, we drove at around 95 per cent and the times were good.”

Good? Try sensational.

Through the 26-kilometre Dyfi test, Oliver was 9.1 seconds faster than any other R5 cars. And 24.7s up on Papa.

“That was good,” he said. “I enjoyed that one – the grip was really good in places and this took me by surprise. I was braking early many times.”

In Myherin, Oliver could only manage fastest by 3.1s and this time Petter was just eight down.

After that, Saturday went south, but Sunday demonstrated more speed and more potential before he rolled in the penultimate test.

Oliver said: “The end of the event wasn’t like we wanted, but the dream really has come true for me to be here. Wales and the World Rally Championship wasn’t like my Papa told me it would be. It was evenbetter.”

Media PS 110% AB

Photos: @Media PS 110% AB
Copyright © 2019 Petter Solberg Media Office, All rights reserved.

October 8, 2019

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This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español





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Nasser Al-Attiyah celebrated his sixth Cyprus Rally victory on Sunday evening by revealing that he’s considering a full FIA European Rally Championship campaign in 2020.

Al-Attiyah, from Qatar, has enjoyed a long run of success in stage and cross-country rallying at both regional and international level.

He’s yet to tackle more than a handful of ERC events in any one season but that could change next year.

“We are thinking to the European [championship] next year, we will sit with the team and we will see,” said Al-Attiyah, who drove an Autotek Motorsport-run Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 to victory in Cyprus.

“To compete in different race [is the reason], we know everybody, the atmosphere in this European championship is really great, a family, and a lot of media. And when you win you win the race.”

In addition to a possible ERC bid, Al-Attiyah also confirmed he hopes to represent Qatar in skeet shooting at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.…/


Photos: Media FIA ERC By Nico Meyer 🇩🇪 / RRM WRC Argentina Magazine 🇦🇷🌏

08 October 2019


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