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M-Sport will be chasing a Mexican Fiesta next week – when the Ecoboost-powered Ford Fiesta WRC makes its gravel debut at one of the FIA World Rally Championship’s most vibrant events, Rally Guanajuato Mexico.

Having completed 1,470 kilometres of testing last week, the team worked to perfect set-up configurations and test durability. Known for its high rate of attrition, the Mexican fixture demands reliability as well as performance and the team have left no stone unturned in their pursuit of another strong result.


Rally Mexico might be the first official gravel rally of the season, but this unique event has an individuality which sets it apart from the more traditional loose-surface fixtures.

Contested in the Sierra de Lobos and Sierra de Guanajuato mountain ranges, stage altitudes are at their highest and the Ford Fiesta WRCs will compete up to 2,746 meters above sea level.

The thinner air can see engine performance reduced by as much as 20 percent which places demands on team and crews alike. While the team work to extract 100 percent of the available performance, the crews must be note perfect – any mistakes being harshly punished as reduced power takes the engine longer to regain full speed.

If that wasn’t enough, air temperatures can linger around the 30°C mark with those in the cockpit as high as 50°C. The event also plays host to some of the roughest terrain of the year and the crews will need to deliver a conscientious drive – especially over the second pass when the stages can become particularly rough and rutted.

The challenges are vast, but so is the enthusiasm of the Mexican supporters. Rally Mexico is renowned as one of the most colourful and vivacious events on the calendar and that will only be heightened this year with the inclusion of a spectacular opener in Mexico City – the CDMX Street Stage Presented by Michelin.

As the start of the rally moves 400 kilometres south to one of the world’s largest cities, the WRC entourage will converge on the iconic Zócalo square which was featured in the opening sequence of the latest James Bond thriller, Spectre. Creating a spectacle of its own next week, Rally Mexico’s opener is not to be missed with huge crowds upwards of 100,000 expected to attend.

M-Sport is currently 20 points clear at the head of the manufacturers’ standings and Team Principal Malcolm Wilson is keen to see the team excel at the next challenge.

Team Principal, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“We’ve had a fantastic start to the season but the next challenge is just around the corner as we debut the Fiesta on gravel. We completed a lot of kilometres at our pre-event test and learnt more about the car set-up which we hope will pay dividends next week.

“Of course there’s no substitute for competition, and I think everyone is on tenterhooks waiting to see if we can continue the strong performance shown on the opening two rounds. I see no reason why we can’t do that and, even though we’ll be hampered by road position through the early stages, a podium has to be our aim.

“Rally Mexico is a real highlight for the team. We have a lot of great memories from the event and the atmosphere rivals anything else we see on the calendar. This year, with the inclusion of the first stage in Mexico City, I’m sure it will be something very special indeed – worthy of these spectacular new cars.”


For the first time since 2014, Sébastien Ogier and Julien Ingrassia will not be opening the road on the first gravel event of the year. An arduous task still lays ahead for the Frenchmen as the second car on the road, but they will be free from the worst of the road cleaning.

Opening the road or not, Ogier knows what it takes to win in Mexico and the event is close to his heart having made his WRC debut there in 2008. The 2008 fixture also played host to the four-time World Champion’s first points haul as a win in the Junior World Rally Championship also saw him take an impressive eighth place overall.

Since that first outing, the Frenchman has tackled the event on eight previous occasions – securing five podium finishes and three victories.

Previous starts: 8
Best result: 1st (2015, 2014 and 2013)

Sébastien Ogier said:

“I made my WRC debut in Mexico so it is always nice to come back here. We always receive such a warm welcome from the fans and they have a real passion for the sport.

“For the first time in a number of years we won’t be opening the road but it will still be a big challenge. We’ll be the second car into the stages so we’ll still have to contend with quite a lot of road cleaning. We’ll need to try to stay as close as we can over the opening day and then see what’s achievable when the conditions become more consistent.

“We’ve had a good start to the season, but now we’re going to experience something totally different. This is where we’ll get a feeling for these new cars on gravel and where I’ll get to experience the Fiesta’s performance on this kind of surface. We had a really useful test last week with a lot of kilometres, but there really is no substitute for competition.

“It’s going to be an interesting rally and I hope we can continue our good performance and continue to progress.”


Rally Mexico also played host to Ott Tänak’s first points haul when he piloted his Ford Fiesta S2000 into the overall top-ten in 2011, but it was in 2015 when the Estonian became immortalised in the event’s history.

The Mexican fixture was where the now infamous #Titänak originated and where Tänak’s now trademark determination first inspired the hearts of rally fans around the world.

Having contested the event on five previous occasions, the Estonian knows the event well and will be hoping to continue what has been his strongest ever start to a WRC season when he and co-driver Martin Järveoja reunite in pursuit of another strong result.

Having set fastest times on both opening rounds, Tänak is revitalised and hungry for further success. Now a genuine contender for regular podiums, the Estonian will be full of confidence heading to his preferred surface at the first gravel event of the year.

Previous starts: 5
Best result: 5th (2012)

Ott Tänak said:
“There are two things that you need to keep in mind in Mexico – the heat, and the altitude. We’ll head out to the event a little earlier to get used to the climate but when it comes to the stages, you need to be on it from the word go.

“The high altitude means that we have a lot less power to play with and you need to constantly have that in your mind. You need to be very clean and precise and make sure that you keep the speed up all the time.

“The stages themselves are nice and smooth, but they could become quite rough and rutted over the second pass and that makes it even more important to have a clean run. There is a lot of new aero on these cars and you don’t want to lose any of it.

“We racked up a lot of kilometres during the test last week, but we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out on the rally. We’ve not had a lot of gravel running so far this year so I think the key will be to find a good rhythm early on.

“We’ll also be opening the road again and that is something I’ve never experienced on gravel. It’s going to be an interesting rally with a lot of things to discover, but I’m looking forward to it and to seeing what we can do.”


Elfyn Evans may only have two previous experiences of Rally Mexico under his belt, but the Welshman knows what this challenging event demands – securing fourth-place finishes on both outings.

Understanding the arduous nature of the Mexican fixture, Evans and co-driver Daniel Barritt know that a clever rally can yield results and will be looking to do just that – combining their speed with a conscientious drive behind the wheel of their DMACK-clad Fiesta next week.

In the lead-up to the event, both Evans and Barritt were at M-Sport headquarters – passing their experience to the next generation. Providing driver and co-driver training to this year’s crop of Junior World Rally Championship competitors, the pairing found time amongst their own vigorous training schedules to impart some words of wisdom.

Previous starts: 2
Best result: 4th (2015 and 2014)

Elfyn Evans said:

“The first gravel rally of the year will certainly be an interesting one and I think everyone is waiting with baited breath to see what they can do. The altitude makes this a really unique event and when you combine that with the high temperatures it’s a big challenge – for the crews and the cars.

“We’ll need to be at the top of our game to contend with the physical demands, but we’ll also need to adapt our driving style to get 100 percent of the performance. Because of the thinner air, there’s a reduction in power and you need to be really smooth and not so aggressive behind the wheel.

“You’ve got to be so tidy at this event and keep momentum through the corners. If you scrub speed before a long straight or sequence of corners the engine doesn’t have the power to carry you though and you can lose a lot of time.

“We’ll have to wait and see how the conditions suit us, but I am looking forward to this one. It’s an event I’ve done well at in the past and a clever run can deliver results – it’s just a case of getting the balance between risk and speed just right.”


Elsewhere in the M-Sport Team, Éric Camilli and Benjamin Veillas will continue their WRC 2 campaign behind the wheel of the Ecoboost-powered Ford Fiesta R5.

Gravel might not be the Frenchman’s preferred surface, but Camilli made huge progress on loose-surface terrain last year and will be keen to demonstrate that next week.

Éric Camilli said:

“Mexico is such a unique event and it’s a real pleasure to be heading back there again. I experienced it for the first time last year and the atmosphere was amazing. The fans there are incredible and there’s a real passion for rally.

“It’s really important to maintain focus on an event like Rally Mexico and I’ve been training hard since Sweden. The temperatures are really high and the altitude means that we have to be in top physical condition. We also need to change our driving to suit the conditions. You need to be really smooth and avoid mistakes because any time loss is really hard to recover.

“I still haven’t got a massive amount of experience on gravel but I think we made a lot of progress last year. If we can have a clean run and build our speed then I think a strong result is certainly possible.”

Elsewhere in the service park, Lorenzo Bertelli will be making his debut behind the wheel of the all-new Ford Fiesta WRC. Completing a day of testing in Spain last week, the Italian is ready to experience the power and performance of rallying’s new era and will do so at the event which played host to his best ever WRC result.

In the WRC 2 category, Pedro Heller will combine his debut on the world stage with his debut in a four-wheel-drive car as he takes to the wheel of an M-Sport prepared Ford Fiesta R5. Swiftly progressing through the classes in Chile’s regional championship, the Chilean is now ready to tackle the next phase of his rallying career.

In the RC4 class, three one-litre Ecoboost Ford Fiesta R2s have been entered for Canadian Jason Bailey, American Dave Wallingford and local Mexican Miguel Medina.


Ahead of Rally Mexico, we caught up with our engine engineer, Jonathan Airey. Nowhere is the engine more affected by its environment than at Rally Mexico, and Airey revealed a little about his career as well as what it is that makes the Mexican fixture so unique.

How long have you been with M-Sport?

I’ve been with M-Sport three and a half years now, but what I did before that might be a bit of a surprise – I worked in a pub! My background has however always involved engines in some form or another. I started my career working with turbos at Holset before moving to Cosworth which is where I first encountered M-Sport – working on the Ford Focus RS WRC engines in 2000.

What does your job entail?

It’s simply really – my job is to get 100 percent of the available performance from the engine whilst maintaining reliability and looking for further improvements within that performance. It’s a challenge, but it’s also a very enjoyable one and we’re constantly evolving – working to be the best and to beat the best.

Nowhere is the engine more affected by its environment than at Rally Mexico, why is this?

Mexico is definitely the rally where the engine is most affected by its environment, and that is because of the altitude. We rally 2,500 metres above sea level which reduces the barometric pressure by about 25 percent. That effectively means that there is less air; and the less air we have, the less power we can produce. In essence, it means that it takes longer to get back up to full speed. It’s something we work to control, but it’s also something that the drivers need to be constantly aware of out on the stages.

How does the team compensate for this?

It’s all about getting 100 percent out of what’s available. We have a base map for every rally which is set to certain temperatures and pressures. At sea level, we will make slight corrections to the map to get the most out of the engine. But in Mexico, where the conditions are widely different, we need to make big corrections.

We’re lucky enough to have access to Ford’s climatic chamber in Dunton which is a huge advantage when it comes to preparing for an event like Mexico. Using Ford’s facilities, we’re able to run the engines under controlled conditions which emulate the altitude we’ll be faced with in Mexico – ensuring our settings are as perfect as they can be before traveling to the event.

What are your hopes ahead of next week’s Rally Mexico?

Everyone has put a lot of hard work into this season and we’ve had a fantastic start so far. Naturally, we want to see that performance continue and to see the fruits of our labour having put a lot of time and effort into ensuring we have everything just right for this unique event.


As one of the world’s foremost tyre manufacturers, Michelin is committed to sustainably improving the mobility of goods and people by manufacturing, distributing and marketing solutions for every type of vehicle.

Motorsport is essential to their strategy – allowing innovations and new technologies to be evaluated in extreme conditions before they are carried over to their road tyres for the ultimate benefit of their customers.

A long-established and successful partnership

Michelin and M-Sport have worked together successfully since 1997 when the Cumbrian firm were first awarded the contract to spearhead Ford’s official FIA World Rally Championship campaign. Sharing in all of the team’s landmark achievements, Michelin have been a valued partner from the very beginning.

Four decades of experience

As M-Sport’s official tyre supplier in the FIA World Rally Championship, Michelin provide four decades of expert skill and experience which has yielded a record 50 manufacturers’ and drivers’ titles to date. Winning on all surfaces, the French marque can boast more than 300 victories at the highest level, and it is that level of consistent performance which allows M-Sport to excel.

A moment to remember from Michelin Motorsport’s Olivier Vialle

“The 2006 FIA World Rally Championship was one of the closest fought, but also one of the most exciting. The Ford Focus RS WRCs were clad with Michelin-group rubber in the form of BF Goodrich, and Marcus Grönholm and Mikko Hirvonen clinched the manufacturer crown for M-Sport for the first time. It was a very special moment and we were very proud to have been involved and to have helped deliver such an emotional and important result for the team.”
















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This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español




Tras un largo descanso, el Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes vuelve con la undécima prueba, en Cataluña. Los equipos del C3 WRC intentarán demostrar su potencial sobre tierra y asfalto. Kris Meeke/Paul Nagle, Stéphane Lefebvre/Gabin Moreau y Khalid Al Qassimi/Chris Patterson son los pilotos del Citroën Total Abu Dhabi WRT para este rally.

53º RallyRACC Catalunya-Costa Daurada – Rally de España (5-8 de octubre de 2017) – Previo

30 de septiembre de 2017

Este año, los equipos WRC tuvieron que esperar hasta final de agosto para tener un respiro. Después de las pruebas de Polonia, Finlandia y Alemania, el descanso de seis semanas ha sido muy bienvenido después de un verano muy ocupado. 
El campeonato, por tanto, vuelve a la acción en Cataluña, en una prueba que es especial en más de un sentido. Con sede en Salou, justo al lado del parque temático PortAventura, el Rally de España es la única prueba de superficie mixta del calendario WRC. 
El viernes, la primera etapa tendrá lugar principalmente en carreteras de tierra de montaña, aunque el largo tramo de Terra Alta incluye secciones sobre asfalto. Al final del primer día, los equipos tendrán una hora y cuarto para convertir sus coches a la configuración de asfalto. La asistencia más larga del año es siempre un poco especial, tanto para los mecánicos como para los aficionados. Las principales alteraciones que se hacen durante la asistencia incluyen el cambio de los sistemas de transmisión y suspensión y la reducción del nivel de protección de chasis.
Las dos últimas etapas se celebrarán sobre asfalto. La prueba catalana es famosa por sus carreteras amplias y suaves, tipo circuito. La eficiencia aerodinámica y la potencia del motor de los World Rally Car 2017 será algo digno de ver en esta superficie. Dado que recortar curvas es usual aquí, los pilotos tendrán que estar atentos para evitar golpear las rocas sueltas y sufrir un pinchazo.


Dado que se celebra sobre dos superficies con requisitos radicalmente distintos, el Rally de España pone un gran énfasis en la versatilidad de los pilotos y sus coches. Para prepararse para esta prueba, el Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team ha realizado tres días de test en Cataluña, solamente sobre tierra. Stéphane Lefebvre, Kris Meeke y Sébastien Loeb se turnaron al volante, consiguiendo unos reglajes que les iban bien a los tres. Sobre asfalto, el equipo aprovechará las cualidades del Citroën C3 WRC, que quedaron demostradas en el Tour de Córcega y en el Rally ADAC de Alemania. 
Este año marcará la décima participación de Kris Meeke en el RallyRACC Catalunya – Rally de España. Hasta la fecha, el británico no ha tenido mucho éxito en España. Sin embargo, tuvo un rally más positivo en 2016, que terminó con la sensación de haber encontrado el ritmo adecuado en esta prueba. Para dejar atrás sus últimas decepciones, el ganador del Rally de México de este año tendrá el objetivo de estar entre los líderes. 
Después de perderse las pruebas en Finlandia y Alemania, Stéphane Lefebvre vuelve a ponerse al volante del C3 WRC en España. Al contrario que su compañero, el joven francés tiene una experiencia limitada en la prueba, pero eso no le impedirá afrontar el reto. Basándose en su buena carrera en el Rally de Polonia – dónde acabó quinto en la general – aspirará a seguir aprendiendo sobre la competición en la élite del mundial de rallys.
Khalid Al Qassimi también celebrará su décima participación en España. Tras sus apariciones en Portugal y Finlandia, el piloto de Abu Dhabi seguirá con su programa parcial en uno de sus rallys favoritos. 
19 especiales cronometradas que hace un total de 312,02 km 
32 neumáticos Michelin por piloto en el rally. El viernes se podrá elegir entre el Latitude Cross H4 (compuesto duro) y S5 (blando). El sábado y domingo los equipos podrán elegir entre el Pilot Sport H5 (duro), S5 (blando) y FW3 (lluvia extrema). 
9 victorias para Citroën en España: 1 para Bugalski (1999 en el Xsara Kit-car) y 8 consecutivas para Loeb (2005-2006 en el Xsara WRC, 2007/2010 en el C4 WRC y 2011-2012 en el DS 3 WRC).


«En los últimos tres rallys de la temporada, nuestro objetivo ha sido tener buenos resultados después del podio conseguido en Alemania. En España, la situación es bastante específica en la primera etapa de tierra. Dependiendo de lo que pase con el tiempo, las posiciones de nuestros pilotos pueden ser una ventaja o un hándicap insuperable. Si conseguimos estar bien situados el viernes por la noche, entonces podremos aprovechar al máximo el potencial del C3 WRC sobre asfalto para seguir luchando delante. Durante los test que realizamos la semana pasada, probamos varios reglajes y algunos de ellos los utilizaremos el próximo fin de semana. Seguiremos trabajando duro para asumir el reto de competir con nuestros rivales.»

«Hemos tenido una buena sesión de test y ha sido interesante trabajar con Seb [Loeb]. Siempre hay margen de mejora, pero creo que vamos por buen camino. Estoy deseando volver a la competición después de un Rally de Alemania frustrante y este largo descanso. Sin embargo, debo decir que es increíble que vaya a ser mi décima participación en Cataluña. Potencialmente, tenemos una buena posición de salida, pero eso dependerá de la cantidad de polvo y de si llueve. Para las últimas dos etapas, conocemos bien el nivel de rendimiento del C3 sobre asfalto. Lo principal es que quiero divertirme con el coche. Si lo hago, podemos aspirar a un buen resultado y eso será una buena noticia para todo el equipo.»
Número de apariciones en la prueba: 9
Mejor resultado: 5º (2011 y 2015)


«Estoy muy satisfecho de estar de vuelta al volante del Citroën C3 WRC. Han pasado tres meses desde que terminamos en quinto puesto en Polonia y tengo que encontrar el ritmo adecuado en unos tramos que son poco familiares para mí. Debemos tener en cuenta que soy sin duda el piloto menos experimentado en esa prueba. Estoy satisfecho de cómo fueron los test la semana pasada. Tuve la oportunidad de probar la nueva distribución de par por primera vez. Esta mejora se adapta a mi estilo de pilotaje muy bien y por tanto fue una experiencia positiva. Si las condiciones son favorables, intentaremos aprovechar al máximo nuestra posición de salida el primer día.»
Número de apariciones en la prueba: 2
Mejor resultado: 50º (2015)


«Esta será mi décima participación en España. Esta prueba es una de mis favoritas del calendario WRC. Me encanta el reto que ofrece la ruta sobre superficie mixta y sobre todo el hecho de cambiar de tierra a asfalto durante un tramo te anima a rodar más rápido. Me gusta mucho el ambiente aquí; los aficionados son increíbles y la organización es absolutamente fantástica. Por eso me gusta volver a competir a Cataluña cada año. Intentaremos encontrar un buen ritmo dependiendo de las especiales, presionando cuando me sienta a gusto. Les deseo lo mejor a Kris y Stéphane.»
Número de apariciones en la prueba: 9
Mejor resultado: 7º (2010)


Bernard Anselmi, Director Ejecutivo de Total España: «Total ha estado operando en España durante más de cincuenta años, lo que significa que hemos estado trabajando junto a Citroën desde el inicio de nuestra colaboración global. Hay fuertes lazos entre Total y Citroën en España, que se han reforzado por los éxitos en competición de pilotos españoles como Carlos Sainz y Dani Sordo. En los últimos años, el país ha pasado una crisis económica muy dura, que también ha afectado al sector de la automoción. La economía ha remontado últimamente y Total ha sido uno de los motores de esa recuperación. Para apoyar a los concesionarios de Citroën, tenemos una fuerza de ventas y equipos dedicados al apoyo y la formación en el campo de los productos del petróleo. También trabajamos junto con concesionarios, ofreciendo apoyo financiero para los que están interesados en invertir, especialmente en la renovación.»


Corniche Road se extiende por unos impresionantes ocho kilómetros de costa. Corniche incluye zonas de juego para los niños, caminos para ciclistas y peatones, así como muchos cafés y restaurantes. Supervisado por un equipo de salvavidas cualificados, la playa de Corniche ha recibido la codiciada bandera azul, la etiqueta internacionalmente reconocida que garantiza agua limpia y segura para el baño.


8.00am: Shakedown – Salou (2.97km)
8.00pm: Ceremonia de salida (Salou)

8.15am: Salida
9.53am: ES1 – Caseres 1 (12.50km)
10.21am: ES2 – Bot 1 (6.50km)
10.56am: ES3 – Terra Alta 1 (38.95km)
1.11pm: Asistencia A (PortAventura – 30 mins)
3.19pm: ES4 – Caseres 2 (12.50km)
3.47pm: ES5 – Bot 2 (6.50km)
4.22pm: ES6 – Terra Alta 2 (38.95km)
6.32pm: Flexi Asistencia B (PortAventura – 75 mins)

6.45am: Asistencia C (PortAventura – 15 mins)
8.00am: ES7 – El Montmell 1 (24.40km)
9.07am: ES8 – El Pont d’Armentera 1 (21.29km)
9.54am: ES9 – Savalla 1 (14.12km)
11.35am: Asistencia D (PortAventura – 30 mins)
1.08pm: ES10 – El Montmell 2 (24.40km)
2.15pm: ES11 – El Pont d’Armentera 2 (21.29km)
3.02pm: ES12 – Savalla 2 (14.12km)
5.00pm: ES13 – Salou (2.24km)
5.30pm: Flexi Asistencia E (PortAventura – 45 mins)

6.00am: Asistencia F (PortAventura – 15 mins)
7.00am: ES14 – L’Albiol 1 (6.28km)
7.38am: ES15 – Riudecanyes 1 (16.35km)
8.38am: ES16 – Santa Marina 1 (14.50km)
10.14am: ES17 – L’Albiol 2 (6.28km)
10.53am: ES18 – Riudecanyes 2 (16.35km)
12.18pm: ES19 – Santa Marina 2 – Power Stage (14.50km)
1.41pm: Asistencia G (PortAventura – 10 mins)
3.00pm: Podium (Salou)

En su primera aparición de la temporada en el Campeonato del Mundo, los Citroën Xsara Kit-Cars se mostraron en gran forma. En las carreteras estilo circuito del rally, el poco peso y su ágil motor de dos litros hacían que pudiera competir con los World Rally Car de tracción a las cuatro ruedas y motor turbo. En la primera especial del rally, Jesús Puras se hizo con el liderato. El piloto español de Citroën consiguió una pequeña ventaja, mientras el fallecido Philippe Bugalski luchaba con Sainz, Auriol, Mäkinen y McRae por el segundo puesto. Pero las esperanzas de Puras de una victoria en casa se evaporaban al comienzo del segundo día cuando un problema mecánico le obligaba a retirarse. ‘Bug’ subía a la primera posición y ampliaba su ventaja sobre Auriol. Conseguía así la primera victoria de Citroën en el WRC.














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This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español



30 Sept 2017

CRC六盘水十年回归 一汽-大众再夺魁

CRC returns to Liupanshui 10 years later – FAW-VW team wins the championship once again


On September 25-27, the race of the 2017 China Rally Championship (CRC) Liupanshui leg was held on steep, winding mountain roads in Shuicheng County, Liupanshui Prefecture, Guizhou Province. FAW-VW team won the Overall Racer Championship and the Manufacturer’s Cup Championship once again.


At the Liupanshui leg, FAW-VW team dispatched 4 Golf 7 racing cars, which were drove by famous international racer Mark Higgins, the team’s chief racer Dean Chen, senior racer Li Guojin and new racer Lin Dewei, respectively.


FAW-VW team wins the Overall Racer Championship and the Manufacturer’s Cup Championship


The steep, winding mountain race track of the Liupanshui leg


The overall race track of the Liupanshui leg consists of a total of 4 tracks, which are divided into 9 stages. The overall race track of the leg is 678.66 km long in total, of which the timekeeping stage is 173.74 km long. Except super short tracks, all the tracks are winding mountain roads with asphalt pavement. The roads are steep and dangerous, and the weather was often rainy and fogy. All these had great impact on the performance of the racers.


Racing cars speeding to turn corners as well as the roars of their engines stimulate spectators


Technicians racing against the clock to adjust and check the racing cars to ensure the cars in their best conditions are really great heroes behind the curtain


In the first day’s race at the leg, the four racers of FAW-VW team tried to take measures to protect their racing cars from being damaged. For example, when they crossed a bridge, they slowed down the speed of their cars as normal drivers do in their daily drives. In the end, the four racers finished at second to fifth places among all racers in the first day’s race, respectively.


In the first stage of the race on the next day, Mark Higgins won first place among all racers with a score of 25 seconds. In each of subsequent stages, he always ran a few seconds faster than second-place holder Atkinson. Ultimately, he won the Overall Racer Championship and the Manufacturer’s Cup Championship. Due to the mechanical failures of their racing cars, Dean Chen and Lin Dewei withdrew from the race. Li Guojin successfully finished the race and won third place among domestic racers.


It was reported that the next leg race of CRC will be held in Sandu, Guizhou Province. FAW-VW team has begun to actively prepare for the next leg race. The event has entered the climax. Let’s look forward to the wonderful performance of FAW-VW team at the rest legs!













Media FAW – Volkswagen Rally Team CRC 2017 by Blue Focus Team

Prodrive is a world leading motorsport and technology business.

Prodrive es un líder en el mundo del automovilismo y en los negocios de la tecnología.

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Hyundai Motorsport seeks return to form in Rally de España

Following two disappointing rallies, Hyundai Motorsport aims to bounce back in style at the season’s only mixed surface event, Rally de España
The team is fielding a revised three-car line-up with Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo joined by Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen
All three crews will be targeting the top positions in an event where Hyundai Motorsport has previously taken three individual podium results.

Rally de España Preview

29 September 2017

Alzenau, Germany

September 29, 2017 – Hyundai Motorsport aims to get its 2017 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) hopes back on track with a three-car entry into Rally de España, the 11th round of the 13-event season, next week.

The team will field a new crew line-up for this mixed surface event with Drivers’ Championship contender Thierry Neuville and home hero Dani Sordo joined by Norwegian Andreas Mikkelsen in his first WRC event with Hyundai Motorsport.

Getting back into the mix

Spain’s composition of gravel and tarmac roads offers a unique challenge for drivers and teams alike. The rally gets underway on Thursday evening with a ceremonial start at Salou before the opening gravel stages begin on Friday morning. The itinerary for the first day will be familiar to crews from last year’s rally. The highlight will be the 38.95km Terra Alta stage, which includes occasional tarmac sections, and requires careful tyre choice and due diligence from inside the cockpit.

The mechanics have the biggest workload on Friday evening as they transform the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC cars from gravel to tarmac spec – all in the tight timeframe of a 75-minute service. Saturday’s schedule includes new stages and old before a final gruelling push on Sunday covering six stages without the luxury of service.

Rested and tested

Following two disappointing events in Finland and Germany, Hyundai Motorsport wants to re-position itself at the forefront of the WRC with a strong performance in Spain. The team has historically performed well at the event, having taken a third-place finish in 2015 and a double podium (second and third) in 2016.

In preparation for this year’s Spanish campaign, the team carried out two test sessions in September with all three crews on tarmac and gravel. An upgraded aerodynamic package – which includes a new front bumper and rear wing – will be used in an effort for Hyundai Motorsport to fight at the front of the competitive WRC field once again.

Team Principal Michel Nandan said: “We have had a long summer break but we have used the time wisely to try and turn around our recent misfortunes. Finland and Germany were both frustrating, and saw us lose ground in the championship. From Spain, and in the final rounds of the season, we are determined to do all we can to catch up. We welcome Andreas and Anders into the team from Spain, an event they won memorably in 2015, alongside Thierry and Dani, who have both had podiums at this rally. For Dani, it will be extra special, as his home event, so we are in optimistic and hopeful mood. With an upgraded Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC, our primary target is to get back onto the podium.”

Crew Notes: Mikkelsen/Jæger (#4 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC)

Mikkelsen and co-driver Anders Jæger have spent valuable time since their announcement as a Hyundai Motorsport crew visiting the team’s factory in Alzenau and testing the Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC. As a former winner of Rally de España, Mikkelsen is hopeful of positioning himself immediately in the thick of the action.

Mikkelsen said: “I am really pleased to be making my debut as a Hyundai Motorsport driver. Since the announcement, Anders and I have had the opportunity to test the car on both tarmac and gravel; I have been very impressed with what we’ve experienced. The car has already shown itself to be versatile, and there’s nowhere better than Spain to showcase those characteristics. It’s a special rally for me, as I took my first win in Spain in 2015, so it has fantastic memories. The changes in surface can be demanding, particularly with the quick switch from gravel to tarmac. It is a challenging, but highly enjoyable event, and I hope to be able to fight at the front in my first WRC event with the team.”

Crew Notes: Neuville/Gilsoul (#5 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC)

Belgians Neuville and co-driver Nicolas Gilsoul have it all to play for in the final three rounds of the season. Spanish podium finishers twelve months ago, the crew will want to recreate the sort of form that saw them win three rallies in Corsica, Argentina and Poland. Neuville has a 17-point deficit in the drivers’ championship to Sébastien Ogier, and a 16-point buffer to third-placed Ott Tanak.

Neuville said: “Entering this crucial part of the season for the championship, we must stay focused and look to target the podium, if not victory, in all rounds. Things are delicately positioned in the Drivers’ Championship between Ogier, myself and Tanak, so anything can still happen. Spain is going to be a huge challenge, as it always is with the change of surface. It is a rally that all crews enjoy, with a good atmosphere and, usually, great weather. We are rested after the long break and determined to put in our strongest fight for the title.”

Crew Notes: Sordo/Martí (#6 Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC)

For Sordo and co-driver Marc Martí, Rally de España is full of emotion as their home event. They already have two third-place results to their name in 2017, as well as twice finishing on the podium in Spain for Hyundai Motorsport, in 2015 and again in 2016. A hat trick will be their target next weekend.

Sordo said: “It is always a pleasure to return to Spain for my home rally, and to have the chance to compete in front of so many enthusiastic supporters. We definitely want to give them something to cheer. I think our road position will be beneficial on the opening gravel stages on Friday. We then move onto tarmac for the final two days, where we push to secure our third podium of the season – and our third in a row in Catalunya for Hyundai Motorsport. That’s the aim.”

Rally de España at a glance

The mixed surface Spanish event covers 19 timed stages over a total distance of 312.02km.

A shakedown and ceremonial start are held in Salou on Thursday before teams return to the PortAventura service park ahead of Friday’s gravel stages. The mixed surface Terra Alta on Friday represents the longest individual stage of the weekend at 38.95km.

Following Friday evening’s 75-minute service, cars adopt a tarmac-spec for the remainder of the event – covering seven stages on Saturday and six stages without service on Sunday.

Rally de España culminates with the 14.50km Santa Marina Power Stage, which has not been used since 2012, prior to Hyundai Motorsport joining the WRC.

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