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WRC A FULL 1987 / 2016



April 1st, 2016

Just a way of life that my father taught, inculcated, and guided since I was little. Love and unequaled passion for rallying, in particular WRC, and of course, for life; with supreme optimism and good feelings, joyful, and 100 percent positive. Having a smile through thick and thin, with a good attitude to be able to solve the problems that life brings every day.

My 29th consecutive Rally Argentina is approaching, incredible how fast time flies, from my first time in 1987 when I saw the Italian “Miki” Biasion in a Lancia winning for the first time. Who would say that I’ve had the opportunity and luck to see in action the greatest drivers in World Rally history in Cordoba’s mountains? The named Massimo Biasion, Spaniard Carlos Sainz, French Didier Auriol who amazed me in 1991 with the Delta HF from Fina by Jolly Club, Finn Juha Kankkunen with Lancia and Toyota.
The always remembered Scot Colin McRae – who came in 1994 using a Group A Impreza 555 by Prodrive for the first time – also in that year Finn Ari Vatanen was replacing French François Delecour along Italian woman Fabrizia Pons. Swede Kenneth Eriksson and his namesake Mikael Ericsson, Arab Mohamed Bin Sulayem, Carlitos Menem Jr, Jorge Recalde, Ernesto Soto, Gabriel and Juan Pablo Raies, Jorge Bescham, Walter Suriani, Raúl Sufan. Plus many others more, including the debut of Richard Burns and Tommi Mäkinen on the 1996 edition driving a Lancer Evo 3 by Andrew Cowan and Mitsubishi Ralliart Europa.

Many friends that leave and left an unforgettable mark in my memory because they have helped me too much since 1999 when I began this activity till today. As the best WRC’s photographers and journalists, my admiration to the old Martin Holmes, his colleague Maurice Selden whom I always looked from a distance in each rally entering Hotel Las Lajas and later they were the makers of my magazine’s 16 successful years.
Great and certain professionals, Milan’s photographic artist Germano Gritti, from Race & Motion, together with his life mate, my dear friend, Anna Canata. Stubborn and great human, from London, Ralph Hardwick, Les Kolczak, the French Jo Lillini, François Baudin, with his children Bastien and Caroline, Francois Flamand, Manrico Martella, with whom I shared many stories during 2011, 2012, and 2013 rallies. Massimo Bettiol, an ace whom I had the chance to work during his beginnings. Same as the genius André Lavadinho, who I met in 2009 and has grown due to his talent to become today the best photographer in World Championship.

Spaniards Javier Bueno, Esteban Delgado, and Jordi Rierola, always treating me good, to whom I admire too much because their work of many years around the planet with WRC.
I do not want to forget anyone, the Czech Petr Lusk, Marian Chytka, among others. Without doubt the deep friendship that binds me to Varese’s Agnello brothers – whom I know for more than 30 years since 1990 and till today with their amazing humbleness that makes them great people, successful in life and in sports with their team Top Run.
Astra’s Luca Pregliasco, with whom I have a friendly relationship and gave me a big hand when I needed it most – introducing me to Super “Toni” as I call the “Flying Finn” Toni Gardemeister.

Mario Stagni & Bruno De Pianto, tireless workers becoming Mitsubishi and MINI official business, having world achievements of pure success at Group N by Ralliart Italia and MSI; directed now by Roman Max Rendina, all them with a significant aid and their bit to be there every time I need them.
Japanese of TEIN, my friend Yoshio Fujimoto, to whom I owe much because his full confidence from more than 4 years until today.

Not to mention the British George Donaldson, a bastion during his times as a Motorsport manager in the teams Toyota (TTE), Mitsubishi Ralliart Europa (MRE), and Subaru (SWRT), now doing his thing as WRC journalist. Who would say in 1999 the garage that George was often leaving with his Camry kept the historic Ove Andersson’s Corolla WRC? Today is a great friend, so is the Belgian Alain Penasse, with his work at Marlboro, Freddy Loix, and Michelin, nowadays as Hyundai Motorsport boss.
From Peugeot Sport, I cannot forget Stéphane Lefebvre and Annick Peuvergne they told me right away every news related to the 206 WRC and 307 WRC in the championship.

Simone Tadiello’s EsRally Service in Italy and the Czech Republic together with his employee Eva, who were working close in my magazine. The beauty Czech model Andrea Privarova, the ŠKODA Motorsport girl; with whom – agreed with Mláda Boleslav’s sports operation boss, Pavel Hortek – I made an awesome photographic review at the firm official factory triumphing for many years with their Fabia S2000 and R5.

German photographers Nico Meyer allowed each year in Trier and Michael Bermel. Andrea Karacsony, who worked in several rallies during 2012 under my permission. Tomáš Brčko Brázdil, responsible for the unpublished ŠKODA’s Andrea postcards aiding Jan Kopecky, and represented RRM in Alsace 2013.

An unforgettable time of my life, the terrific World Rally Cars crossing Santa Rosa de Calamuchita’s ford in 2000, where along my father and another huge friend José “Pepe” Iglesias, filmed live Petter Solberg’s overturn with the third Focus RS WRC number 16 by M-Sport and Colin’s flat-out flying his Ford by Martini Racing. What a vibe, what an emotion! People excited behind the wire, amazing occasion, pure adrenaline that luckily for the crowd nothing wrong happened.

Max and his sister Tua, the kids of great Ari, who sent me a personal press credential from WRC living legend, helping me out with Ari’s interview from Finnish forest.
WRC video whiz-kid, Antti Kalhola, whom make known to the world from the Scandinavian lakes and has given interviews with good acceptance.

Gorgeous Ukrainian model and driver Inessa Tushkanova, whom I could contact and made racing the 24-horas TT Vila de Fronteira Rally in Portugal with my favorite team Top Run.

Other memories that came to mind. People such Ian Jones, my magazine’s first WRC accredited photographer at Great Britain’s RAC 2001, Darryl Peroni in Australia, another fantastic rally images illustrator.

Then, what to say relating to instants shared with the greatest winner, Sébastien Loeb, Sébastien Ogier, Petter Solberg, who I saw for the first time in 2001 driving Subaru WRC number 6 by SWRT with David Richards, David Lapworth heading United Kingdom’s team from Oxford; to whom I have a profound respect and admiration for achieved so much in this category with the blue team together with Richard Taylor, Paul Howarth, etc.

Not to mention my friend, Steve Webb, leading for so many years Subaru Prodrive press office, Mark Wilford from Ford. Mrs. Hayley Maxfield Gallagher, today the highest FIA’s authority at World Championship, and who I know from her times in Banbury until Rugby replacing another great, the Italian Piero Sodano.
Many stories come into my head in a thousandth of seconds. Not doubted my two best notes with Alison McRae, Colin’s wife, and Zoe Keen, Richard Burns’ girlfriend. Both told me the total sporting life of both WRC heroes that left us too soon.
Finally, my friends from life in Argentina Rally, Juan Cruz Mathus from Cordoba, my start’s author, Juan Locatelli, my brother in this category, Juan Andrés Biaggini, a passionate kid that was with me in any National or International Rally. Diego Segovia, “Pegote”, my other road mate, with whom I had nice moments on every trip we went to Córdoba.

Who else’s I’m missing? The most important in my life, my dad, Hugo, who made the first step taking me when I was 13 years from my hometown City Bell to an unknown movement in those times: rally, the overnight trips, the racing cars at Buenos Aires’ start to Villa Carlos Paz.
Incredible circumstances, as seeing the Lancia Martini Racing cars of Biasion, Recalde, Kankkunen, and Auriol passing at 150 km/h through the fog. Listen to Tiziano Siviero speaking in Italian, things that never thought – in that moment – would be a big life lesson for the following years.

Juanjo Lacalle, historic agent of “Matador” Carlos Sainz, with whom I could live 2004 rally next to the press room, such unforgettable as when Carlos won with Guy Frequelín’s Xsara WRC.

The funny, crazy Klodian Lato and Boris Pilipenko, Albania’s mafia, as they used to say to me, astonishing graphic reporters. Miquel Liso, – covering many years WRC and now is the top photographic star of Motorsport premier category, Formula 1 – who has been near me at the most prestigious events for example Paris Motor Show and several Peugeot Sport tests over tarmac Catalonian roads, during the golden era of 206 WRC.

George Black, Malcolm Wilson’s right hand at M-Sport in Great Britain, who has given me his friendship and several souvenirs more than interesting from Cumbria’s team.
Linda Martins and Nicoletta Russo, who are always available in every contact from Citroën, Mikko Hirvonen, MINI, or Hyundai. Having an exclusive interview with legendary WRC women, French Michele Mouton and Italian Fabrizia Pons for my magazine, with whom I will always be grateful for their kindness and help.

Indeed, a whole life along the category, 10 years covering the Argentinian Rally that allowed me to see the country from end to end, and be together with Pérez Companc family, Gabriel Pozzo, Marcos Ligato, Claudio Menzi, Sébastian Beltrán, Roberto Sánchez, Daniel Preto; and the idols Argentinian co-drivers Jorge Del Buono, Martín Christie, José Volta, Daniel Stillo and Rubén García.
Brothers Raúl, Pepe and Gustavo Bellido, essential during the early beginnings of my publication, with their exclusive photos from Rally Nacional, Federal, etc.

I guess I’m not forgetting anyone, now is time to think about preparing for WRC Argentina Rally 2016, where sure I will have, again, the opportunity to be with many Argentinian friends and foreign, new friends like Julián Cornaglia from Restaurant La Volanta, Facundo Ahumada, who I know for a short time, but is a dear friend and helps me in everything he can with his fantastic collection of rally car’s miniatures.

Group will be present, and rallying is always in my heart, also that girl, my favorite, from Tuscany, Italy, Alessandra Benedetti, who I do not meet face-to-face, but has an amazing talent with her passion for rallying, her beauty as female and her humble words in social networks. I hope to have the chance to meet her, and seeing her on-board of a leading car singing the roadmap “vai, vai” as she did with her friend Bárbara Lencioni or in her novel triumph at Monza Rally Show 2014 with Polish Robert Kubica.

Francesco “Palbo 46” Palberti, a coming figure with his skills and quality, only 19 years old just turned Italian rallies’ photographer and filmmaker. He’s our promise for the following years to join WRC’s reporters staff. Accredited for RRM in Monte Carlo, his job captivated us from the excellent photographs he brought and his huge potential videos. We think that he is André Lavadinho @World’s successor, with whom we have a close bond, having the joy to help him during his beginnings in WRC.

Within a month comes the moment of truth, with the engines roaring at the shakedown in Cabalango, living from within the emotion and breakneck speed, where my heart shakes listening WRC 1.6 engine noise.
I hope that my unfinished business and childhood dream could realize someday: to travel to the old world and be there with all those people I love so much and carry inside my soul.

A strong hug to everybody and hope you liked this note that means my life, identified with skid top category, WRC.

All The Best, Pablito, Pablo MACHI WRC


VVVVogier s ingrassia j (fra) citroen DS3 WRC argentine (jl)43

Rally Italia Sardegna, Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. Round 5 May 5 - 8, 2011 Day 2, Saturday May 7, 2011. Dani Sordo (ESP) jumps on stage 9. Digital Image

FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 -WRC Monte Carlo (FRA) -  WRC 18/01/2016 to 24/01/2016 - PHOTO :  @World




















Media & Comunication Top Run Motorsport
Media & Comunication TEIN Motorsports

Rally Report Magazine Argentina

Photos: Germano Gritti / Anna Canata / Race & Emotion / Italy
Ralph Hardwick / Great Britain
Jo Lillini / France

André Lavadinho / Portugal

By RRM Argentina / Comunity Manager by Pablo MACHI WRC…..
Translation: María Laura Curzi by RRM Argentina…….

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Rally Report Magazine 16 Años




This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español





15 de Octubre 2016

La ilusión del cántabro Dani Sordo, del día de hoy, era mantener la lígera diferencia que cosechó ayer en la etapa de ripio mojado con algunos sectores con barro tripulando su efectivo Hyundai i20 WRC New Generation.

Pero hoy nada fue sencillo para el español, en primera instancia con problemas de subviraje en su unidad coreana armada en la factoría alemana de Alzenau, que le hicieron perder al término de la jornada valiosos segundos. Sin embargo, hay que decir, que el galo Sébastien Ogier realizó una remontada de aquellas, estableciendo cronos al más no poder, con un ataque frénetico sobre el piloto local de Hyundai, demostrando porque es el conductor de la especialidad del momento con casi cuatro coronas consecutivas en su haber, pilotando de forma perfecta el Polo R WRC junto a su amigo e inseparable navegante Julien Ingrassia. Descontando los 17 segundos que había de distancia entre ambos al finalizar el día inicial de tierra y ahora aventajando por 5.8 segundos contra la motivación intacta que origina Sordo, en el Rally de su casa, frente a su público y ante la gran oportunidad de cortar la racha negativa de no poder ganar en Cataluña.

En tercer escalón y en discordia se ubicó el belga Thierry Neuville, con el otro i20 WRC oficial de última evolución, con tiempos aceptables, pero lejos de Ogier y Sordo, y favoreciéndose, tras al abandono sorpresivo por vuelco del noruego Andreas Mikkelsen en la prueba especial 12, cuándo ocupaba la tercera plaza y tenía opciones de podio. Sin poder implementar su gran actuación del 2015, el rubio de Noruega, se va con las manos vacías de Salou.

En tanto que el fines Jari-Matti Latvala ha tenido un Rally para el olvido con el Polo R WRC número 2, con muchos inconvenientes, tanto en errores de conducción, con trompos, etc y pérdida de tiempo relevante en los varios pinchazos que lo consumió, quedando entre los 20 mejores clasificados al culminar este día sábado en PortAventura.

El “Kiwi” Hayden Paddon se recompuso de la mala puesta a punto del viernes y sostuvo un plan de trabajo constante a bordo de su i20 WRC, optando por la interesante cuarta posición, teniendo al británico Kris Meeke de la DS3 WRC by Abu Dhabi y al noruego Mads Ostberg de M-Sport entre el quinto y sexto puesto respectivamente, a sus espaldas, del talento de Nueva Zelanda, que se anima a decir, que sueña con el podio en suelo catalán.

Mientras que en la WRC2, las cosas están muy claras, solo una escuadra que domina a voluntad, los checos de ŠKODA, con sus dos estrellas que manejaron formidablemente sus Fabia R5, el experimentado Jan Kopecký y el sueco Pontus Tidemand. Que desde mañana buscarán el 1-2 fantástico para la marca que gestiona Michal Hräbanek y Pavel Hortek, desde su cuartel general ligado a Praga en Mladá Bolesvav.

Para finalizar dos cosas, los constructores M-Sport de Ford y Volkswagen Motorsport han confirmado que mostrarán próximamente a la prensa especializada a mediados del mes de diciembre sus nuevos autos de cara al revolucionario WRC 2017. Los esperados nuevos Fiesta RS WRC y VW Polo R WRC con las innovaciones aligeradas de las especificaciones que propone la FIA bajo la regulación WRCar 017 desde Montecarlo, la apertura central del Mundial en el año próximo.

54 – RallyRACC-Cataluña-Costa Daurada WRC 2016

Clasificación General Día 2

1-Ogier-Ingrassia-VW Polo R WRC – 2h.35m.12s.8/10 99.813 km/h.
2-Sordo-Marti-Hyundai i20 WRC New Generation -a 5s.8/10
3-Neuvile-Gilsoul-Hyundai i20 WRC New Generation -a 1m.03s9/10.
4-Paddon-Kennard-Hyundai i20 WRC New Generation -a 1m.20s.
5-Meeke-Nagle-DS3 WRC -a 1m.57s.9/10
6-Ostberg-Floene-Ford Fiesta RS WRC -a 2m.35s.7/10
7-Tanak-Molder-Ford Fiesta RS WRC -a 4m.24s.7/10

1-Kopecky-Dresler-ŠKODA Fabia 2h.42m.54s.4/10 95.138 km/h.
2-Tidemand-Andersson-ŠKODA Fabia-a 14s.3/10

All The Best, Pablito, Pablo MACHI WRC














Rally Report Magazine Argentina

Fotos Exclusivas:
André Lavadinho / @World

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Rally Report Magazine 16 Años




This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español




Rally de Córcega Día 1

Dani Sordo pierde opciones de podio en Córcega.

Cuando ocupaba la tercera posición provisional del Rally Tour de Corse, Dani Sordo se ha visto retrasado debido a un pinchazo en la última especial disputada hoy.

Sordo se ha visto apeado de la lucha por el podio por el que peleaba igual que en el pasado Rally de Alemania, y afrontará la segunda etapa de la prueba corsa en novena posición con el objetivo de llegar con el mayor número de puntos posibles el domingo a Porte-Vecchio, donde finalizará la presente edición del Rally Tour de Corse, décima prueba puntuable para el Campeonato del Mundo de Rallyes.

Dani empezaba la jornada acusando algo de subviraje en su Hyundai i20 WRC, a pesar de lo que marcaba el tercer mejor tiempo en la primera especial del día, Acqua Doria-Albitreccia, de 49,72 kilómetros. El piloto español del Hyundai Shell World Rally Team se iba encontrando más a gusto a medida que transcurría la etapa, pero pinchaba una de las ruedas traseras a pocos kilómetros del comienzo del último tramo cronometrado disputado hoy, perdiendo aproximadamente dos minutos: “Después de los tramos de la mañana me encontraba más a gusto con el coche, y he conservado los neumáticos en el primer tramo de la tarde de cara al último, pero he notado que el coche se movía de la parte trasera hasta que hemos comprobado que se trataba de un pinchazo y hemos tenido que parar a cambiar la rueda en pleno tramo. Ha sido decepcionante. No sé cómo ha ocurrido. Una pena, ya que nos encontrábamos en una buena tercera plaza. Intentaremos ganar alguna posición de aquí al domingo”, explicaba Sordo tras finalizar el último tramo disputado hoy.

Con salida y llegada desde Bastia, al norte de la isla, la jornada de mañana sábado será la más larga del Rally Tour de Corse y estará compuesta de dos bucles a los tramos La Porta-Valle di Rostino (53,72 kilómetros) y Novella-Pietralba (30,80 kilómetros).












Media Dani Sordo

Admin and Translation:

Rally Report Magazine Argentina

Fotos Exclusivas: André Lavadinho / @World

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Rally Report Magazine 16 Años




This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español


Home, speed home –
Ogier in a league of his own on day one of the Rally France.

Sébastien Ogier (F), Julien Ingrassia (F) Volkswagen Polo R WRC (2016) WRC Rally France - Corsica 2016 Photo: Bodo Kräling

Four stages, four fastest times – Ogier/Ingrassia open commanding lead on home soil
Latvala/Anttila and Mikkelsen/Jæger within touching distance of the podium in third and fourth

30th September 2016


Wolfsburg (30 September 2016). It doesn’t get any better than this. Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia (F/F) made a perfect start to the Rally France on Corsica in their Polo R WRC. The three-time world champions, who could claim the title for the fourth time in a row with victory at their home race – provided other results go their way – won all four special stages on the opening day of round ten of this season’s FIA World Rally Championship (WRC). Two of the duos out to prevent the Frenchmen from getting their hands on the title this weekend are their Volkswagen team-mates, who are also on course for success: Jari-Matti Latvala/Mikka Anttila (FIN/FIN) ended day one in third place, just ahead of Andreas Mikkelsen/Anders Jæger (N/N) in fourth. Second place after 157.68 of 390.92 kilometres against the clock is occupied by Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul (B/B, Hyundai). While Ogier/Ingrassia opened a commanding lead of 44 seconds, just 15 seconds separate the chasing pack of three in their battle for second and third.

The opening day featured some typical Corsican special stages: narrow, winding roads and long sections put driver, co-driver and car through their paces in gorgeous autumn weather.

Quotes after day one of the Rally France

Sébastien Ogier, Volkswagen Polo R WRC #1
“An ideal opening day for Julien and me – beautiful stages, superb weather and a perfect car. The key to stage one was to find our rhythm. Looking at the lead we opened, we appear to have done just that. It was pretty hot in the cockpit in the afternoon, particularly on the long 50-kilometre stage. We have a similarly demanding day ahead of us tomorrow, particularly if the weather deteriorates. However, we obviously want to continue as we were today, to make sure we win in the end. That is definitely the goal at our home rally.”

Jari-Matti Latvala, Volkswagen Polo R WRC #2
“We were a little too cautious at first, but gradually found our rhythm the further into the rally we got. We can make a few improvements here and there, for example when braking, but apart from that we are racing the right way for the Rally Corsica. That only makes the outstanding times set by our team-mate Sébastien Ogier all the more astonishing. Hats off to his performance. We will obviously try to stick with him tomorrow and on Sunday. If we can, we have a good chance of finishing on the podium.”

Andreas Mikkelsen, Volkswagen Polo R WRC #9
“We are not so much focusing on winning the world championship, but more on securing second place. With that in mind, we are going nicely in fourth place. I struggled to know how hard to brake in the morning. Unfortunately, we lost a lot of time as a result. Apart from that, though, it was a good day for us, but we have two more challenging days ahead to come.”

Sven Smeets, Volkswagen Motorsport Director
“We could hardly hope for a better start to the Rally France. Sébastien Ogier was clearly in a league of his own, while Jari-Matti Latvala and Andreas Mikkelsen are also well-placed. First, third and fourth is more than we had expected and hoped for. However, everyone in the team is well aware that we are only one third of the way into the rally and we still have a lot of work ahead of us. If we remain as focused as we have been so far, there is a good chance we will be rewarded with a strong result.”

And then there was …

… a little milestone. Andreas Mikkelsen is contesting his 75th rally in the World Rally Championship at the Rally France – the 45th with Volkswagen and the tenth with his co-driver Anders Jæger. The Norwegian made his debut at the 2006 Rally Great Britain. Since then, he has finished on the podium on 18 occasions, including victories at the 2015 Rally Spain and the 2016 Rally Poland – all with the Polo R WRC.

Standings after day two of the Rally France

01. Sébastien Ogier/Julien Ingrassia (F/F), Volkswagen, 1h 37m 52.8s
02. Thierry Neuville/Nicolas Gilsoul (B/B), Hyundai, + 44.0s
03. Jari-Matti Latala/Miikka Anttila (FIN/FIN), Volkswagen + 58.0s
04. Andreas Mikkelsen/Anders Jæger (N/N), Volkswagen, + 59.3s
05. Craig Breen/Scott Martin (GB/GB), Citroën, + 1m 18.7s
06. Hayden Paddon/John Kennard (NZ/NZ), Hyundai, + 1m 26.2s
07. Eric Camilli/Benjamin Veillas (F/F), Ford, + 2m 00.7s
08. Elfyn Evans/Craig Perry (GB/GB), Ford, + 2m 36.3s
09. Dani Sordo/Marc Martí (E/E), Hyundai, + 2m 39.1s
10. Mads Østberg/Ola Fløene (N/N), Ford, + 2m 41.9s










André Dietzel
Media Volkswagen Motorsport

Admin and Translation:

Media & Comunication Top Run Motorsport

Rally Report Magazine Argentina

Photos: Hélena El Mokni / Daniel Roeseler / Kräling / Red Bull by Volkswagen Motorsport

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