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18 August 2015

Press conVVVIMG_5902_1ference at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland: Anticipation is high among WRC stars, young drivers and organisers.

This year’s German FIA WRC event is all geared up.
Rally drivers excited about new stages and challenges.
Spectacular support events, with Revolverheld live in concert on the Panzerplatte and free rally party in Trier.


Munich/Trier, 18 August 2015 – Thierry Neuville (BEL) wants to win another podium position in Germany. The Belgian WRC ace said so at the official press conference for the upcoming ADAC Rallye Deutschland. This won’t be an easy task for the 27-year-old. After all, Volkswagen drivers are currently dominating the FIA Rally World Championship. And they are eager to secure the German car manufacturer’s first home victory, as Andreas Mikkelsen (NOR) pointed out to the media: “We are here to win.”

In addition to Thierry Neuville and Andreas Mikkelsen , WRC star Mads Østberg (NOR) and Ott Tänak (EST), as well as ADAC sport foundation grantee Fabian Kreim (GER) and ADAC Opel Rallye Cup driver Yannick Neuville (BEL), brother of 2014 winner Thierry Neuville, answered the questions of the many journalists. Last, but not least, Clerk of the Course Alfred Rommelfanger also attended the press conference in Trier’s Frankenturm.

There was palpable anticipation of the thirteenth edition of the German FIA WRC event among all attendees – especially when Rommelfanger announced numerous innovations: “We have enhanced the ADAC Rallye Deutschland to make the event even more attractive for both fans and drivers. There will be more Special Stages than last year, a longer itinerary and new sections – perfect conditions for more spectacular action. And the support events are also worthy of a World Championship.”

One of the most important innovations for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland concerns the action on the military range Baumholder on Saturday (22 August 2015). There will be a total of five Special Stages at the Arena Panzerplatte there, three of them in the spectacular Sprint format which was successfully introduced last year. Thierry Neuville considers this an absolute highlight: “The atmosphere on the Panzerplatte is unique. It even gets through to us in our WRC cars. I hope to see as many Belgian flags of our fans there this year as in 2014.”

Andreas Mikkelsen is also looking forward to the Panzerplatte: “The triple Sprint is extremely exciting for the spectators. At the same time, the long Stage is a great challenge for us drivers. We must stay fully focused here the entire distance of 45km because of the treacherous Hinkelstein boulders along the track.” A musical highlight awaits the fans between the Panzerplatte Stages: The band Revolverheld will give an exclusive concert for rally fans live on the Volkswagen stage.

An extra motorsport highlight of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is the comeback of two Special Stages (SS): The Mittelmosel SS takes the teams through the vineyards on Friday (21 August). On Saturday (22 August), they will get down to business at the Bosenberg SS near St. Wendel. Another important innovation concerns the Dhrontal Special Stage, whose second leg will be run as a Power Stage. Here, the teams can once again fight for valuable extra points in the WRC standings on Sunday (23 August). For the fans, this vineyard section with its famous spectator point, Galeria Dhron, also provides a spectacular rally finish.

In any case, most of the participants consider the vineyards the highlight of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, and so does Mas Østberg: “The ADAC Rallye Deutschland demands flexibility – especially in the vineyards. With the constant changes in speed and direction on a very narrow track, there is no room for mistakes.” Ott Tänak is also in awe of the hairpin turns: “It really is an extreme challenge, because the dirt thrown on the track by cutting the hairpin curves can cause instant changes in grip.”

For young drivers Fabian Kreim and Yannick Neuville, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is the season’s highlight. 22-year-old Kreim is an ADAC sport foundation grantee who will be driving his ŠKODA Fabia R5 in the WRC 2 classification of the German FIA WRC event. “I look forward to my start. It’s always good to take on the international competition – the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is the ideal platform for me to do so.” The ADAC Opel Rallye Cup line-up includes Yannick Neuville. The biggest single-brand cup in European rally sport will run two races at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, which Thierry Neuville’s 24-year-old brother is especially looking forward to. “I used to watch the ADAC Rallye Deutschland back when I was a child. My brother and I are from the vicinity of the rally region. Therefore, I look forward to seeing many of our friends who will keep their fingers crossed for us there.”

This year, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland spectators are not just in for more rally action than ever, but also for top-notch support events. The rally will kick off with the Show Start in front of Trier’s illuminated Porta Nigra gate on Thursday night (20 August, from 20:00 hours). Before that, the WRC stars will be signing autographs on the main market square in Trier (19:30 hours). One of the spectacular attractions there will be the performance of Jorge “Viki” Gómez, one of the world’s best professional BMX riders from the Red Bull Team. The hub of the four rally days will be the Service Park on the Trier fairgrounds. This is where teams get their vehicles ready with the fans right there. At the Service Park you will also find the fan shops, the info point, food and refreshments, sanitary facilities, as well as a medical station and other services.

As the highlight of the support events, the band Revolverheld will perform on Saturday (22 August). The four musicians from Hamburg will give an exclusive concert for rally fans on the central Volkswagen stage on the Panzerplatte. The show begins at 14:00 hours. Later that day, there will be a great rally party, which starts at 20:00 hours at the Service Park in Trier. From 22:00 hours, shuttles will take the visitors to the next party location, the Metropolis dance club in Trier. All rally fans will get rally wristbands at the Service Park, entitling them to free entrance. The podium ceremony at the Porta Nigra in Trier at 15:00 hours on Sunday (23 August) will be the crowning culmination of the German event of the FIA WRC. The ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, which will be running a double race at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, will honour the winners of the first leg already on Friday night (21 August), at the Opel hospitality area in the Service Park Trier.

Here is a selection of the most important comments from the press conference
Alfred Rommelfanger (ADAC Rallye Deutschland Clerk of the Course):
“We’re all set to go. After twelve months of preparation, we are happy that the rally is about to kick off and all the pieces will fall into place. The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is an enormous collaborative effort: all 18 ADAC regional clubs are involved and more than 3,000 volunteers from all over Germany contribute to its success. One of the biggest challenges for our organising team is not just the coordination of the event but also its constant further development. Therefore, we will experience some innovations again this year that will make the event even more attractive. Aside from rallying aspects, we also focus on such factors as safety and environmental protection, where the ADAC Rallye Deutschland has always been a trailblazer.”

Thierry Neuville (Hyundai Shell World Rally Team):
“We have high hopes for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland and we will give it our best shot right from the first second. Of course, last year’s victory will be difficult to repeat. Volkswagen will be very strong again and Citroën is also very fast on asphalt. However, what’s so special about the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is that everything is possible – it just takes the right combination of concentration and offensive. We have been quite good at that so far. I look forward to all the Special Stages, especially to the Waxweiler Special Stage on Friday, which will take me to my home region. There are bound to be many of Yannick’s friends and mine. It was a very emotional experience last year, and it will be again this time.”

Andreas Mikkelsen (Volkswagen Motorsport):
“For Volkswagen Motorsport, winning in Germany is a question of honour. As a German manufacturer, you want to win your home rally, of course. But that won’t be easy. The ADAC Rallye Deutschland has its own rules. First, there are the treacherous vineyards with their countless hairpin curves where you can lose a lot of time. And then, of course, there is the Panzerplatte in the Baumholder military range which takes both teams and vehicles to the limits. It puts an extreme strain on the tyres and on your concentration. Even more so this year, because the itinerary is longer and they’ve added another Sprint. As a fan, I would therefore stick to the Panzerplatte, because it offers plenty of rally action in one single place.”

Mads Østberg (Citroën Total Abu Dhabi World Rally Team)
“I really look forward to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Citroën has always been very successful here. Also, there will be many fans from France to cheer us on. That’s a great motivation, of course. I also look forward to driving on tarmac again, which is also a challenge in Germany: although we drive on asphalt all the time at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, it is never the same ground. It always takes some time to adapt.”

Ott Tänak (M-Sport World Rally Team)
«I’ve not done a proper Tarmac rally with a world rally car since the end of 2012 so it will be interesting to see where our pace will be. I’ve always enjoyed asphalt rallying and we have done a lot of Tarmac testing with the new car, but with so little experience compared to the others we will need to take the event stage by stage. The conditions differ greatly from one stage to the next and it is so easy to make a mistake on these tricky roads so I think this will be the best strategy. For sure it makes things difficult, but also very appealing. Throw in unsettled weather – like what we had to contend with last year – and anyone may be good for a surprise!»

Fabian Kreim (ŠKODA Auto Deutschland driver and ADAC sport foundation grantee):
“Although this is my third ADAC Rallye Deutschland, it still is something really special to me. I look forward most to the Special Stages in the vineyards and on the Baumholder Panzerplatte – an extremely challenging terrain that demands absolute concentration. Unfortunately, that also means I will miss out on Revolverheld’s concert. The ADAC Rallye Deutschland rally is a good opportunity for me as an ADAC sport foundation grantee to show my mettle in a high-profile international environment.”

Yannick Neuville (ADAC Opel Rallye Cup)
“I already participated in the 2014 ADAC Opel Rallye Cup and finished eighth. Of course, I want to improve on that. And my prospects are good: I have been doing well in the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup and clinched my first victory at the ADAC Hessen Rallye Vogelsberg. I gain experience from one rally to the next – even internationally, because the Cup has become firmly established in European rally sport. The ADAC Rallye Deutschland really suits me. I like its diverse character. Plus, to my brother and me, it’s almost like a home match here.”

ADAC Rallye Deutschland has the highest safety standards.

Interview with Kai Hantel, Chief Safety Officer at the German FIA WRC event.

Munich/Trier, 18 August 2015 – The ADAC Rallye Deutschland delivers spectacular rally racing every year, with the world rally elite taking their cars to their physical limits. One thing is indispensable to allow World Champion Sébastien Ogier, 2014 winner Thierry Neuville, Jari-Matti Latvala, and the other WRC drivers to approach the physical limits in a controlled manner: an effective safety concept. The comprehensive protection of participants, helpers and spectators has always been a top priority of the German FIA WRC round. Year after year, the required measures are extended and advanced in close cooperation with the authorities, as Kai Hantel points out. In our interview, the Chief Safety Officer of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland talks about the safety concept at the event and explains what it entails.

Mr Hantel, what does the safety concept of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland look like?

«Basically, we strive to ensure maximum safety for our spectators and the rally drivers. Our strategies are very diverse. For example, where the spectators are concerned, we focus on information: Ideally, people should familiarise themselves with our safety systems before they actually come to a Special Stage (SS). In 2014, we created new means of communication for this purpose, which we have improved and enhanced for 2015 – such as the multilingual spectator map with safety notices handed out to each spectator with their rally pass. A uniform and easily recognisable layout at the rally, with clear signposting, also plays an important role. That is to say, as soon as a spectator arrives at a Special Stage they will immediately know all the dos and don’ts, where they are allowed to stand and where the no-go areas are.»

Does the ADAC Rallye Deutschland present any particular challenges in terms of safety?

«I’m thinking especially of all the stages in the vineyards which make the ADAC Rallye Deutschland so unique. In addition to temporary structural measures, we use information and education to enhance safety in these sensitive areas. We want to increase the fans’ awareness and encourage them to assume responsibility for their own safety. Last year’s safety video starring Thierry Neuville is a good example of this approach: In the video, Neuville explains what rally fans should heed and do in the vineyards. We have been using an updated version of the video in 2015.»
(Editors’ note: to watch Thierry Neuville’s safety video, go to «Spectators» and click on «Safety Devices»at Editors’ offices may link to and embed the video for free)

What are your principal tasks as Chief Safety Officer?

«Before the rally, we focus first and foremost on selecting the sections of the itinerary and assessing the required safety measures. Then, we discuss and establish the safety measures with the chief officials for the Special Stages. We re-evaluate these measures time and again before the rally starts. In many cases, we have to think of the safety of people who are not directly involved with the rally: For instance, where a section runs directly along a public road, we install screens – mainly to protect road users. And to prevent motorists from getting a fright when a WRC car suddenly zooms past on the agricultural road to their right. As the Chief Safety Officer, my main responsibility during the rally is to make quick decisions and coordinate safety measures. What do you do when a car breaks down on the track and may pose a safety risk for the next few cars? Dealing with questions like this requires fast and good communication. All the messages from the Special Stage chief officials, the rally car tracking systems, the organisation vehicles and even from the police converge at the control centre. After the rally, our team meets again to review all safety issues: We review the various reports, watch the video footage recorded by the advance cars and see what we could optimise for next year. «

Before the event, is there some sort of «safety check»of the Special Stages by a rally driver?

«That is a very important aspect of our preparations for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Especially in planning new Special Stages, it has proven particularly useful to have an experienced rally driver do a test drive there. Actually, that’s not an easy task because, it goes without saying, this driver must not be an active competitor in the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. We have had an excellent cooperation with multiple German rally champion Matthias Kahle for quite a while. He’s given us plenty of good tips from a driver’s perspective, which we have incorporated into our safety concept.»

Who else assists you in doing your job?

«Of course, I’m not the only person in charge of track safety. That would be impossible even at a small rally, not to mention such a big event as the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. I can always count on my three deputies. They each have their own main tasks – e.g. coordinating the approx. 2,000 volunteer Marshals or preparing all the sketches and maps of the itinerary, which is enough to keep you very busy.»
You mentioned the Marshals: What is their contribution to a successful rally?
«Without the Marshals, no rally – again, it doesn’t matter what kind – could be held. No matter how well you plan ahead: in the end, the Marshals are the ones it takes to optimally implement the safety rules and regulations at the rally. This is a task carrying great responsibility and for which only trained personnel qualifies. ADAC conducts special training courses for obtaining stewards licences, which are a prerequisite for Marshals at the WRC event.»

According to what safety criteria do you select the spectator areas at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland?

«Generally, any spectator area has to meet at least the following criteria: It should not be located lower than the track, but slightly above it. The distance from the track should be adapted to the speed of the participants. Plus, the fans should not have to cross the track on their way to the spectator area. Otherwise, spectator crossing gates would need to be installed and monitored by experienced staff. Spectator areas are often very difficult to choose because of conflicting interests: Of course, we want the fans to be close to the action and have the most spectacular view possible. On the other hand, it’s always safety first. At the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, we always manage to find a very good balance between these requirements without compromising on safety.»

The «Spectator Safety Working Group» was established in 2014. What are its experiences?

«The main purpose of this body is to exchange experiences. It is a regular meeting platform for the people in charge from all areas: Organisation, planning, spectator management and Special Stage management. Our common goal is to find ways to keep optimising spectator safety. That’s why it helps to look beyond the rim of your teacup. We have adopted and implemented numerous ideas from this group – for instance, the new pictograms on the info materials which say, at one glance: «allowed»or «not allowed». Since last year’s experiences were positive across the board, we will continue the Spectator Safety Working Group in 2015.»

Are there any specific new safety measures for 2015?

«First of all, we have refined the concepts that we had introduced in 2014. Moreover, we’ve adopted new ideas. For instance, the team leaders’ concept which we developed for 2015 is worth mentioning. This concept provides on team leader for approx. ten Marshals at certain Special Stages. The team leaders are important liaisons to the respective Special Stage officials. Especially when it comes to long Special Stages, we think this is a good way to improve communication.»

All clear to start ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Interview with Clerk of the Course Alfred Rommelfanger about the preparations for and the highlights of the German round in the FIA World Rally Championship (WRC)

Munich/Trier, 18 August 2015 – We are now counting down the days to the start of the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland. When the FIA WRC comes back to Germany between 20 and 23 August 2015, Trier will again be the navel of the rally-racing world. Before World Champion Sébastien Ogier, the 2014 rally winner Thierry Neuville and the other WRC aces find the perfect stage they have come to expect for their spectacular sport, Clerk of the Course Alfred Rommelfanger and his team face numerous planning and organisation challenges. The 59-year-old assumes the overall responsibility for this major motor sport event for the third time. In our interview he spoke about the status of preparations and gave us a glimpse of this year’s rally highlights.

The countdown is ticking, where are you with the preparations for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland?
Our preparations for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland are almost complete; we are in the starting blocks. I look forward to the event, which promises again to be a great festival for motor sport fans all over.

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is known to present both the teams and the fans with changes. What are the most important innovations this year in terms of rally-racing?

The first new element will come into play on Friday in the Sauertal Special Stage (SS), which will be run in the opposite direction this time and which will be even more selective. In addition, we have included the 14 km Mittelmosel SS on the itinerary, with a somewhat changed route. On Saturday, the teams will face the Bosenberg SS, which we last had on the itinerary in 2011. Later we will have the Sprint format on Arena Panzerplatte introduced in 2014 in triplicate. In the morning, the teams will take two consecutive runs at the Sprint test (SS11 and SS12). On Sunday, the Dhrontal SS with its special atmosphere will be held as a Power Stage finishing at the Mosel.

What will the traditional Show Start against the historic backdrop of the Porta Nigra in Trier offer the fans this year?

On Thursday, an autograph signing session with the WRC stars will be held on the main square in Trier from 19:30 to 20:00 hours – the best opportunity for the fans to meet World Champion Sébastien Ogier and the others up close. We will also have a spectacular BMX show featuring the Red Bull BMX pro Jorge „Viki» Gómez. After that the emotional Show Start and presentation of the participants – in the reverse starting order – is next. As athe evening’s highlight, the top drivers will present themselves to the public against the illuminated Porta Nigra.

The infamous and popular Panzerplatte stands for a great rally-racing spectacles. What are the fans in for at the Baumholder military range in 2015?

The Special Stages on the Panzerplatte promise even more action this year. The spectators will have an almost complete view of the three Sprints. The Start and Finish are situated directly in the main spectator area. This feature is unique in the world and we are quite proud of it. But the fans will also be quite close to the Panzerplatte Long SS. It will be run twice and for a stretch, it passes along the Sprint section.

Thanks to some high-calibre supporting acts, the Panzerplatte will offer attractions even between the Special Stages. What can the fans look forward to?

For the first time, the fans will be entertained between the morning and afternoon test and stages – not with more motor sport but with a unique musical highlight: The German top band Revolverheld will play an exclusive concert at the rally. Admission to this entertaining act is included in the Rally Pass. So waiting for the return of the WRC aces for their afternoon stint on the Panzerplatte will be worthwhile. And the party will go on in the evening: Later that day, there will be a great rally party at the Service Park in Trier, which will start at 20:00 hours. From 22:00 hours, shuttles will take the visitors to the next party location, the Metropolis dance club in Trier.

Which Special Stage would you especially recommend to fans who want to experience all the fascination of rally-racing up close and personal?

The ADAC Rallye Deutschland is known for variety: there are Special Stages in the bent and narrow of the Mosel vineyards, tough pistes on the Baumholder military range and fast asphalt sections. Everywhere the fans will watch spectacular rally-racing. There is something for everybody’s taste. So I could not highlight a certain Special Stage in particular.

Safety is very important at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. In the preparations for this year’s edition what measures did you implement so the spectators and teams can have fun safely at the 2015 rally? What is the one thing fans should always mind when they come to a Special Stage?

Safety is a top priority at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Our safety concept including thoroughly inspected spectator areas has proven effective over the years. It is important for us to make spectators aware of the importance of safety and of correct behaviour at Special Stages. Our safety video featuring last year’s winner, Thierry Neuville explaining correct behaviour on site, plays a decisive part in this effort. Spectators, each and every one of them, are responsible for their own safety and that of others. I would therefore call on spectators again: Please remain in the designated spectator areas lest you put yourself and others at risk.

What is your personal highlight at the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland?
The ADAC Rallye Deutschland offers numerous highlights, each one of them worthwhile a visit. Personally, I find the podium ceremony concluding the rally a very special and emotional moment. When the teams are honoured on the podium and footage of the competition days is shown, you can review the essence of the WRC rally. This is a moment when I am very proud to be part of such a great event.

This is your third time as the ADAC Rallye Deutschland’s Clerk of the Course. With your experience, are you still nervous when preparations are heading to a close?

Nervous is not what I would say: my team and I are always highly concentrated and filled with a positive tension when we take on the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Each edition of the German round in the FIA Rally World Championship offers new experiences which will be helpful to us in the next seasons.

Last year, after a very long series of Citroën victories, Hyundai man Thierry Neuville was the first driver from another team to win the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Do you have any idea who might climb to the top of the podium this year?

I would not want to pronounce myself… I would just wish this year’s event to be another exciting rally. Last year, the rally was open to the end. Actually it was decided in the last Special Stage. And the outcome was surprising. And who knows, maybe we are in for one of those surprises again, this year.

Comprehensive Eco Concept for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Strictest water and soil protection policy at the Service Park
Environmental Emergency Car: quick “first-responder” for the environment
Useful eco tips for spectators at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland

Munich/Trier, 18 August 2015 – The ADAC Rallye Deutschland shows that motor sport and environmental protection can make a good match. The German FIA WRC event offers both at the highest level: spectacular rally action with WRC pros like Sébastien Ogier or Thierry Neuville and an exemplary, effective environmental concept. The goal is clear: The natural environment in the rally region around Trier is to remain as intact as it was before the event. To ensure this again in 2015, the consideration of environmental concerns plays a key role in all aspects of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. As with regard to safety, ADAC is pursuing a multipronged approach concerning environmental protection – from rally planning via Rules and Regulations and specific structural measures on site, to information and appeals to the environmental consciousness of every single rally fan.

Environmental protection right from the first planning phase
Numerous experts join forces for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. A team of environmental experts appointed by ADAC is involved right from the first planning stages. They assess the envisaged itineraries, spectator areas and car parks, applying strict environmental criteria, and thereby contribute substantially to their advancement. This is also decisive in the procedure of obtaining official approval. To this end, the ADAC environmental experts are in close communication with the competent authorities and offices in the rally region. The main focus is on legally sensitive areas in terms of water and environmental protection. Where a section of the itinerary crosses a natural habitat, a separate expert opinion is required to prove that nature will not be harmed. As in the previous years, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland complies with all requirements in 2015 – a prerequisite for carrying out the rally in the first place. After the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland, the environmental expert team will again inspect the areas concerned.

High standards for water and soil protection at the Service Park
Environmental protection is a particular priority at the Service Park Trier. The hub of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, where the teams perform maintenance work and such on their rally cars, is located on the Trier fairgrounds and, thus, immediately adjacent to the Mosel river. To be allowed the use of the Trier fair grounds next to the Mosel river at all, the ADAC Rallye Deutschland Rules and Regulations make specific provisions concerning water and soil protection, for instance that all liquid containers must be clearly marked and that impermeable sheets must be spread underneath whenever work is executed on a car. The Rules and Regulations also require the exclusive use of a designated and safe car wash area or the correct disposal of critical substances such as used motor oil or brake fluid.

Policy of short distances
Another environmental challenge at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland is its great drawing power and resulting traffic volume. Spectators come from all directions, and some of them move from one Stage to the next with the teams. To guide the streams of spectators as smoothly as possible and under environmentally optimal conditions, ADAC has always followed a policy of short distances in its spectator management: An effective visitor guidance system systematically leads the fans from motorways or extra-urban roads to the car parks and the spectator areas. For easier orientation, the paths in the maps handed out to all rally pass buyers are marked in the same colours as on site. In addition, the spectators are informed at short notice via the ADAC Rallye Hub and the RPR1.-Rallye-Radio station, should there be any congestions in the rally region after all. The ADAC Rallye Hub is available on-line at There RPR1.-Rallye-Radio station will be broadcasting on the Eifel-Saar-Mosel regional frequencies (Trier: 102.9 FM; Mosel: 100.1 FM; Luxembourg/Saarland: 102.6 FM).

The Special Stages are subject to the same principle as the access and exit roads: the clear and unmistakeable marking of all paths. To this end, the installation and removal teams of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland have mounted some 7,700 notice and guidance signs this year. On the highly frequented Baumholder military range, courtesy shuttle buses will take spectators from the car parks to the spectator areas and back on Saturday, 22 August. The ADAC helpers will also set up special wooden stairs and bridges for the spectators to protect the edges of ditches and embankments on the military range against trampling. Where the integrity of habitats or the safety of humans might be threatened, the No Go Areas will play a decisive role. They are specifically signposted, and the safety personnel at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland will strictly ensure that nobody enters them. When setting up and removing the paths, spectator areas and car parks, the helper teams will put a dense network of waste bins and sanitary facilities in place to further encourage eco-friendly behaviour among the spectators.

Quick “first-responder” for the environment
When the fans are in the spectator areas and the rally cars have hit the track, environmental protection at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland will not just stop: The Environmental Emergency Car will be on standby at each Special Stage to respond to unexpected incidents. For instance, in the event of a rally car crash posing a threat to the environment, the emergency vehicle can quickly provide environmental “first aid”. The vehicle will be manned by qualified personnel and equipped with the appropriate materials to absorb oil, brake fluid or coolant leaks. It will also be equipped to recover and dispose of contaminated soil.

Useful eco tips for spectators at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland
Another component of the ADAC concept is to appeal to the rally fans’ environmental conscience. The various information media available for the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland contain practical tips and how-to instructions to facilitate the most low-impact use of the environment and natural resources. Below is a listing of the most important how-to tips for ADAC Rallye Deutschland spectators:

Follow the spectator guidance system.
The signs and markings will take you to your destination car park or Special Stage efficiently and along the shortest route.

Use the free shuttle bus services on the Baumholder military range.
They will operate between the P1, P2 and P3 car parks and Panzerplatte on Saturday, 22 August 2015, from 8:00 to 20:30 hours.
Stick to the designated roadways and spectator areas. Stay out of No Go Areas.
Respecting the areas designated off-limits will keep you safe while the rally is on and habitats and other protected areas unspoilt.

Try not to generate waste.
Be mindful of unspoilt nature and make the task of our removal teams easier: take your trash back with you or use the trash bins that are in place. Give a good example to the other fans!

No smoking or open fires in the woods.
Smoking and lighting camp fires in the woods is strictly forbidden. During the summer months, there is an imminent threat of forest fires in the region.

Camp only on official camp sites.
Those who wish to camp will find numerous designated sites throughout the area. No camping/caravanning or motor home parking outside designated areas.

Use the sanitary facilities.
Some 200 portaloos are distributed along the rally itinerary and areas. You can be sure you will find one close to you. Take advantage of the sanitary facilities and do your share in keeping ambient water clean and ensuring public hygiene.

2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland – Facts and Figures

Interesting facts and trivia about the German FIA World Rally Championship event

Munich/Trier, 18 August 2015 – Just a few more days until… World Champion Sébastien Ogier, 2014 winner Thierry Neuville and the other WRC stars start their engines at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2015 in the greater Trier area. Every second counts for the world’s best rally teams on the spectacular Special Stages. However, time is not the only thing that can be measured at the German FIA WRC event. The following statistics provide a tongue-in-cheek glimpse of interesting and sometimes curious figures relating to the season’s highlight.

1,394,500 metres is the total length of the itinerary at this year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland. It comprises 374,430 metres of Special Stages – which is 48,410 metres longer than last year. The road sections add up to a total length of 1,020,070 metres.

79,000 kg of material are on tour when a WRC team such as the Volkswagen Motorsport crew travels to the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Seven trucks carry the WRC rally cars, plus a complete office, all spare parts, tools, wheel rims, tyre racks, a cleaning unit and the equipment for the service stations.

70,000 zip ties are part of the equipment of the installation and removal teams at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. They are needed, for instance, to install 7,700 notice and guidance signs for optimal spectator management.

20,000 Euro – an Opel/Vauxhall ADAM worth this amount is the main prize in the official sweepstake of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Further prizes include a VIP weekend at the ADAC GT Masters including a ride in a race taxi. You may enter the sweepstake until Saturday, 22 August 2015, 18:00h at

5,500 bin liners and many other measures contribute to the exemplary environmental protection in evidence at the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. For years, ADAC has aimed to keep the natural environment in the rally region as intact as it was before this major event.

3,000 volunteer helpers provide the foundation for the success of the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. This number includes, for instance, some 2,000 officials who make an important contribution towards more safety as volunteer Marshals. They come from all 18 ADAC regional clubs throughout Germany, which makes the ADAC Rallye Deutschland an enormous joint effort.

2002 – was the year in which the band Revolverheld started out under the name Manga. Thus, this popular German rock and pop group has existed for as long as the ADAC Rallye Deutschland has had the status of a German FIA WRC event. They will perform an exclusive rally concert at the Panzerplatte on Saturday, 22 August.

720 seconds is the time it takes an experienced team of mechanics to change the gearbox of a WRC rally car. That’s just twelve minutes. At the ADAC Rallye Deutschland, you can admire such feats and others at the Service Park Trier, where the fans can take a closer look at the mechanics’ teams at work.

Approx. 400 national and international journalists have been accredited for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. The media representatives will report from the central media centre, which is located directly in the Service Park Trier. Over 50 TV stations worldwide will provide exciting video footage of the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

325 kilometres of cordoning tape, 41 kilometres of plastic fencing and 13 kilometres of metal fencing will ensure that spectators of the 2015 ADAC Rallye Deutschland are always on the safe side.

89 points – that’s Sébastien Ogier’s and his co-driver Julien Ingrassia’s lead over Jari-Matti Latvala and Miika Anttila before the rally event. With only four rounds to go after the German FIA WRC event, the two defending World Champions already have their first «match point»: They could clinch the title prematurely, provided they have a lead of at least 112 points over their closest rivals after the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

78 vehicles have been registered for the ADAC Rallye Deutschland 2015 – including 14 German-German cockpit crews. 16 WRC cars will compete altogether. There will also be 20 Opel ADAM Rallye Cup cars, competing at the ADAC Opel Rallye Cup within the ADAC Rallye Deutschland.

64 Euro – this is the advance sales price for the rally pass for ADAC members (EUR69 for non-members). The price has remained the same for years. On the other hand, the action which spectators can experience has increased: In addition to access to all spectator areas at all Special Stages, to the Shakedown and to the Service Park, rally pass holders are also in for an exclusive Revolverheld concert at the Panzerplatte Special Stage and a big rally party in Trier.

80 square metres is the size of the video screen on which fans will see plenty of spectacular images on Saturday, 22 August 2015. A temporary TV studio providing live programmes, interviews and background info will be established on the Baumholder military range in cooperation with Volkswagen.

49 spectator areas of different sizes have been designated at this year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland. All of them afford prime viewing and a maximum of security. Each spectator area comes with at least one parking area.

21 Special Stages are in store for the WRC pros this year, including five on the Baumholder military range: the 45.61km Panzerplatte Long SS, which they will run twice, and the 2.87km Sprint, which they will complete three times. There will be two consecutive Sprint runs in the morning.

12 kilometres of wires and cables are necessary just for the official TV production covering the ADAC Rallye Deutschland. Altogether, some six tons of TV equipment will be used to broadcast exciting pictures of the German event of the FIA WRC. A TV helicopter will be in the air for several hours on each day of the rally.

2 manufacturers: Citroën and Hyundai. These are the only victorious car makes in the twelve German WRC rounds since 2002. The French won an incredible eleven times and were beaten by the Koreans last year. Will Volkswagen clinch the title in 2015?

1 – that’s the number any top WRC driver would love to see in front of his/her name on the timekeeping monitor. The lead changed as many as four times at last year’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland, guaranteeing suspense right up to the end! And who will end up with «No. 1» on their results sheet this year?











Media ADAC Rally Deutschland WRC 2015

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Rally Report Magazine Argentina 15 años




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30 September 2015

Chris Atkinson has won the latest round of the Chinese Rally Championship in the VW Golf SCRC. Atkinson won comfortably by a minute and 40 seconds from Mark Higgins in the Subaru and Manfred Stohl in a Citroen DS3.

Chen Dean in the second Golf was fifth with Li ninth in the third car.

That makes it three wins from four events for Atkinson as the Championship heads to the next round Longyou at the end of October. Longyou was the debut event for the VW Golf SCRC last year when Atkinson to its maiden win.












Cedric Journel / Dongwei Zhang
Media & Comunication
Faw-Volkswagen Rally Team

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Ben Sayer
Media Prodrive Motorsport

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Rally Report Magazine Argentina 15 años




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La leyenda del rally Sébastien Loeb se une al “Dream Team” de Peugeot-Total.

Sebastien Loeb poses for a portrait in Peugeot Sport workshop, France, on September 21, 2015
Sébastien Loeb, el mejor piloto de rally de todos los tiempos, se enfrentará al mayor reto de su carrera al unirse por primera vez al equipo de Peugeot en el legendario Dakar del próximo mes de enero.


29 Septiembre 2015

El nueve veces campeón del WRC y plusmarquista del Pikes Peak se ha unido al equipo de Peugeot 2008DKR junto a Carlos Sainz para el Rally du Maroc del próximo mes (del 3 al 9 de octubre) antes de hacer frente al mayor reto de este deporte, el Dakar, durante 13 días en Argentina y Bolivia en 2016. Junto a él en Sudamérica también estarán Stéphane Peterhansel y Cyril Despres completando así el “dream team” de pilotos de Peugeot-Total.

El francés de 41 años, Sébastien Loeb, uno de los pilotos con más éxito de la historia de los deportes de motor con un porcentaje de victorias sin precedentes del 46,2% en el WRC dijo: “Descubrí los deportes de motor cuando tenía 18 años y empecé a competir en mis primeros rallys. Desde entonces me han interesado todo tipo de deportes de motor y el Dakar es uno de ellos. Creo que es un gran reto competir y conducir en el desierto”.

“El Dakar es completamente diferente a las carreras que hago en este momento. va a ser muy larga, más de dos semanas, y necesitas tener aguante para cuidar del conductor y del coche. Es una carrera con un enfoque distinto pero lo descubriré en enero”.

Hasta entonces, Loeb se unirá a Sainz en Marruecos para su debut en el competitivo Cross Country, aunque ya pilotó el rival de Peugeot a principios de año. Para Loeb ésta será una reunión muy especial pues ya fue compañero de equipo de Sainz durante su primera temporada completa en el Mundial de Rallys del 2003, hasta que el español se tuvo que retirar del WRC de 2004. En Marruecos Sainz pilotará el último Peugeot 2008DKR16 mientras que Loeb pilotará un coche con especificaciones de 2015.

“Cuando probé el PEUGEOT 2008DKR en junio me sorprendió muchísimo y por supuesto ha cambiado mucho desde entonces”, dijo Loeb -que en la actualidad está compitiendo en el Campeonato Mundial de Turismos de la FIA con Citroen.

“Lo que más me impactó fue lo diferente que es conducir el coche del Dakar, era una experiencia completamente nueva para mí. En el WRC acostumbro a rodear obstáculos pero con este coche puedes simplemente pasar por encima, ¡y cuesta tener la suficiente confianza en uno mismo para creer que puedes hacerlo!”

“ También estoy acostumbrado a tener notas de copiloto muy detalladas pero en el Cross Country tienes que abrirte paso e improvisar tu ruta. Esta, además, es la primera vez que he pilotado diferentes tipos de coche diesel en una competición por lo que tengo que aprender mucho pero tengo muchas ganas de hacerlo”.

Además de haber ganado más rallys, etapas especiales y campeonatos que cualquier otro piloto, Sébastien Loeb también se ha convertido en el “Rey del Peak” al batir el record del Pikes Peak Hillclimb con Peugeot y Red Bull hace dos años en América. Un triunfo épico que ya forma parte de la historia legendaria de los deportes de motor.

Ahora forma parte del mejor equipo que se haya enfrentado jamás al Dakar. Tal y como dijo el 11 veces campeón del Dakar Stéphane Peterhansel: “Sébastien Loeb es un referente del motor. Hay muy poco que yo o cualquier otro le pueda enseñar”.

El cinco veces campeón de motos Cyril Despres añadió: “Desde que cambié las dos ruedas por cuatro, la experiencia no ha hecho más que mejorar. Y saber que ahora Sébastien se une al equipo la remata aún más”.

El dos veces campeón del WRC y campeón del Dakar en 2010 Carlos Sainz, que será una vez más el compañero de Loeb en Marruecos dijo: “No tengo nada más que decir sobre Sébastien que no haya dicho ya. Por supuesto que el rally raid va a ser una nueva aventura para él, pero va a ser capaz de adaptarse sin problemas. Como yo mismo he podido comprobar aprende muy rápido”.

“El Dakar es algo que me llama, es una gran aventura”, añadió Loeb, quien ya dominó el Pikes Peak y el WTCC. “El rally en Marruecos me mostrará lo que es realmente el Cross Country, así que para mí esta es una oportunidad fantástica para aprender, en especial al lado de unos compañeros tan buenos”.

Tal y como pasó con sus nueve títulos mundiales y sus 78 victorias en el WRC hasta la fecha, Loeb tendrá como copiloto al campeón mundial de deportes de motor monegasco Daniel Elena. Marruecos marcará la vuelta de la pareja con más éxito jamás vista en la historia del motor que emprende una nueva aventura juntos tras 17 gloriosos años en los rallys.

Al igual que Loeb, el copiloto de 42 años Elena nunca ha competido antes en Cross Country, pero se ha preparado a fondo para las exigencias de la navegación más dura del mundo, en la que los equipos tienen que reaccionar rápidamente para conquistar el terreno offroad más sobrecogedor. Cuentan además con la ayuda de un sofisticado sistema de GPS que les guiará de punto a punto.

El director deportivo de Peugeot Bruno Famin comentó: “ Sébastien fue impresionante desde que se sentó en el coche, como ya sabíamos tras haber trabajado con él anteriormente. Adoptó ese enfoque calculado que tanto le caracteriza para entender el coche paso a paso, pero después su habilidad natural se encargó del resto. Tras mejorar diferentes aspectos del coche desde la última vez que estuvimos en el Dakar, el fichaje de Sébastien Loeb es la pieza que le faltaba al puzzle”.


The 2008 DKR 16 in Peugeot Sport workshop, France, on September 21, 2015








Cécile Estenave
Peugeot Sport France

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Rally Report Magazine Argentina 15 años




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Rally Legend Sébastien Loeb joins “D-ream TEAM Peugeot-Total”.

Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena pose for a portrait during the Peugeot test in Erfoud, Morocco on September 16, 2015

Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Elena pose for a portrait during the Peugeot test in Erfoud, Morocco on September 16, 2015

29 September 2015

Rally Legend Sébastien Loeb joins “D-ream TEAM Peugeot-Total” © Flavien Duhamel/Red Bull Content Pool

Velizy-Villacoublay, France
Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Sébastien Loeb, the greatest rally driver ever, will take on one of the biggest challenges of his illustrious career when he lines up as part of Peugeot’s dream team at the legendary Dakar in January for the first time.

The nine-time World Rally Championship winner and Pikes Peak record-holder has joined Peugeot’s 2008DKR line-up alongside Carlos Sainz for next month’s Rallye du Maroc (October 3-9) before facing the sport’s toughest challenge, the Dakar, over 13 days in Argentina and Bolivia in 2016. Joining him in South America will also be Stéphane Peterhansel and Cyril Despres, completing Team Peugeot Total’s dream team driver line-up.

The 41-year old Loeb, one of the most successful drivers in the history of motorsports, with an unprecedented 46.2% wins-to-starts ratio in WRC, said: “I only discovered motorsports when I was 18 and I started competing in my first rallies. Since then I have been interested in all types of different motorsports and Dakar is one of them. I think it’s a great challenge to go and compete there and drive in the desert.

“The Dakar is completely different from the racing I’m doing at the moment. It will be very long, over two weeks, and you need to have the endurance to look after the driver and the car. It’s another approach to racing but I’ll discover that in January.”

Before then, Loeb will line up with Sainz in Morocco next week for his competitive Cross Country debut – although he already tested Peugeot’s Dakar challenger in the country earlier this year. For Loeb, this will be a very special reunion: he was previously team-mates with Sainz for his very first full season in the World Rally Championship in 2003, until the Spaniard decided to end his WRC career at the end of 2004. In Morocco, Sainz will drive the latest PEUGEOT 2008DKR16 whereas Loeb will drive a 2015-specification car.

“When I tried the PEUGEOT 2008DKR out in June, it was immediately very impressive for me – and of course it has changed a lot since then,” said Loeb, who is currently competing in the FIA WTCC with Citroen.

“What struck me most of all is how the Dakar car was a completely new experience: in the WRC I have been used to going round obstacles but with this car you can just drive straight over them, and it takes some time to have the confidence to believe it!

“I’ve also been used to having very detailed pace notes: in Cross Country, you have to find the road for yourself and improvise your route. And this is actually the first time I have driven any type of diesel car in competition too. So there is a lot for me to learn, but I am eager to find out more.”

As well as winning more rallies, special stages and championships than any other driver, Sébastien Loeb also became ‘King of the Peak’ when he pulverised the Pikes Peak hill climb record with Peugeot and Red Bull two years ago in America: an epic feat that is already remembered as a legendary part of motorsport history.

Now he forms part of the greatest team ever to tackle the Dakar. As 11-time Dakar winner Stéphane Peterhansel said: “Sébastien Loeb is a reference in motorsport. There’s very little that I, or anybody else, can teach him.”

Five-time bike winner Cyril Despres added: “Since I made the switch from two wheels to four, the experience has got better and better. And to see Sébastien arrive in the team now, everything is complete.”

Two-time WRC champion and Dakar 2010 winner Carlos Sainz, who will be Loeb’s team-mate once more in Morocco, concluded: “There is nothing more I can say about Sébastien that his career hasn’t said already. Of course rally raid will be a new adventure for him, but he has every capacity to adapt to it with no problem. As I have seen for myself in the past, he is a quick learner in everything he does.

“Dakar is something that appeals to me; it is a huge adventure,” added Loeb, who has already mastered rallying, Pikes Peak and the World Touring Car Championship. “The rally in Morocco will give me a very interesting idea of what Cross Country is all about, so this is a fantastic opportunity for me to learn; particularly alongside such successful team-mates.”

Just as has been the case throughout his nine world titles and 78 WRC victories to date, Loeb will be co-driven by Monaco’s motorsport world champion: Daniel Elena. Morocco will mark the comeback of the most successful pairing ever seen in the history of motorsport, as they start a new adventure together following 17 magnificent years in rallying.

Like Loeb, the 42-year-old Elena has never competed in Cross Country before, but he has undergone intensive training to prepare him for the demands of some of the most challenging navigation in the world, where crews have to think instantly on their feet to conquer the daunting off-road landscape. They are aided by sophisticated GPS equipment, guiding their route from waypoint to waypoint.

Peugeot Sport director Bruno Famin commented: “Sébastien was impressive from the moment he first sat in the car, as we knew would be the case after having had the privilege of working with him before. He took his usual measured approached to understand the car step by step: from there his natural ability took over. Having improved the car in several different areas since we were last at the Dakar, the signing of Sébastien Loeb is the final piece in the puzzle.”











Cécile Estenave
Peugeot Sport France

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