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This year’s edition of Rally Mexico is an event that the M-Sport World Rally Team will never forget. Elfyn Evans equalled a career-best fourth while the team affected a truly phenomenal repair – getting the now legendary “TiTänak” to the end of the rally after it spent almost 10 hours submerged at the bottom of a reservoir.

9 March 2015

M-Sport’s technicians are renowned for their expertise and never-give-up attitude, and they certainly displayed that this weekend. Recovering Ott Tänak’s Ecoboost-powered Ford Fiesta RS WRC from the water on Friday evening, they had the engine fired-up and running just two and a half hours into their service master-class.

Unfortunately, as the Fiesta sat damp in the overnight park fermé, a faulty sensor prevented the Estonian from making the opening speed test. But the team refused to give up the fight. Embarking on Rally 2.1, they were able to resurrect “TiTänak” – Tänak and co-driver Raigo Mõlder re-joining the rally for today’s final stages.

Incredibly, the Fiesta completed all three stages – including the monster 55.82 kilometres of Guanajuatito (SS19). This astonishing achievement was the result of M-Sport’s strong-willed and supremely talented mechanics, coupled with the strength and reliability of the Ford Fiesta.

This epic team effort did not go without reward. Not only did Tänak get the vital seat time required to start rebuilding his confidence, but the Estonian also collected a manufacturer point for the team’s championship campaign.

The team christened “TiTänak” with a sticker in this morning’s opening service, and the crew wittily praised the work of the team by taking to the podium wearing goggles and a snorkel. Once the car returns to M-Sport, the bonnet will be signed by all who aided this astounding repair and displayed in pride of place at M-Sport HQ.
In the sister M-Sport Fiesta RS WRC, Evans and co-driver Daniel Barritt did exactly what they came here to do. Implementing their intelligent strategy with conscientious precision, the pairing were rewarded by equalling their best ever result in the FIA World Rally Championship.

The Welshman showed true strength of character. Adopting a risk-free strategy amidst the difficult conditions, he also demonstrated his speed potential. Pushing when confident, Evans set the third fastest time through the first pass of El Chocolate (SS4) along with the fastest split at section six.

Thanks to their impressive result, Evans and Barritt have now climbed into fifth place in the drivers’ standings. They’re in the perfect place to progress and will soon be ready to showcase more of their promising speed.

Elfyn Evans (4th) said:

“Overall I am extremely happy with my rally and to come away with a strong fourth place – equalling my best ever result – was a big positive. From a driving satisfaction point of view I think the pace was much better in Sweden and Monte, but we knew we needed a good result here and that is what we did.

“The main objective was to have a solid, mistake-free run and I think we have done that. Other than hitting a few tyres on the super special we didn’t have a single mistake which is something of an achievement here! Of course it was a bit frustrating at times – not being able to push to the maximum when there was a lot more to give – but today especially there was much more to lose than there was to gain.

“Finally I need to say how impressed I was with the team getting “TiTänak” to the end of the rally. I have to be honest, I was one of the people thinking ‘I’m not so sure that car will run again’, but to be fair to them they did an absolutely incredible job. I have a massive amount of respect for each and every one of those boys. They really are the best in the world and they’ve proven that this weekend.”

Ott Tänak (22nd) said:

“The team have done a fantastic job, it is something unreal what they have done. It’s such a great feeling to have been able to carry on today. It was so important for me and Raigo to do that, and we really enjoyed it. Now, we can look to improve in Argentina.

“I am so proud of my team and it is such a privilege to work alongside each and every one of them. It’s a real boost for a driver to know that you have people like that behind you all of the time one hundred percent. I am still amazed at what they managed to do this weekend. It was mega. It was fantastic. It was just incredible. The beers are definitely on me tonight!”

Team Principal, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“After all of the emotions on Friday, we have come to the end of the rally with what is an absolutely incredible result for the entire team

“Elfyn [Evans] and Dan [Barritt, co-driver] secured a great fourth place – equalling their best – and are now in a strong fifth place in the championship. I think it’s fair to say that he was a little frustrated at times because he clearly had a lot more to give, but he kept his head and a mistake-free run on an event like this will only build his confidence going forward.

“As for the work the boys did to get Ott’s [Tänak] car to the end of the rally, in was nothing short of phenomenal. After everything Ott and Raigo [Mõlder, co-driver] went through, it was so important to get them back behind the wheel. It’s the first step in rebuilding their confidence and, incredibly, they even brought a manufacturer point back for the team!

“We truly believe that we have the most talented, dedicated and determined technicians in the sport; and they’ve proved that again this weekend. It’s an absolute pleasure to watch them at work. They’re a true team in every sense of the word and I certainly won’t forget this event for a long time to come.

“In fact, we didn’t change the bonnet after it had been in the water. It’s been the same bonnet on the car all weekend and when we get back to the workshop it’s going to be signed by each and every one of those technicians and displayed in the M-Sport museum.”

Nicolás Fuchs (2nd WRC 2) said:

“This has been a great rally for me. It was amazing fighting with Yurii [Protasov], Nasser [Al-Attiyah] and Jari [Ketomaa] – all rally we were changing positions. This is definitely an event where you have to keep calm and use your head and I think we did that. We made it through all of the stages, and here we are with a fantastic second place.”

Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari (4th WRC 2) said:

“Our target coming here was to finish all of the stages and we managed to do that. Okay, it could have been better – we could have been on the podium – but I was really pleased with my speed. It was not an easy rally. I’ve been away from the WRC for eight months and I have a new co-driver – Marshall [Clarke] – with me for the first time, but our pace get better and better with every stage which was great to see.

“Going into the long stage this morning [SS19] we were very close to Jari [Ketomaa] but we overshot a junction and lost 12 to 15 seconds. At the end of the stage Jari was only about 15 seconds faster than us so that shows how good our pace had been because he is one of the best drivers in the world. I am happy to finish fourth because there were so many talented drivers here this weekend.”

Yurii Protasov (5th WRC 2) said:

“For today, I have to be happy. I think we showed really good pace and the working relationship between myself and Pavlo [Cherepin, co-driver] was very good all weekend. We just made a small mistake yesterday which was disappointing, but we need to look at the positives and I think there were a lot of them this weekend.”


When Ott Tänak’s Ecoboost-powered Ford Fiesta RS WRC left the road and became submerged at the bottom of a reservoir, no one thought it could be salvaged, but the M-Sport World Rally Team proved them wrong.

Affecting one of the greatest repairs in the history of the sport, “TiTänak” made it to the end of the rally with a championship point in tow.

This is the story of how the events of this weekend’s Rally Mexico became legend, and how M-Sport’s immensely talented and dedicated team of technicians and engineers became the true heroes of the FIA World Rally Championship.

09:24 – The number six Ford Fiesta RS WRC left the road 2.6 kilometres into SS3 and became submerged at the bottom of a five metre deep reservoir.

09:30 – When the following car cleared the stage, it became evident that there had been a serious problem and the team contacted all relevant organisations to discover what had happened as quickly as possible.

09:38 – The stage was stopped and the Rapid Intervention Vehicle was sent in, confirming that both driver and co-driver were okay with no serious injuries.

10:17 – The crew arrived back at the service park having been flown in by helicopter. They were then taken back to the hotel and given a full check by the team doctor. Raigo also started the lengthy process of drying his pacenotes, page by page.

12:09 – The crew came back to service to complete media interviews and the team sent the mechanics out to supervise the recovery of the Fiesta.

16:30 – The stage was closed and the recovery vehicles were permitted to enter.

16:45 – The organisers sent the first divers down to locate the car – it was no longer on its wheels.

17:45 – The Fiesta emerged from the watery depths and was pulled up onto the embankment.
18:00 – The car was loaded onto the recovery truck and Raigo Mõlder’s mobile phone was retrieved from the car, still working!

20:15 – The Fiesta returned to the service park and the team immediately started assessing the damage.

21:30 – Work began with a three hour Rally 2 giving a deadline for finishing the repair at 00:30.

21:55 – Twenty-five minutes into the three hour service, the technicians had stripped the car practically down to its shell – removing the windscreen, wings, bumpers, drivers’ door, full rear suspension, full front suspension, gearbox, turbo and full cooling package.

22:00 – Work was temporarily halted as regulations only allow one mechanic to work on the fuel system during the service. Following the fuel tank inspection it was decided to replace it.

22:03 – With the workforce back up to full numbers, the tank was removed as well as all of the interior: seats, electronics, radios and dashboard.

22:15 – The technicians started removing the standing water from inside the cockpit.

22:25 – The team produced an expert fix on a damaged engine block, and drained the engine of excess water.

22:30 – With two hours to go, they started reassembling the car. Every part which had been taken from the Fiesta RS WRC was replaced as new – everything except the seats, belts, bonnet and toolkit.

23:00 – With one hour to go, the technicians cranked the engine for oil pressure.

00:05 – With 25 minutes to go she roared back to life.

00:10 – For the final 20 minutes, the team fitted the bonnet, ran through the gears and even had time to give the car a polish – the number six Fiesta RS WRC leaving service well within time. Tänak and Mõlder delivered the car to parc fermé. The entire job was completed within the maximum three hour time limit.


08:30 – Tänak and Mõlder went to collect the Fiesta RS WRC from parc fermé, only to discover that it kept cutting out – the result of being stood overnight.

08:31 – The team’s quick thinking meant that as soon as the crew had pushed the car out of the holding area, a technician was waiting with a recce car to tow it back to service.

08:32 – The car was pushed into its service bay to the applause of the other manufacturer teams.

08:33 – The technicians adjusted the Fiesta’s geometry, changed the spark plugs, changed the electronic coils (twice) and managed to bring the Fiesta back to life.

08:49 – Tänak drove the car out of service and into refuel. Unfortunately, she came to a halt shortly after the refuel zone.

09:25 – Tänak and Mõlder were able to get the Fiesta up and running again, but the time allocated to get them to the start of the first stage has elapsed.

10:28 – The crew drove the car back to service, where she was left to bathe in the Mexican sun – drying all of the components ready for Rally 2.1.

15:10 – Rally 2.1 began with another three hour deadline. The technicians changed all of the fuel pressure sensors as well as the full engine loom. They also changed the oil and further adjusted the geometry.

16:25 – The engine was restarted and the engine engineer checked the data. Following this, it was decided to change the ECU as a precaution.

17:12 – Following a few start-ups to ensure there were no recurring issues, the number six Fiesta RS WRC was driven into parc fermé – ready to fight another day.

– ENDS –












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TEIN, INC.(Fanpage in Eng.) WRC – FIA World Rally Championship TEIN, INC.(日本語版 フェイスブックページ) Rally Argentina Top Run Motorsport Argentina WRT RRM Magazine 🇯🇵 🌏 🇮🇹 🌏 🇦🇷 🌏 #TEIN TEIN Motorsports Congratulates the 10 consecutive years of professional work Pablo MACHI in the information of our company that manufactures shock absorbers in motor sports at an international level. And happy to announce the continuity in global press cooperation for several more years.
#TEIN Motorsports 🇯🇵 🌏
24 March #2022

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The Italian Rally Junior 2022 Championship unveiled in Campidoglio
10 crews are ready to challenge each other in the series that launches the youngest protagonists and that will also take part in the 10th edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale. Motorsport Italia will be again on the side of ACI Sport, ACI Team Italia, Pirelli, Renault and Sparco.
The 10 crews that will take part in the Italian Rally Junior 2022 Championship have been announced today in Rome’s Piazza del Campidoglio. The series dedicated to the youngest rally protagonists devised by Automobile Club d’Italia and ACI Sport will have Motorsport Italia as technical partner and will collaborate with Pirelli, Renault and Sparco. The cars employed for this series are the brand new Renault Clio Rally5. Motorsport Italia has also introduced the 10th edition of the Rally di Roma Capitale.
This event took place in the presence of Assessor for Big Events of Roma Capitale Alessandro Onorato, Automobile Club d’Italia’s President Ing. Angelo Sticchi Damiani, CONI’s President Giovanni Malagò, the General Director of ACI’s Motorsport Marco Ferrari, the General Director of ACI Sport Marco Rogano, Automobile Club Roma’s President Giuseppina Fusco, the Vice President of Consiglio Regionale Lazio Daniele Leodori, Renault Italia’s Marketing Director Biagio Russo, Sparco’s Brand Manager Niccolò Bellazzini, Pirelli Rally Product Manager for Italy Walter Nicola and Motorsport Italia’s boss Max Rendina.
The Federation has completed an important selection of all the very young drivers born after 1994 to define the ten crews that have been presented today. These are Sara Carra-Giovanni Barbaro, Alessandro Casella-Rosario Siragusano, Guglielmo De Nuzzo-Fabio Grimaldi, Fabio Solitro-Rosario Navarra, Davide Nicelli-Tiziano Pieri, Davide Porta-Marco Demontis, Mattia Zanin-Fabio Pizzol, Davide Gianaroli-Alessio Spezzani, Matteo Ceriali-Luca Ferraris and Edoardo De Antoni-Martina Musiari.
The Italian Rally Junior Championship will include 6 rounds, four on the tarmac and two on the gravel. The opening round will be the Rallye Sanremo, whose technical stages have hosed the Rally World Championship for many years. The season will then continue with the two gravel rounds at the Rally dell’Adriatico, which will move to Urbino this year, and the historical Rally di San Marino. The second half of the season will include the Rally di Roma Capitale, which will allow crews to measure themselves with the colleagues of the FIA European Rally Championship, while the closing rounds will be the Rally 1000 Miglia and Rally Due Valli, the latter will have an increased scoring coefficient of 1.5.
A big novelty of season 2022 is the car: the Renault Clio Rally5 fitting Pirelli tyres. The Milan-based company developed for this series two compounds for tarmac, PZero RA and Cinturato RWB, and the Scorpion K for the gravel. These are tyres capable of providing performance and grip in all conditions.
The French challengers are pushed by a 1.3 litres engine capable of 180 hps and 300 Nm of torque and will certainly produce a great spectacle on the tarmac and on gravel. Special care has been devoted to safety, as the new cars will mount the new, latest generation Sparco “MASTER” racing seat developed by Sparco in compliance with the new homologation standards FIA 8855-2021 that have safety features very close to those of the Rally1 cars. The safety equipment of cars will also include the FIA 8853-2016 homologated Sparco Prime H-9 EVO seat belts with aluminium buckle to grant the highest lightness.
The collaboration with ACI Sport, Pirelli and Renault will allow the winner of season 2022 to take part in 6 rounds of the 2023 European Championship as the representative of the ACI Team Italia on an important international stage.
An important collaboration will also be with ACI Sport’s Federal School Michele Alboreto, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Always in the front line for the training and tutoring of young drivers in all the sectors of motorsport, the School directed by Raffaele Giammaria will organize several extra testing sessions to allow the protagonists of the series to improve their skills of preparing races. This activity will be led by the 12 times Italian Champion Paolo Andreucci.
In this important event staged in the Piazza del Campidoglio and in the enchanting Terrazza Caffarelli, Max Rendina and his staff also introduced the Rally di Roma Capitale 2022.
The event organized by Motorsport Italia will celebrate its 10th Anniversary this year and will do so with the double validity for the Italian Rally Championship and FIA European Rally Championship. It will also be part of the Italian Rally Junior Championship. The competition has been introduced by an exciting video teaser and will introduce several novelties both in terms of sporting content and support initiatives. This anniversary not only celebrates the first decade of the sporting event but also wishes to raise the centrality of Rome and Italy in a very important international motorsport event.
In the pictures: on top, the crews, on the right the Renault Clio Rally 5.
The Campidoglio at a glance (lower left), Sara Carra, the first woman in the CIAR Junior, on the new Sparco racing seat (lower right).
Photos: Massimo Bettiol  🇮🇹  🌎
24 March #2022

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#MotorsportItaliaTV 🇮🇹 🌏 THE WEB CHANNEL STARTS 🇮🇹 🌏 ▶️



This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español

#MotorsportItaliaTV 🇮🇹 🌏 THE WEB CHANNEL STARTS 🇮🇹 🌏
This evening at 9.00 pm the web channel debuts
A few more hours and will finally be a reality. At 21:00 today, Tuesday 22 March, the new web television channel dedicated to all the sporting activities of Motorsport Italia will go live with the first broadcast.
The first broadcast, which will be visible directly from, will be dedicated to the launch of the Absolute Italian Junior Rally Championship which on Wednesday 23 will inaugurate the commitment of Motorsport Italia. The structure headed by Max Rendina will in fact be the technical partner of the Italian Academy in rallies, again alongside ACI Sport, ACI Team Italia and the ACI Sport «Michele Alboreto» Federal School.
The Motorsport Italia TV project was born from the visionary drive of Max Rendina and his entire work group, who decided to further implement their communication activities in support of a development plan of particular interest, making use of the of the enthusiastic collaboration of the Mediasport Group staff.
The channel will technically be an OTT, therefore operational both on the web and on Hbbtv MS + (Plus), reachable by pressing the red button on the remote control on enabled televisions, within the digital terrestrial channel 402 MS Sport. In addition, all the scheduled contents, live and on demand, will also be visible through the Motorsport Italia TV app very soon available for all devices using IOS (Apple) or Android operating systems.
The schedule will be 24/7 or always operational, the editorial contents will be created in synergy with the editorial staff of MS Motor TV and with the journalistic coordination of Enzo Cerrone. They will report daily all the initiatives, sporting events and competitive programs of Motorsport Italia during the 2022 season and in the following ones. Tonight’s episode will then air at 10pm on MS Motor TV (CH 229 SKY – CH 55 TV SAT).
Not only recorded and in-depth content, but also direct such as the one that on Wednesday 23 at 18:30, contextual to the ACI Sport TV broadcast, will allow you to follow all the phases of the presentation of the Italian Junior Rally Absolute Championship from the Campidoglio, in Rome. , and the official preview of the Rally di Roma Capitale 2022, ready to blow out the first ten candles.
The program is very dense and also includes the Rally of Arezzo and Valtiberina valid for the Italian Rally Terrain Championship, organized for the first time by Max Rendina, the Rally of Lazio and of Cassino-Pico National Final ACI Sport Rally Cup 2022.
Photos & Videos: MS Sport 🇮🇹 🌏
23 March #2022

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