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François Delecour joins Tuthill Porsche for WRC France


29 September 2014

Multiple world rally winner François Delecour will start his home round of the World Rally Championship – next week’s Rallye de France Alsace – at the wheel of Tuthill Porsche’s 911 RGT.

The 911 GT3-based rally car stole the hearts of the rally-watching public on last month’s ADAC Rallye Deutschland and focused the minds of many looking for a cost-effective alternative to a World Rally Car.

Driven in Trier by Tuthill Porsche team principal Richard Tuthill, the car finished its WRC debut first in the RGT class and 27th overall. Next week, Richard will hand the wheel over to an all-time French favourite: François Delecour.

Delecour – a four-time WRC winner – will test the Tuthill Porsche 911 RGT for the first time on Monday, potentially having sealed his third consecutive Romanian Rally Championship title on the previous day.

Next week’s Strasbourg-based WRC qualifier will be François’ second world championship outing of the season. He competed on Rallye Monte-Carlo, but was forced to retire his Ford Fiesta RS WRC from the opening round of the year.

Since ADAC Rallye Deutschland, Tuthill Porsche has worked closely with the FIA (world motorsport’s governing body) on further evaluation and evolution of the RGT regulations. The only change in specification to the 911 RGT is in the air-intake restrictor, up from from 36 to 39mm now giving 350bhp (a rise of around 25bhp).

François Delecour said: “I am so excited. This is such great news and I have so much enthusiasm to drive this car. This is my dream, my dream to drive a Porsche in the World Rally Championship. It is more than fantastic.

“I know the Tuthill Porsche team, I drove with them before and I know they prepare the perfect car. Last time, they painted my car blue for France – I love this team! And I love the 911 RGT. The noise, everything about this car is a rally car. I can’t wait to test. First, I have to try to win the [Romanian Rally] Championship for the third time, but I only need one point. Hopefully, I arrive in France to drive the Porsche for the first time with this title.”

Richard Tuthill said: “François is the perfect driver for this car – he’s so full of character and enthusiasm. And, let’s not forget, he’s one of the finest drivers ever to come out of France.

“There’s no doubt we’re going to see an improvement on the pace from Germany… the driver is certainly a lot better and I think the car will suit the roads a bit more as well. I’d like to see us looking for the minimum of a top 20 and hopefully top 15. But so much of that does depend on the weather, we have to hope it stays dry.”

Delecour and Tuthill on Rallye de France Alsace

Francois Delecour talks about driving a Tuthill Porsche on Rallye de France Alsace. And a hasty trip from Romania, where he won a third successive title on Sunday.

How does it feel to be driving for the Tuthill Porsche team at Rallye de France Alsace?
FD: I am so excited, I can’t tell you. This is such, such great news and I have so much enthusiasm to drive this car. This is my dream, my dream to drive a Porsche in the World Rally Championship. It is more than fantastic.

You’ve driven Porsche GT rally cars before?
FD: Yes. I think about eight years ago I drove one of the early 911 GT cars and, of course, it was very nice. But the brakes weren’t right, it wasn’t really a rally car. This is a rally car, with the sequential gearbox and everything…

And the noise?
FD: The noise! It is incredible. From the outside, you can hear this car coming and coming. This is what the rally car should be sounding like, it’s fantastic and it’s what the sport needs more and more of.

What do you think you can achieve on Rallye de France Alsace?
FD: What I want is the top 15 and to be at the same level as the R5 cars. Of course, this does depend on the weather, but that’s what I think we can make.

There’s more than one 911 in France, you’ll be up against Romain Dumas…
FD: I think and I hope there will be a nice fight with Romain!

How nice is it to be driving your home round of the World Rally Championship again?
FD: Well, you know really my home round of the championship is Monte Carlo, but this is France and the fans are French, so this one will be really special as well. I know the roads and I don’t know the roads, I did the Vosges rally (Rallye Alsace Vosges, 2007, retired Porsche 911 996 GT3), so I have an idea of what’s to come because the stages are nearly the same.

And you know the Tuthill Porsche team well?
FD: I do, yes. I drove one of their cars on a rally in Wales (2011 Bulldog Historic Rally of Wales). It was a historic 911, so I thought I had to be careful because we were driving in Wales and on the gravel. But, no, the car was perfect and I was able to make a good attack. It was a beautiful car and I have a good memory of the team – they paint the car blue because I am from France. I love this team.

Finally, you’re making a bit of a dash to the test?
FD: Yes. I’m coming straight from the Raliul Perla Harghitei, where I retired, but took the Romanian Championship. But now, the focus is on the test – and my first World Rally Championship round in a Porsche 911 997 RGT. My dream.

Richard Tuthill on the prospect of living legend Francois Delecour stepping aboard the Tuthill Porsche 911 RGT in France next week.

Richard, it must be very exciting to have Francois Delecour back in the team?
RT: It’s fantastic. We worked with him before, when he drove one of our challenge cars on the Bulldog Historic in 2011 and he’s just brilliant. Francois is the perfect driver for this car – he’s so full of character and enthusiasm. And, let’s not forget, he’s one of the finest drivers ever to come out of France.

What do you think he’s capable of?
RT: There’s no doubt we’re going to see an improvement on the pace from Germany… the driver’s a hell of a lot better and I think the car will suit the roads a bit more as well. I’d like to see us looking for the minimum of a top 20 and hopefully top 15. But, so much of that does depend on the weather, we have to hope it stays dry.

Francois brings a huge amount of experience to the event, doesn’t he?
RT: The good thing about Francois is that he knows the car, he’s a long-time lover of Porsches and he’s going to have an idea of the road over there as well. Oh, and he’s likely to be pretty popular with the locals!

And there will be some competition in France?
RT: The competition with Romain [Dumas] could be really interesting – it’ll be fantastic to have another car there to benchmark ours against. It will be a little bit complicated as he’s driving a four-litre RS, whereas ours is a 3.8-litre GT3 RS – but at least we’ll have some competition.

Who’s your money on?
RT: My money would be on Francois every day of the week. Don’t get me wrong, Romain’s a serious driver with a lot of Porsche experience, but this is Francois Delecour we’re talking about!








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This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español

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The 140th edition of RRM is eagerly awaited, with all the latest news from the World Rally Championship. Offering special reports with exclusive interviews of international level.
In this time the edition of the month of March, has in its credit everything what happened with the triumph in Sweden, of the British Elfyn Evans with Toyota.

What will come from the Rome Capitale Rally 2020, valid for the European competition, organized by the Italian firm Motorsport Italia, which is headed by Max Rendina.
An intense note from the top executive of TEIN INC. in Japan, Mr. Yoshio Fujimoto, with his sporting support for their stable programs in Motorsport on a global level, both with the professional support of the Japanese shock absorbers for the WRX and WRC. Counting on his successful sports campaign as a driver in the 90’s with Toyota.
Which left the Monte Carlo Rally, with the princely victory of the Belgian Thierry Neuville, who drives the fabulous Hyundai Coupe i20 WRC Plus.

An exquisite and unique report to Mr. Yasuo Hiraoka, the head of Subaru Tecnica International, (STI), who thanks to the management of «kumi» Shinozaki, we were able to make this fantastic review with Mitaka’s boss.
Oliver Solberg, and his debut with the Fabia R5 EVO in Torsby.
The truncated schedule of the Speedagro Rally Argentina 2020, which has been postponed by the Coronavirus. And the Top Run of the Agnello brothers, who acquired a new generation Fabia R5 to run in the short term in the WRC3.
JESSICA VERZIN, the blonde Italian girl, who is in charge of the professional catering work for W RACING PROJECT for the 2019 world champion team of constructors, Hyundai Motorsport GmbH, stands out in the publication, showing her feminine and sensual side, and confirming the excellent work that WRP is doing, to provide a fantastic food service, from Italy to
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Finally the new French weapon of Renault Sport Racing of France, the New CLIO Rally 5, which was shown as car 0 in Monte Carlo and debuts in the Mexican Rally Azteca with the Argentinean driver Martin Suriani.
Leaves a bitter and sad taste the postponement of the 40 years of the Rally of the Republic of Argentina, but it is a reason of world health, that exceeds to all, and the first thing is the common sense and the prevention of all.
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RRM WRC ARGENTINA MAGAZINE 140 🇦🇷 🌍 -> Order here!

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13 de Marzo 2020

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Paulo Nobre completed stage five of Rally di Roma Capitale with his car boot open.

The FIA European Rally Championship regular from Brazilian explained that he forgot to close it properly prior to the run.

“I took out the [safety] helmets and forgot to close the boot so I make one special stage with the boot open so it was the opposite to Poland [when it was the bonnet that was open].”











Media FIA ERC 🌎🇮🇹

Photos: Media FIA ERC 🌎
Media Rally Di Roma Capitale 🇮🇹🌎
Sven Kollus / Flat Out Media Agency / Germania 🇩🇪

Rally di Roma Capitale FIA ERC Campionato Italiano Rally
#rally #fiaerc #cirally #roma #show #italianstyle #RRC19#rallydiromacapitale #eternapassione

Fiuggi, 21 July 2019

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This post is also available in: English (Inglés) Deutsch (Alemán) Español

WRC 2 A FULL 2019 





🌏 🇬🇧
🌏 🌏




M-Sport and Ford are proud to introduce the all-new EcoBoost-powered Ford Fiesta R5. Replacing its hugely successful predecessor, the new Fiesta promotes the latest motorsport technology and road-going design.

Based on the Ford Fiesta ST-Line which is manufactured at Ford’s world-class facility in Cologne, M‑Sport has worked closely with the Ford Motor Company to ensure the new Fiesta R5 provides a big step forward in terms of pace and performance.

The original Fiesta R5 is M-Sport’s most successful global rally car and continues to win stages, rallies and championships worldwide. With more than 250 cars in competition, the outgoing Fiesta remains a capable and competitive winner, but its successor boasts improvements in all areas.

The 1.6 turbo charged engine delivers 290 BHP and 475 Nm of torque at 4,000 RPM. The direct injection power plant is also fitted with a 32mm restrictor in conjunction with R5 regulations and provides a significant improvement in response and drivability

Brand-new suspension components include front and rear McPherson struts with redesigned three‑way adjustable dampers from Reiger. The new aluminium damper bodies save considerable weight, and the geometry has been remodelled for optimised traction and stability.

A newly designed Sadev five-speed sequential gearbox mated to front and rear differential units is accompanied by hydraulic servo-assisted rack and pinion steering, and Brembo forged four-piston front and rear calipers provide the stopping power.

The initial design and development started in January 2018, with the first test session taking place in December that same year. Since then, eight test drivers have completed more than 30 days testing on a mix of different roads and conditions.

Smooth Tarmac, rough Tarmac, hot gravel, loose gravel, seasoned test drivers, rally winners, and even Formula One race winners – the latest Fiesta has been put through its paces and no stone has been left unturned in search of optimum speed, reliability and performance.

The project also upholds M-Sport’s support of young talent with 28-year-old Bernardo Fernandes – who engineered Sébastien Ogier to championship success in 2017 – leading the team.

Delving into his knowledge of the award-winning Ford Fiesta WRC, as well as the original Fiesta R5, Fernandes’ experience has been combined with the innovation of youth – his team creating one of M-Sport’s most long-awaiting and exciting creations.

Just like its predecessor, the all-new Fiesta R5 will get its first public outing at next month’s Ypres Rally – Éric Camilli taking to the wheel as the event’s VIP car. As one of the most experienced development drivers around, Camilli knows the car inside out and the event’s fast asphalt roads provide the perfect setting for the car’s debut performance.

More information on the all-new Fiesta R5 can be found in the Technical Specification, and those wishing to make an order are encouraged to contact M-Sport’s dedicated Sales Team at the following email address: R5Support@M‑

M-Sport Managing Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE, said:

“The Ford Fiesta R5 is our most successful global rally car. It’s a very special car for M-Sport and even though the original cars continue to win rallies and championships all over the world, we have taken our time to ensure this new model is even better with performance gains in every area.

“The test programme has been extensive, and we have worked hard to ensure this new car suits every level of driver. We have quite literally travelled the world – testing on a wide range of surfaces, in varying conditions and with a whole host of drivers taking to the wheel. This car is extremely important to us, and its adaptability is vital to its success.

“I’m extremely proud of this project. As a company we have always promoted young talent, and the design and development of the all-new Fiesta R5 was headed by one of our most ambitious young engineers – Bernardo Fernandes.

“We’ve always given opportunities to youngsters who show a real drive and passion for what they do. Bernardo is a prime example of this, and having driven the car myself I can tell you that he and his team have done a fantastic job. I’m looking forward to seeing the all-new Ford Fiesta R5 in action, and hope to secure even more success!”

Ford Performance Senior Manager, Gerard Quinn, said:

“This is another important milestone for Ford as the introduction of the all-new Ford Fiesta R5 heralds the introduction of the latest in motorsport technology packaged into Europe’s best-selling car in its category.

“Ford investment in the new Fiesta R2 revealed earlier this year and the latest Fiesta R5 ensures that we are supporting a sustainable future in rally for competitors and our partners M-Sport.

“This new Fiesta R5 also enables us to provide a high-quality replacement for its remarkably successful predecessor which was introduced six years ago. In the past two seasons the Fiesta R5 has won more than 40 championships globally, and we are looking forward to much more success with this latest model.”

M-Sport Rally Engineer, Bernardo Fernandes, said:

“This was my first time heading up a project. It was a challenge, but also a real privilege to be given the responsibility. The outgoing Ford Fiesta R5 was so successful, and is still very competitive in the right hands, but we have taken our time to revise and improve every area of the car.

“The R5 category has always been extremely competitive and the biggest challenge is in finding the best compromise between cost and performance. We had a lot of previous experience that helped, and devised a rigorous test programme with a range of different surfaces and drivers.

“The whole team have worked exceptionally hard and we pushed every element to the limit in search of peak performance and reliability. I also need to say a special thanks to Richard Christensen who headed up the design team – his input was integral to the project and we couldn’t have done it without him.

“Overall, I’m confident that we’ve taken a significant step forward and I’m looking forward to seeing what the all-new Ford Fiesta R5 can deliver in the hands of our customers.”












Anna Louise Rudd
Media M-Sport Ford World Rally Team

Photos: @M-Sport Ford World Rally Team

8 June 2019

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