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Tactical start by Paulo Nobre

A very promising start for Paulo Nobre with his Skoda Fabia R5 on the opening day of the Rally di Roma Capitale 2018. The kind of strategy chosen was one of “study” and not an offensive one to gradually become familiar with the severity of the stages of this important European event. Keeping this in mind we can consider it as encouraging performances of both the PICO-GRECI PS2 of 19.46 km, closed with a time of 12: 47.00 and the one of the PS4 Santopadre-Arpino 1 of 14.35 km closed with a time of 9: 06.7, pushing it in this stage among the top 20 list. A result that confirms the potential of the driver and that reveals the great job done by the whole Motorsport Italia team to put Paulo to compete in the best possible conditions.

Paulo Nobre: ​​Roots and passion between rally and football

This year the Rally di Roma Capitale is the setting for an exceptional match between football and motors: Italy and Brazil meet in the scenario of the Rally di Roma Capitale. Paulo Nobre, Brazilian, lawyer, rally driver and president of the Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, among the three most important Brazilian teams, has chosen to compete with the prestigious rally hosted by the city of Rome, thus creating a fil rouge between football and motor sport and between Brazil and Italy.

The club was founded on August 26, 1914 by Italian immigrants after the Brazilian tour of the teams of Turin and Pro Vercelli with the original name Palestra Itália, which has been changed with the current one on September 13, 1942, after the entry into the war of Brazil against the Axis nations.

The social colors are green and white, just like those of the Skoda Fabia R5 of the Palmeirinha Rally team of Motorsport Italia, which Nobre is driving during the Rally of Roma Capitale, protected by the red Sparco belts, to complete the three colors that have always accompanied him on his path as a sportsman and entrepreneur. Supported by the co-pilot Gabriel Morales, for the first time he will be competing in a European championship on the Roman asphalt, after the successes reported in the world championship, in which he competed until recently with the Mini VRC of Team Motorsport Italia.

“It is with great pleasure that I take part in this race, very important not only for my strong ties with your country, but also for the increasing prestige that is taking on an international level. I am aware it will not be easy just because of the difficulty of the stages, but the goal that I have set for this year is to get to the end, ready to participate next year and achieve an increasingly ambitious result.”

#rallydiromacapitale #eternapassione #viaggioroma #rallygladiators #MotorsportItaliaWRCTeam #PalmeirinhaRally

#rallydiromacapitale #eternapassione #FIAERC#AciSport #MotorsportItaliaWRCTeam #PalmeirinhaRally

#rallydiromacapitale #eternapassione #FiaErc #rallygladiators #AciSport

#rallydiromacapitale #eternapassione #rallygladiators














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Photos: Nico Meyer / NIM Photos / Germany

21 july 2018



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