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Jason Shao (born 1985) is the CEO of Hclabo Motorsport Cultural Diffusion Co. Ltd., which runs Subaru Rally Team China.

From the factory in the headquarters of the international circuit of Guangdong. The Chinese Rally Team, Rebecca Zhang, gave us this important interview with the general Manager of Hclabo Motorsport Cultural Co. Ltd. That is part of the Subaru Rally Team China (SRTC).

What is the role in the 2018 Subaru CRC?

Well, SUBARU RALLY TEAM CHINA now ranks the first place of 2018 CRC. But there are still 4 more rounds to go, and things keep changing very fast, you know. It’s not so easy to be first place from the very beginning to the end. So now it’s hard to say how far we can go for the following events and this season. But our goal is 2018 season Championship. And we will stand on the Champion’s podium. You will see it.

What are the expectations for the CRC 2018 with the XV of Subaru?

Championship is the sure thing. We created this monster and we want it to be the most wonderful and outstanding rally cars. We heard that one Canadian team took SUBARU XV cars to rally. We are glad to know that. We hope more and more rally drivers drive it on the stages and all the SUBARU fans and SUBARUERS know it and love it.

What technical characteristics have the Subaru XV for CRC 2018?

Well, I cannot talk about it too much. But it is the best.

Who are the pilots of the SRTC team and how many cars does the SRTC have in the workshop?

SRTC was founded in 2005 and it was not that easy for us to do rally when we knew nothing about it, you know. So our team learned very hard from how to make a rally car, serve the cars, build the tents, find smart drivers, do timetables and so on. Every little thing we do now was big challenge to us at that time. With uncountable failures, we finally got our first event Champion in 2008 Longyou Event. From then on, we began to flourish and be better.

For our team pilots, I would like to say we are not afraid of difficulties, we are persistent, and we are faithful and devoted. With all of these, we got SUBARU CHINA’s sponsorship since 2007, we have the most excellent and influence driver-Han Han since 2010, we can cooperate with SUBARU RALLY TEAM AMERICA since 2015, and we got 9 Annual championships from 2011 to 2017. It is long way to go and we are still on the way.

What are the dates of the annual calendar of CRC 2018 for Subaru China?

We have finished the first event, which was held from 11th to 13th ,May, in Kiayang, Guizhou. And we got the Union Cup, Manufacturer Cup, Driver Championship Cup and National Four-wheel-drive Championship Cup. We got all the 4 highest level CUPs of CRC Kaiyang. And we did it with all the Chinese Drivers. And we defeated the other team’s Foreign Driver.

For the rest rounds, they are as following:

2nd event will be held from 20th to 23th , July, in Zhangye, Gansu.

3rd event will be held from 25th to 27th , August, in Baofeng, Henan.

4th event will be held in September in Liupanshui, Guizhou. This event may be changed.

5th event will be held in 19th to 21st , October, Longyou, Zhejiang.

What can you tell us about the performances of Chris “Atko” Atkinson with the XV of Subaru?

Chris is a good rally driver and always smiles. He is an easy-going and warm-hearted man. And he drove SUBARU XV rally car with his heart last year. It took one round for him to be familiar with it. But he really did it very well. He is smart. He drove cars not only by hands but also by brain. We all like him. All the rally fans like him, too.

It is intended to run Subaru China sometime in the WRC with the XV model?

We hope so. It is absolutely good for the SUBARU XV cars’ selling and makes all the SUBARU users be proud.  But It is not the decision we can make, right? I mean whether they will go to WRC or use XV, you know.

Would the SRTC team like to run the Rally of Argentina on some occasion with the 208 specification of the Subaru XV by the WRC in the province of Córdoba, a classic date of the World Rally?

For this, we rally would like to race in WRC. You know, in 2016, we heard that WRC would be held in Peking, China. We were very excited and made detailed plans to take part in it. When it was canceled, we were all heart-broken. It felt like it was the end of the world, you know. We just missed WRC.  I mean, WRC was so close to us and it just went away. And god knows when it will be back to China. Maybe it will not come back before we die.

As a SUABRU Manufacture team, we are dreamed of to race in Argentina. But it is all about our annual budget and we cannot make it now. You know, if there is any sponsorship in Argentina, or if you have someone or some company to help us, I think we will pack up and head to your country. 

Finally, what about the rumors that Subaru Japan can return to the WRC in 2020, are you interested in this news and what is the link that your team has with STI in Japan?

Maybe still it is like a secret, you know. Well, we will see. We like SUBARU be back to WRC sooner or later. It is good for technical, branding and marketing. We all have waited this day for too long times.

As one of STI’s base teams, we were invited to visit STI for several times and our outstanding technicians went to STI base and got trained in 2015. STI and our team have many technical cooperation and we keep in contact all the times.







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Comunication & Media
Hclabo Motorsport Cultural Diffusión Co. Ltd. Subaru Rally Team China

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18 July 2018



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