65th Rallye Sanremo hosted by the “jewels” of the Town of Flowers

Porto Sole and the Casinò are the main places of the 2018 edition of the rally. The start (Friday 13 April at 15.36) and the final arrival (Saturday 14 April at 19.00) have as stage the Casino, while Porto Sole will host the the super special stage on Friday (at 15,45). In Piazza Borea d’Olmo and at Santa Tecla the regroupings, while the Service Park will be located at Piazzale Carlo Dapporto. The program will include also the rally reserved to historic cars that will start at 12,40 on Friday 13 April and will finish at 16,55 on Saturday 14 April in front of the theatre door of the Casino.



SANREMO (IM) – “We are very satisfied of the format that the Federation imposed for the Italian Rally Championship races in 2018”. Sergio Maiga, President of the Automobile Club Ponente Ligure that is organizing the 65th edition of Rallye Sanremo smiles while presenting the the structure of the next edition of the event, taking place from 12 to 14 April. “The Federation in order to involve in the race common people and not only fans, asked the organizers to introduce at the beginning of each event a super special stage in town. We’ve seen the success obtained by Forte dei Marmi and we are convinced that we are going to do the same with our super special stage at Porto Sole on Friday 13 April”.

Rallye Sanremo boasts a solid tradition of super special stages in town, as a matter of fact three editions started with super special stage in a gravel area near the sea in the near town of Ospedaletti. “The first edition of the super special stage in Ospedaletti has been held in 1989 and was the opening stage of the rally followed by other 33 timed kilometers part in Liguria and part in Tuscany with a total length of 2086 km, 544 of the special stages. Other times” Maiga says today maybe feeling a bit nostalgic, “Those were the year of the World Rally Championship and Sanremo had the peculiarity to have stages both on tarmac and gravel. That was also the year when the Lancia Delta Martini were red, the only year the Turin manufacturer used that color; very nice but maybe not telegenic” remembers Sergio Maiga. In that edition the winners at Ospedaletti were Juha Kankunen (Toyota Celica GT4) and Didier Auriol (Lancia Delta 16V) with exactly the same time; at the end of the race was Miki Biasion (Lancia Delta 16V) the overall winner just 5” ahead of the twin car of the very young Alex Fiorio (24 year old) and 25” ahead of Carlos Sainz (Toyota Celica GT-4). That was the third and last win of Miki Biasion in Sanremo.

The success of the super special stage of Ospedaletti 1989 broadcasted live, convinced Adolfo Rava and his staff to repeat the same show the next year on a slightly different route and a bit shorter, instead of the 1380 meters of 1989, 1260 meters in 1990. At the end of the stage were five the drivers to stop the chronometer at the same second (at that time there wasn’t the tenth of a second) with Carlos Sainz (Toyota GT-4), Markku Alen (Subaru Legacy RS), Juha Kankkunen (Lancia Delta 16V), Malcom Wilson (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4), Armin Schwarz (Toyota GT-4) and Gianfranco Cunico (Ford Sierra Cosworth 4×4) at the top of the classification. At the end of the 2236 km of race divided in 35 special stages for a total of 615 km timed kilometers, the winner was Didier Auriol (Lancia Delta 16V), his first world win in Italy, 45” ahead of Juha Kankkunen (Lancia Delta 16V) with Carlos Sainz (Toyota GT-4). third 1’45” behind. Again Ospedaletti in 1991 with the same format of the previous year and the winner this time was Didier Auriol alone, who won also the race (winning 16 special stages) ahead of Miki Biasion 2’50”and Dario Cerrato 6’41” behind, all of them in a Lancia Delta 16v. That Sanremo was the only season win for the French driver who finished the Championship third overall in the Lancia Delta of Jolly Club

The 1991 edition was the last one for the Ospedaletti super special stage, but the motorsport tradition in the town of Sanremo has deep roots. Not only with the rally, which first edition was run in 1928, with the win of the Roumanian driver Ernest Urdareanu (Fiat 520) who repeated the win the next year in a Fiat 521, but also with a real Grand Prix for single seater cars of Voiturettes category in 1937, with the win of Achille Varzi in a Maserati. After the war there were other five editions of the Sanremo Grand Prix (1947-1951), disputed on the circuit of Ospedaletti. In those Grand Prix took part the most important Formula 1 divers even if the race had no validity for the World Championship. In the roll of honor there are Juan Manuel Fangio (1949 and 1950) and Alberto Ascari (1948 e 1951) besides the French Yves Giraud-Cabantus winner in a Delahaye 135 in 1947.

“Apart the historic recurrence” underline again Sergio Maiga “it is important to bring the race to the most important touristic locations of Sanremo, present a welcoming and rich in initiatives town. Therefore the start of the race (at 15,36 on Friday 13 April) will be in front of the Casino, one of the most known symbols of the town of flowers and then dispute the super special stage at Porto Sole (at 15,45) a jewel of our town that has 804 places for boats and can host yacht 90 meters long besides being the seat of the Tethys center for the study of the Mediterranean cetaceans. Porto Sole” repeats Sergio Maiga “is in the heart of the town near the rally HQ of Forte Santa Tecla and the Casino. Porto Sole offers skilled personnel to the landing boats, two bars and a restaurant-pizzeria with panoramic terrace, marine agencies and sailing schools. The Sanremo Casino” conclude Maiga “ is known all over the world it’s been inaugurated the 14 of January 1905 and its liberty structure is for sure a monument that tourists will remember”. Inside the elegant rooms of the Casino there are 407 slot machines, besides the several romms reserved to the traditional gambling, two charming bars and the sophisticated “Biribissi”, which name comes from a game played in the 1600 that is close to the actual lottery, plus the “Roof Garden” the restaurant under the stars that every night proposes shows and music. Not to be forgotten the theatre with 400 places (255 on the floor, 99 in the gallery and the other places divided in the nine boxes). It is one of the most elegant and titled theatre of the entire Riviera where the artistic director was once Luigi Pirandello and where in 1951 born the “Sanremo Festival of the Italian Song”.











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