From Jelenia Góra in Poland, the talented specialist photographer in the division, who is just a step away from working from the Rally of Italy in Sardinia with our publication, tells us that he thinks about his passion for the WRC and what it currently represents of the category with the new and revolutionary cars of 2017.

17 May 2017

Jakub, how did you get started as a Rally photographer in Poland?

I started about 12 years ago. In my town I had always the Rally Karkonoski. This rally was includedto Polish Rally Championship. I could not miss the event like this so I have loved when I have seen first time in my little town. I think this is my life style. I love travelling, takes the photos and I love adrenaline so this is my cure for boring and bad moments and of course I can feel more happy becuse I have passion like that. The photos and everything like this, then give me a lot of fun and give me also possibilities to save great memories from the rally.

Did you have the opportunity to work with Robert Kubica and Lotos in the WRC, what do youexpect from the WRC 2017 Rally Poland?

Yes I did. Now the position of Robert Kubica is difficult so I think we are not aware about future of Robert and what he will planning in his career. I expect from Rally Poland, good weather on rally, more safety special stages and more possibilities and flexibility for spectators because I think this area needs the better solutions as far as possible in coming current Rally Poland.

What do you expect present from the current WRC Plus 2017?

I expect more live stages and more onboards to watch from the stages on real time.
What is the car that impresses you most in the specialty today?
I think the Toyota when she won in Rally Sweden 2017 but I think the Hyundai did the big step on WRC and at the moment and they have faster rally car than competitors. This is only my opinion 😉

Your favorite WRC driver, car and brand?

I do not have favourite driver or car. I think the Kris Meeke needs win the current WRC, but in reality the Neuville looks for more faster driver in this year than everyone. We will see but if I have to choose I will say the driver: Kris Meeke. I support Toyota as brand and also for Tommi Mäkinen
because of I think he did a huge work and a lot people do not believe in Toyota Yaris so this is another argument to provide them good prove and change their point of view, so Toyota and Tomi keep going – YES.

What is your expectation for the rallies of Sardinia, Spain and Great Britain?

Each rally is different so it is difficult to explain. I expect to capture something totally different, I mean to save on my digital frames the special moment and I do not think about only cars but also spectators and everything what will happening around me. I will want provide the best memories as I can do it.

Would you like to cover the Rally Argentina? Can it be in 2018?

Yes I would. It is a plan for next year. We will see what the future will bring to me but I have this event on my list 😉 I believe I can do it 😉













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