15 May 2017

From Germany, Janine, tells us his life with the Rally, his plans and the passion for the specialty taking photos with the Rally cars.

Janine, do you like to photograph Rally cars, is it a passion and a lifestyle?

Well, since Nico take me with him to some Rallies i fell in love with Motorsport and as well with the photography. So i buy the neccessary Equipment to start with the photography. And its getting more and more a Passion for me and i can´t think to stop the photography again because its so much fun and you can always remember the good times you had at each Rallye in the past.

What does it mean for your professional work to be covering ERC 2017?

First of all, it spend more time than expected. Nico always told me that he has to work until late into the night to send all the Pictures to their magazines and their customers. And yes, after Cyprus i see how much work it is to check all the Pictures, choose the best and edit the Pictures. But of Course it is a lot of fun to be a Special Person at each ERC round and get to know the best Drivers of the european Rallye Championship more and more.

Some sensations of what I leave Azores and Canary, the atmosphere of the Rally is fantastic in both?

Yes, i think these both rallies are the most amazing rallies of the Season. Of Course Acores with the unique gravel roads, with the fantastic “Sete Cidades” Stage on the vulcano grater and the rain forest. I think the landscape is Special all over europe. Also the weather is very Special there. On one side you have fog and rain and five kilometres later you have blue sky and no Clouds as well. Canary is completely different. Tarmac stages and one Corner after the other. The tarmac got a lot of grip and its really enjoyable to drive there. Also the landscape, a lot of rocks and high mountains as well as a lot of cacti and flowers. And of Course the beautiful beaches and dunes in Maspalomas. Also the fans are amazing. In both Events you can feel the Passion of the crowds and how they cheer on their local Drivers. At some Moments you have goose bumbs all over your Body.

A brief concept of what you observe of the Rally in general, between the WRC, ERC and the specialty in Germany?

Well, first of all i still wait for my first WRC Event, so i already look forward to August to WRC Germany. But in General you can say that the atmosphere is completely different. In Germany the spectators are Standing at the roads and look at the cars. There is not really the Feeling of Passion like in other european countries. There you cann feel how the fans love the rallying. Already two hours in front of the stage you can´t find any free space to stand at the stages. I think in one stage at Canary are more fans than at one whole German Rallye. So the atmosphere is so much better at the ERC.
Janine, are you looking forward to the German Rally for the WRC in the month of August?

Yes of Course. For me it will be the first WRC Rallye in my life and its always excited to see the best Rallye Drivers of the world in the fastest factory cars. And it will be interesting to feel the Special atmosphere of a WRC Event. And i also looking forward to the stage Panzerplatte. I already see a lot of Pictures of it and can´t wait to go there by myself.
What is the journey next to the race that you would like to meet in the world?

Good question. First of all i want to finish my apprenticeship next months and after that the next step will be to move together with Nico in our own flat. And yes, after that one of my main Goals is to travel all over the world and to see as much as we can. In summary i want to have a good time with my boyfriend and have a lot of fun and adventures in the future.
A small consideration of the Rally of Argentina? Would you like to come and cover the 2018 edition in Villa Carlos Paz?

Of Course it is always a Goal to see new Events in the world and i never been to south america in the past, so of Course i want to travel to south america as well in the future. And Rally Argentina with their jumps and amazing water splashes is always nice to see. So wait and see i would say but never say never.











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