FAW-Volkswagen Won CRC 2016 and Became the Champion of the Year.

FAW-Volkswagen won the CRC Jilin Nongan leg, became the champion of all races and the year, making it the biggest winner of CRC.
Atkinson once again became the winner of the track, Chen De’an took the third place among Chinese racers, and FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar Championship team also gained much in this leg, while media driver Zhu Lin and pilot Xing Xi received the third place of S3 group.
Golf chariot, with its unmatched powerful performance, ensured that FAW-Volkswagen team always stayed ahead. After the ultimate test of extreme environment, New Sagitar showed the excellent quality and strong sports genes of FAW-Volkswagen products.
It was on the afternoon of January 16 in Nongan, Changchun the three-day China Rally Championship (CRC) Jilin Nongan leg ice rally came to an end, and the thrilling CRC 2016 season was officially concluded.

FAW-Volkswagen team, the winner of the first three consecutive races of the season won the first prize again this time, won the race team champion, Manufacturers Cup champion, Federations Cup champion and the national four-wheel drive champion and other awards, successfully swept champions of all races of the season. Atkinson, as always, won the first place of the track once again, Lin Deiwei, a Taiwan driver, ranked first among Chinese drivers, while Chen De’an won the third place. FAW-Volkswagen team, by virtue of substantial leading points, successfully defended the annual champion of all racing teams, the Manufacturers Cup annual champion, the Federation Cup annual champion and the national four-wheel drive group annual champion, becoming the biggest winner in the 2016 season.
FAW-Volkswagen won annual champion again and became the biggest winner of CRC 2016
In addition, FAW -Volkswagen Sagitar champion team also gained much in this race, and Zhu Lin, the driver, Xing Xi, the pilot, who were both from Jilin Traffic Radio and participated in FAW-VW racers training camp, won the third place of the S3 group.
Active preparations for the race
A total of 86 racing teams from all over the country participated in this competition where the total 9 ice and snow stages were presented on the ice surface of Taiping Lake Scenic Area. The total length of the stages was 147.08 km, and that of the whole race reached 700 km. In addition to the long distance, racers had to face the slippery ice, changing road conditions and complex routes in the reed marshes as well as other challenges, making the race a very special battle on snow and rice in CRC history.
Nongan race was not only the last race of CRC 2016 season, but also the first ice relay in Changchun. As Changchun is also where FAW-Volkswagen is located, for the two teams of FAW-Volkswagen, Nongan could be described as the “home court”. Before the game, FAW-Volkswagen goal had been very clear, and that was to win the championship trophy. For this purpose, since the beginning of the New Year, FAW-Volkswagen teams have come to Tianmaohu, Changchun, for winter training, so that racers and cars could enter the state in advance, laying a good foundation for the excellent performance on the track.
Golf chariots led the track

Atkinson performed well in the super short track
On the afternoon of Jan. 14, participating racing teams started the first stage on Taiping Lake – a competition on a 2.2 km super short-track. Atkinson, the driver of the seventh-generation golf, showed an overwhelming lead of 1 minute 59.96 seconds and he was the only driver to finish the super short track in less than two minutes.

Golf chariots were powerful and unmatched

In the four stages of the 15-day competition, FAW-Volkswagen team performed well, Atkinson continued to lead, Lin Dewei rose to the third place, Chen De’an was also among the best in domestic drivers, which further consolidated the team’s dominant position. On Jan. 16, the fierce competition in the previous day changed in the ice road conditions, and the difficulty of the game increased significantly in the last day. Nevertheless, the golf chariots were still powerful and unrivaled, and the leading advantage of the three drivers continued to the end of the game.
New Sagitar showed excellent performances

New Sagitar raced on the ice
Last season’s Jixi race was the first time FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar championship team has competed in an ice rally, and the new Sagitar racing cars undoubtedly impressed their fans. This year, the New Sagitar once again faced the challenges of ice and snow, achieved a success with excellent performances.

New Sagitar successfully overcome the snow and ice challenge

Since Longyou race of last season, the New Sagitar has experienced seven races of Longyou, Wuyi, Jixi, Dengfeng, Zhangye, Dazhai and Nongan, through the vast territory of the country and defeated the gravel roads, hot Gobi, snow and ice and other extreme conditions. The performance of New Sagitar reflected the excellent quality and strong sports genes of FAW-VW products.
The market response also proved that consumers’ recognition of FAW-Volkswagen’s products. The annual sales statistics of 2016 released in the early of the year showed that the sales of FAW-Volkswagen brand reached 1.315 million units, an increase of 17.3%, of which, the sales of Golf was 213700 units and that of Sagitar was 335900 units, both were sales champions of their respective market segments. Jetta, Bora, Magotan, and CC were also a leader in the market segment; and the sales of C-TREK, a crossover station wagon, witnessed a sales volume of 6,172 units in less than two months after launch, becoming a key model to release the potentials of the wagon station market of the country.
Today, FAW-Volkswagen racing teams are leading CRC towards a higher level of development, and FAW-Volkswagen VW brand has become the synonym for quality and performance in the Chinese market. In the new year, new season, and new track, FAW-Volkswagen, which has made innumerable great achievements, will go further in the new march.













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