Hyundai Motorsport delivers the first New Generation i20 R5 to a customer team.


Hyundai Motorsport Customer Racing

21 September 2016

Hyundai Motorsport delivers the first New Generation i20 R5 to a customer team.

The Customer Racing department of Hyundai Motorsport has passed a major milestone with the first delivery of a completed New Generation i20 R5 to a customer.

Key members of Hyundai Motorsport staff were present as the team celebrated the occasion
Delivered to a private Italian team, the car will be one of three i20 R5 to compete on the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France later this month (September 29 – October 2).

Alzenau, Germany
September 21, 2016 – A year after its establishment the Customer Racing department celebrated a major landmark earlier this week. On Monday (September 19) the first New Generation i20 R5 ordered by a private team was rolled out of Hyundai Motorsport headquarters in Alzenau, Germany, and passed to its new owners.

The milestone comes in the middle of a very busy period for the department responsible for the new machine. This began with the most recent tests of the New Generation i20 R5 in late August, ahead of the homologation process for the car. This was carried out alongside the building of the third and fourth New Generation i20 R5 chassis. More importantly, however, these are the first chassis to be built specifically for a customer, as the program moves from development and testing, into production.

Key people at Hyundai Motorsport, including Team Principal Michel Nandan and Andrea Adamo, who oversees the Customer Racing department, were part of the ceremony as the car was passed to the client. On the other side of the handshake was Luca Murdolo, Team Manager of the privately run Italian squad receiving the first delivery. He, together with his colleagues, was also able to take advantage of the opportunity to speak to the engineers and mechanics who have worked on the New Generation i20 R5 for the last twelve months.

The support from the Customer Racing department will continue in the coming weeks. Ahead of his debut in a four-wheel-drive machine at the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France Fabio Andolfi will test the car. Both there, and at the rally itself, his team will be able to call upon the expertise of a dedicated race engineer from Hyundai Motorsport.

Though production of the New Generation i20 R5 is now well underway, with full order books into early 2017 to meet, the Customer Racing department will return to testing later this week. The team, along with Kevin Abbring and Seb Marshall, will make one-day of running on the island’s roads in preparation for their own entry into the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France. Abbring and Marshall, who have crewed almost all of the 5,000km completed by the car to date, will be making their third consecutive start at the event.
Customer Racing Team Manager Andrea Adamo said: “In order to meet the tough targets we have set ourselves with the New Generation i20 R5 program we have passed a huge number of milestones in a short period of time. However, the delivery of the first completed chassis to our customers is undeniably the most important point yet for us. It is when the Customer Racing department begins to live up its name and starts to fulfil its aim of building cars for private owners, and expanding the Hyundai name’s presence in rallying outside of the the WRC class. We are now only a week away from the New Generation i20 R5’s first competitive outing in an international event, at the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France. That weekend will, of course, be another landmark for the project and as we continue to deliver to new customers we are sure that are more to come.”

A total of three New Generation i20 R5 are due to take the start of the Tour de Corse – Rallye de France. Kevin Abbring and Seb Marshall will compete in WRC2 entered under the Hyundai Motorsport N banner. Customer teams will run the entries for Andolfi (#86) and for Stéphane Sarrazin (#83).



About Hyundai Motorsport’s Customer Racing Department

Hyundai Motorsport GmbH established its Customer Racing department in September 2015 with the aim of enhancing Hyundai’s motorsport image around the world – in parallel to its WRC programme. The company began work on a new R5 car based on Hyundai’s New Generation i20 WRC and carried out the first test and rollout of the vehicle in January 2016. Led by Customer Racing Manager Andrea Adamo, the department delivered the first completed New Generation i20 R5 to customers in September 2016. The i20 R5 is available to professional and amateur drivers for use in WRC2 and national / regional championships.

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About Hyundai Motor
Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company is committed to becoming a lifetime partner in automobiles and beyond. The company, which leads the Hyundai Motor Group, an innovative business structure capable of circulating resources from molten iron to finished cars, offers top-quality best-sellers such as Elantra, Sonata and Genesis. Hyundai Motor has eight manufacturing bases and seven design & technical centers worldwide and in 2015, sold 4.96 million vehicles globally. With more than 100,000 employees worldwide, Hyundai Motor continues to enhance its product line-up with localized models and strives to strengthen its leadership in clean technology, starting with the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen-powered vehicle, ix35 Fuel Cell.

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