Golf Dominated Tracks and FAW-VW Won First Battle of CRC.


●The first game of China Rally Championship 2016 was held between June 10 and June 12 in Dengfeng, Henan, where top racers from home and abroad competed fiercely at the foot of Mount Shaoshi.

15 June, 2016

●FAW-VW team lived up to expectations and became the winner of the Automakers Cup, the Confederations Cup, and the four-wheel competition. Atkinson won the first place of the whole tracks, Chen De’an was the second runner-up, the winner among domestic racers and the winner of the four-wheel competition, and Li Guojin was the runner-up of the four-wheel competition.

●The media racer from FAW-VW racers training camp successfully completed the game in his new Sagitar racing car. This year, more graduates from the racers camp will have an opportunity to race with a new Sagitar and realize their racing dreams.
The first game of CRC 2016 was held between June 10 and June 12 in Dengfeng, Henan, it was during the Dragon Boat Festival and a multitude of top racers from home and abroad competed fiercely at the foot of Mount Shaoshi. Cars racing among the mountains, roaring engines and raised dusts became a unique impression of Dengfeng Rally.

FAW-VW racing team, the champion of Dengfeng Rally last year, lived up to expectations again this time. Atkinson took the lead and acquired the first place. Chen De’an, with his impressive racing skills, outperformed his competitors; he was the second runner-up, the winner among domestic racers and the winner of the four-wheel competition. Li Guojin, who also performed well, was the runner-up of the four-wheel competition. Thanks to the efforts by the three Golf chariots, FAW-VW racing team successfully won championship of the Automakers Cup, the Confederations Cup and the four-wheel competition cup, becoming the biggest winner of the season.

FAW-VW Racing Team won the first battle of CRC 2016
Golf chariots dominated the tracks in no fear of the ghost section
It was the second time Dengfeng had witnessed the CRC games. In the last year’s completion in Dengfeng, the complex and changeful terrains and roads brought great challenges to racing cars and racers, and 50% of racers finished the rally, making Dengfeng a threatening section of the ghost. However, the harder the game was, the more charming and attractive it would be for a rally renowned for the pioneering spirit of adventure. 133 vehicles have registered for Dengfeng Rally this year.
It had been raining for serval days before the rally. Luckily, it cleared one day before the game and no rain was seen in the later three days, the time the game was held, so it was sandy soil roads and there were no slippery or muddy conditions.

Atkinson gave full play to the strength and potentials of Golf chariots
Supported by Prodrive team, FAW-VW golf team, which have been competiting for Dengfeng Rally for the second time made targeted adjustments and optimizations to Golf 7 chariots in line with racing experiences obtained from last year and road surveys, so that they could adapt to the tough test by the section of the ghost. Atkinson ranked first in the first day’s SS1 gold stone section and SS2 super section respectively with 14 minutes 40.29 seconds and 2 minutes 23 seconds, improving further as compared with last year, demonstrating the strength and potentials of the super chariots.

Chen De’an outperformed his competitors and won the first place among domestic racers
The rugged roads with plenty of sudden turns brought all kinds of incidents to racers in the five sections of the second rally day, and many of them could not finish the game. However, the three Golf chariots from FAW-VW racing team smoothly completed the game, and Chen De’an rose to the third place and become the winner among domestic racers.

Atkinson was still overwhelmingly competitive and expanded his leading advantage in the pivotal third day of the rally before taking the crown with a score of 2 hours, 20 minutes, and 3 seconds. Chen De’an and Li Guojin were also among the best of candidates. The three Golf 7 racers were an iron triangle of the racing team, perfectly concluding Dengfeng Rally.

Racers Camp helped Realize Racers’ Dreams
FAW-VW has been over the years brought CRC games to more people with a variety of ways so that they can experience, participate in the event and learn about racing culture. FAW-VW has been organizing racers camps since 2014, coached by Chen De’an and trained in accordance with CAMF’s requirements, trainees having passed racing qualification examinations may receive a racing license and participate in racing games in person.
Some outstanding trainees from the racers camp attended CRC games as members of FAW-VW Sagitar racing team and behaved well in S3 group. A Sohu correspondent, who was a pilot of FAW-VW racing team, participated in Dengfeng Rally as a racer of new Sagitar racing team.

Media Sagitar racer competed in Dengfeng Rally for the first time and finished the game
For Sagitar racing team, Dengfeng Rally was not only a yearly debut, it was a brand new section filled with unknowns and challenges. The good news was that the media racer from Sagitar team overcame barriers and completed the game, leaving a wonderful mark on the CRC tracks.

More outstanding graduates from the racers camp will be eligible to join Sagitar racing team, race in new Saigtar cars, experience the shocks and touches in the person, and realize their racing dreams.

The second leg in Zhangye, Gansu will be held soon after Dengfeng. FAW-VW racing team and Sagitar champion team will go on to Northwest China, where they will usher in a new game. The upcoming performances by the two FAW-VW racing teams after the success in the first battle will worth more expectations.
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