April 11, 2016

From Arezzo in Italy, young Italian cameraman and photographer, Francesco Palberti, indicates to us his feelings about his passion and work on rallies in the old continent.

Palbo said to us:

Palbo, at what age and what was your first Rally as an amateur?
The first event that I saw was Rally 1000 Miglia 2006, I was 9 years old with my father and some friends.

What does the Rally for your life?
Rally is my passion. Each event gives me adrenaline, i enjoy trying to find new place for shooting, nice scenery and sometimes i meet new friends.

Have you always had the idea of making video images and photographs for discipline?
Yes. In my first rally i brought with me a small compact camera of my parents and try to take the best shot i could. In 2014 I bought my first reflex camera and I learned by myself the basics of photography, how to shoot manually, how to set up the camera, composition…

A brief WRC concept before and now?
I start following WRC in 2010, so i can’t talk about the year before. I think that WRC is improving now, in particular for the more interest of manufacturers like Toyota or Hyundai.

What is your favorite driver in the WRC and Italy?
My favorite driver of WRC is Sebastien Ogier, he is incredibly fast and consistent.
In italy i really Like Umberto Scandola, he is very fast and really spectacular.

¿Monza is one of your favorite each year attended by Valentino Rossi?
Monza is a really nice event, i like it. Each year there are a lot of WRC, R5, good atmosphere and nice people.

What expectations there with the Italian Rally with R5 Peugeot, Skoda and Ford? Andreucci is unbeatable?
Andreucci is the the most consistent driver in the championship but I don’t think is unbeatable. Basso and Scandola will make life difficult for Paolo this year.

Your dream is to do some dial the WRC in full?
For sure. WRC is the most beautiful rally championship in the world. It has the faster driver, nice cars and amazing scenery. I really like it.

How was the Monte Carlo Rally WRC 2016?
I really enjoy it. Monte Carlo is one of the best rally in the calendar, it has a big history and really tricky road. Meeke did an incredible race, many times as fast as Ogier, who had more experience on this type of road. The third day offered a really nice scenery, with mountain and road full covered of snow. I also enjoy the night stage, the atmosphere was incredible!

Would you like Rally Argentina at some time?
Yes! I really like travelling. Rally Argentina is a beautiful rally with nice places, very nice stages, amazing and really passionate fans!

A small observation domain Volkswagen and enter with Toyota in 2017?
Volkswagen has the best car and the best driver at the moment, it will be really difficult to beat, i think!
Toyota in 2017 is a great news, is always positive if a new manufacturer is interested in WRC.

¿Toyota wants to Loeb and Solberg rumored for your opinion, may convince them to return in 2017?
I hope! They are both great drivers! Seb is the best of all time i think.

What is missing from the WRC to attract more builders, it is a good decision regulation is coming in the next year for your opinion?
In my opinion the promotion of this sport is the first step in order to attract sponsors and constructors.
The actual cars, are nice-looking and quite spectacular to see, especially on gravel, i hope 2017 will be as good. We’ ll see..






All The Best, Pablito, Pablo MACHI WRC

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