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FIA WORLD RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 -WRC Finland (FIN) - WRC 30/07/2015 to 02/08/2015 - PHOTO : @World

8th March 2016

Note that this interview with Antti, was made in 2010 and prior to that we will soon, with all its new features in this 2016 season with their new jobs in the videos by the Motorsport and WRC….

From his hometown in Finland, the young virtuous and talented, Antti Kalhola, editor of the most striking recent and exciting films in the history of the WRC.We gave an extensive interview reports on its work with video editing Rally and international motor sport, as well as his concept of the present and what will come to your country riders in the division and also the future of the WRC.
Antti, told us:

Antti “, how long engaged on these exclusive video compact WRC?

I’m a 24-year old guy from Finland who has always been interested in motorsport and especially rallying. I started to do video editing five years ago and naturally as rally is probably my biggest passion, I started with rally videos. There was no big planning before I started that video making is the thing I should do. I just happened to try an editing program and found it good fun to edit clips to music. I don’t find myself to be a very artistic person at all.

What is the video of you have worked recently that most impresses you and like you, and people.

passionate about the category?

Well there are many memorable projects. From the rally works WRC – Greatest Drivers and Colin McRae 1968-2007 tribute come to mind, then of course my last two WRC tributes made this year, Gravel For Breakfast and Final Stage. If I’m allowed to mention a non-rally video, a 45-minute tribute to Ayrton Senna at the beginning of this year was definitely one of the most memorable projects for me as it’s so much bigger than anything else I have done. But as I said, there are many of them.

Did you get a chance to make a video selection of the best.

rally drivers in history, this is your best achievement?

I guess you mean the Greatest Drivers Tribute? As I said it’s one of the most memorable projects for sure but I wouldn’t say it is the best. It was just one of those ideas I had and thought it would be a good idea to switch a different song to almost every driver. So the video looks quite personal compared to rest of my works.

Is the video editing as a tribute to Colin McRae, is an emotion, dizziness and incredible passion?

Yes that was an emotional video to make and one that I really wanted to make as well. Colin was kind of a childhood hero for me so his death really shook me. Because of this I put quite much effort into the tribute. I didn’t have to think about giving it an emotional touch, it came completely naturally for this one. I would consider it one of my most “natural” works.

How about today’s international Rally?

WRC has been now suffering from a recession for about five years so it’s seen much better days for sure. But I see some positive things in this particular season. Even though there are only two manufacturers, the overall competition for wins has increased this year and there are now five to six drivers who on gravel can always challenge for the win. I really hope we see a new rise of rallying in this decade.

“Finland, the Cathedral of the WRC, had in the last edition in Jyvaskyla, a very special rally for the return of Juha Kankkunen?

It was great to see. Juha is a very sympathetic person and one who is very easy to like. Of course he couldn’t challenge the top guys anymore but for a 51-year old man who has been out of WRC for 8 years, his drive was very respectable. It was an emotional moment in the finish ceremony when Juha thanked the crowd and said it would definitely be his last WRC rally. I have full respect for him.

How young drivers instead of the discipline in Finland, is a pilot that may arise to reach to world champion in the coming years?

Impossible to say. I don’t want to say any names as unfortunately it’s not enough to be a good driver. You also have to have good backing, make the right career moves and so on.

What are your expectations regarding the new regulation 1.6 for WRC 2017?

Well I’m a bit worried how the car will look and sound on the stages, hopefully not much slower than the current WRC car. But I guess we will just have to wait and see for the start of next season, I don’t want to give any judgements yet.

MINI Does the WRC entry is a very significant contribution to believe again in the WRC?

Yes it’s important to get new manufacturers. David Richards and Prodrive should know what they are doing so hopefully we will see a new competitive team in the future and not a new Suzuki. Mini has a great history in rallying but that doesn’t have anything to do with nowadays WRC, but of course their comeback has a lot of nostalgic value.

Would you like for the foreseeable future to make some special images of the return of MINI and BMW to Rally?

Well, the future will tell us that.

What can you tell us the Rally of Argentina in Cordoba?

I can honestly say it’s one of my favourite events, I don’t say this only because I’m giving an interview to an Argentinean. The fans are always very passionate there and the roads are a great mix of fast gravel roads with big jumps and the famous twisty “moon landscape” stages in Mina Clavero. I guess minus points have to be given for organizational problems that you have every now and then.

Why complete a dream of your work with its impressive videos and wait for what comes in the WRC? More manufacturers and more competition?

I really hope we see more manufacturers and more competition. As for myself, I hope to do something video related for a living in the future but what it could be, I don’t know yet. Film industry is also a possibility that interests me, but my talents in non-music videos are still a bit unknown for me as well. Maybe in a few years time I’m wiser about my direction and where I’m headed. I’d like to thank everyone who I have been in contact with thanks to these videos, maybe we will still meet in the future.


All The Best, Pablito, Pablo MACHI WRC

Photo: Andre Lavadinho @World

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