FAW-Volkswagen Team Win Again in CRC Longyou Race.


2 November 2015

2015 APRC & CRC Longyou Race was concluded on November 11, when FAW-Volkswagen Team’s seventh generation Golf chariot claimed the championship title with overwhelming advantages and the racing team once again won the championships of Confederations Cup and Manufacturers Cup.
The new seventh generation Golf chariot showed extraordinary strength comparable with top international racing cars in Longyou Race, and Atkinson celebrated the “birthday” of Golf chariot with a trophy.
FAW-Volkswagen invested three new Sagitar racing cars in this competition; they not only completed the race but also witnessed the birth of the championship of S3 group.
On November 1, after the last stage of intense competition, the sixth race of 2015 FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championship (APRC) and fifth race of China Rally Championship (CRC) was satisfactorily concluded in Longyou, Zhejiang. FAW-Volkswagen Team won several titles in this competition including Championship Confederation, Championship Manufacturer and Championship Driver. With impressive performance of the seventh generation Golf chariot, Chris Atkinson surpassed APRC chariots for the second time after the previous year’s Longyou Race, becoming the king of drivers. Chen De’an ranked fifth and also the runner-up among domestic drivers.

Atkinson won Champion Driver again with seventh generation golf chariot In this race, FAW -Volkswagen invested three Sagitar racing cars and formed FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar Championship Team. With proven quality of original model, exquisite modifications by technical team and good teamwork with the navigator, the three new Sagitar racing cars completed the race and one of them won the championship of S3 group.
Top feast of “devil stage”It was the thirteenth year for Longyou to hold CRC games. It is known to all that Longyou Rally was widely recognized as the country’s most challenging “devil stage”. Slippery and potholed, narrow and winding, the racing track of dirt and gravels was even more challenging with the advent of the rainy and changing weather. Having discouraged so many racers, it also inspired many of them to conquer this stage. That was also the reason why Longyou could hold so many domestic and international top events for successive years.

Racer had been facing extremely bad weather and resulting muddy road conditions It was raining for several days again in Longyou before the game and the situation continued during the rally, so drivers were faced with extremely bad weather and resulting road conditions. Many drivers said during the press release that Longyou Race would be even more difficult than the previous four races.
This race still attracted many racers and powerful teams. Many experts from home and abroad competed here, making Longyou Race a veritable feast of top rallies. However, many drivers suffered breakdowns and rollovers during the race which interrupted the game. Thus, the “devil stage” really deserved its reputation.

Golf chariot’s “first-year birthday”
Longyou Race in November last year, saw the debut of FAW-Volkswagen’s seventh-generation Golf chariot, so this year’s Longyou race could be described as the chariot’s “first-year birthday”. Coming back to Longyou again, drivers were faced with a more complex racing track. Atkinson said before the game that Longyou would be challenge to all drivers, but he had the confidence to continue to win.
In the super-short track competition carried out the first day, the Golf chariot, with its excellent dynamic performance and chassis tuning, showed its extraordinary strength comparable to international top racing cars on the challenging and multi-curved road. Atkinson finally came out on top with a score of 106.2 seconds.

Golf chariot overcame all sorts of bad road conditions with absolute strength
In the later competition of long track, the “heavily armed” Golf chariot again overcame with absolute strength all sorts of bad road conditions. Longyou track’s U-turns, S-turns, and bumps on the uneven stage placed racing cars in danger and might reduce the racing sped. In contrast, the golf chariot showed a good stability and smooth landing after bumps, and was capable of adjusting to the high-speed state in the shortest time. When faced with muddy road, the full-time four-wheel drive system provided for the seventh generation Golf chariot with excellent traction, so the driver could control the car better, efficiently and safely completing the stage.
Eventually, Atkinson won the championship of four-wheel drive team and overall winner award, so FAW-Volkswagen received another race championship, which was the best gift to celebrate Golf chariot’s birthday.

Return of Sagitar
Back in 2007, FAW-Volkswagen’s Sagitar racing cars participated in CRC and eight years later, Sagitar returned the racing course in the name of New Sagitar released by FAW-Volkswagen released this year.
Due to group restrictions of the competition, the degree of modification of the new Sagitar was limited, e.g. the original engine was used in terms of power. However, the debut of new Sagitar racing car in Longyou only after two-month modifications was a breakthrough itself. It was worth mentioning that FAW-Volkswagen specially invited media correspondents to participate the rally in person with new Sagitar racing cars as drivers and navigators.

New Sagitar lived up to expectations and won S3 group championship. Eventually, the new Sagitar car lived up to expectations and won the group championship in its first attempt. New Sagitar’s participation in challenging Longyou face indicated that FAW-Volkswagen trusted that model’s quality and performance. Combined with the actual situation of the game, after track testing, the team would further improve new Sagitar’s modifications, and strive to achieve better results in the next game.
The excellent achievements of this race contributed to FAW-Volkswagen team’s confidence with the following games. Chen De’an said in an interview after the competition that he expected FAW-Volkswagen would keep the momentum and fight for the championship. Subsequently, FAW-Volkswagen team would be actively preparing for this month’s Wuyi Race and it’s believed that this winter’s CRC event would be more fiery than usual!

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