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Flash News. Eurolamp WRT crew crashed on SS12.

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Valery Gorban and Vladimir Korsia crashed on SS12, Jukojärvi. Fortunately, the crew is fine. Information about cars’ damages and details of incident will follow on.

1 August 2015

Rally Finland. We escaped with light fright.

Forecasters who had affrighted participants Rally Finland before the start with wet predictions was wrong. There was no rain on Friday. Only part of morning route was damp.

But even if roads was not more insidious because of benevolence of weather they was still difficult, dangerous and exacting for people and cars.

On the finish of the day a retirement list numbered more than ten crews. Moreover a few duos had wasted no small time but could stay alive despite a lot of crashes and technical problems. Only in WRC2 category more than half of participants piqued theirs fans to jitter and be unhappy. The crew of Eurolamp WRT did not escape problems too.

«The most interesting today special stage – Ouninpohja – was the most bad for us. We punched a tire on this stage during first section. Fortunately it was in 5 kilometers off the finish so we did not lose many time. But during the second section of the day Ouninpohja had prepared more serious troubles for us. We loose drive-shaft near middle of the stage so after that it was not easy to rightly pass jumps – with true speed and true trace. As a result we had wrong jump near the finish of the stage and broke suspension lever and tie-rod», – told Valery Gorban.

«We repaired broken lever ourselves but could not recover the tie-rod despite all our efforts and 4-minutes lateness to start of next stage. So we was enforced to pass last two stages of the day without drive-shaft and with crooked tie-rod. But if we look at other crew’s problems we must say that we escaped with light fright.»

The crew of Eurolamp WRT ended Friday in top-10 of WRC2 category, at ninth row of intermediate results table of the race.











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