CRC Gansu Zhangye Leg will Begin and FAW-VW has risen to the extreme test.


China Rally Championship (CRC) second leg will begin on July 24 in Ganzhou district, Zhangye, where FAW-VW team will compete with dozens of worthy rivals for the title.

With excellent dynamic stability and careful tuning, the seventh generation golf will become an important weight for FAW-Volkswagen team to win the title.

With super competitive team and veteran riders, FAW-Volkswagen team’s defending trip in Gansu is eagerly anticipated by everyone.

15 July 2015

After its first leg in Guiyang, Hunan, 2015 China Rally Championship (CRC) will be presented again. On July 24, the much watched second leg of 2015 China Rally Championship (CRC) will be restarted in Ganzhou district, Zhangye, where the FAW-VW team which the whole industry places high hopes on will compete against its worthy rivals for the title. With courage, determined to win

It is reported that the FAW-Volkswagen team that made a good beginning in the leg of Guiyang, Hunan, has already arrived at Zhangye and was formally preparing for the race. Chen De’an, FAW-Volkswagen chief rider and team manager told the reporter: “We have made full preparation for this fierce competition, reserved sufficient time for vehicle test so that we could more precisely calibrate vehicles for best performance in the race.”
Zhangye has been a battleground of strategic importance for major teams, and the harsh environments and complex terrain here are challenging riders’ endurance and skills. Zhangye race course includes a super short track as well as tracks in Lake Pingshan and Danxia eco-tourism area, and the pavement is constituted by sand. The 6 stages are a collection of a multitude of turns, narrow roads and unexpected steep slopes, testing the car’s rigidity, steering flexibility and upslope engine torque, which also makes Zhangye leg more competitive and worth watching.
With the excellent performances of Golf racing cars and drivers’ unparalleled skills, FAW-Volkswagen team has maintained a high finishing rate in Zhangye. We can say that Zhangye is one of FAW-Volkswagen’s blessed places. This year, thanks to its superior control performance, the seventh-generation Golf will demonstrate amazing performance and become the biggest focus of the industry and motorsport enthusiasts.

Strongest team poised for race
All teams, including FAW-Volkswagen, are investing their distinguished combination of riders and vehicles in this race in face of the challenging terrain, rugged and winding sand tracks of Zheye leg.
FAW-Volkswagen sends the three top riders of Chen De’an, Li Guojing, as well as Chris Atkinson from Australia for this race in Zhangye. Three seven-generation Golf racing cars modified by FAW-Volkswagen team and Prodrive company of UK are now poised for race: 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder turbocharged engine, full time four-wheel-drive system, and wide-range independent suspension, from power train to suspension, the golf racing cars represented the level of high-end WRC racing cars. Judging from the team array, three cars and three competitive combinations will become an important weight of FAW-Volkswagen team to win the title.
In addition to all participating major racers, Yang Ling, Olympic shooting champion will again race for FAW-Volkswagen, navigated by Ruan Miaomiao, a beautiful pilot having three CRC experience, this will be the Yang Ling’s sixth CRC event on behave of FAW-Volkswagen team. The participation by Yang Ling will definitely attract more attention to the team and her performance will be another overriding concern of Zhangye leg.
Chen De’an, FAW-Volkswagen chief rider and team manager said: “our team did very well in the first leg of the year, we need to redouble our efforts in Zhangye to overcome the gravel roads. We shall never give up, instead we
2015 CRC Zhangye leg will begin soon. Until now, FAW-Volkswagn team has been been stationed in specified maintenance area while test drive and road survey have been completed for the competition. With super powerful team and veteran riders, powerful car, FAW-Volkswagen team’s defending trip in Gansu is eagerly anticipated by everyone.











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