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Rally de Portugal. The crew at the finish. But the race had not obeyed.


25 May 2015

The crew of Eurolamp WRT successfully finished the fifth stage of the World Rally Championship, Rally de Portugal. Valeriy Gorban and Vladimir Korsia overcame the final three special stages without any problems. Finally Ukrainians took the eighth place at official result list of WRC2 category.

It can be considered a good result against the background of that fact that three dozen crews were at the start of Rally de Portugal in the main support category of the World Rally Championship. However, the crew was not very pleased with their performance.

Vladimir Korsia, Eurolamp WRT co-driver: “Of course, it is very important that we reached a finish of such a crazy and hard race. And we are so pleased because of it. At least we have got a few important points. But in general, unfortunately, the race had not obeyed to us. Too many wheels had been broken… In a word, the result is not very pleasant. We are going to understand what had gone wrong. We must analyze it and draw conclusions…”

“We would like to thank all the fans who were worrying and supporting us. It was very important to us. Race would have been even harder to us without this support. Thank all of you! “

The World Rally Championship will make a next stop in Italy. Rally Italia Sardegna will take place from 11th to 14th of June. And Eurolamp WRT hag begun preparations for the Italian round immediately after the closing ceremony of Rally de Portugal…

Rally de Portugal. A difficult final of a difficult day.

Before the start of the race the crew of Eurolamp WRT was asked which special stages of this northern Rally de Portugal were their favourite, and the driver and the co-driver were all of one mind.

Valeriy Gorban Vladimir Korsia liked the 28-kilometers Marao (SS9 and SS12).

“Firstly, it is a beautiful route. There is one section of it, we called it the “Space”, and it is just impossible to describe the exterior of this section in words. It is like the corridor with stone walls. It is a very narrow passage through a mountain which requires low speed and maximum accuracy. And there are many huge rounded boulders around. And this boulders are like extraterrestrial origin… But Marao stage is even more beautiful in terms of the crew. Regular changes of surface, alternations of narrow and wide places, constant changes of pace – it is a fair pleasure to race on such stages!” – described one of Saturday’s stages Valeriy Gorban.

It is worthy to note that during morning Saturday’s section the crew passed theirs favourite stage not only with pleasure but also with a good result. The duo of Eurolamp WRT was ninth in WRC2 category. Furthermore Gorban and Korsia overcame the longest special stage of the race, a 38-kilometers Fridao, with strong result too – they were the seventh in WRC2. Plus, opponent troubles – problems of Yazeed Al-Rajhi and Jari Ketomaa – had played not last role. As a result, after first three Saturday stages Ukrainians climbed to the ninth place in intermediate results list of WRC2.

Unfortunately, after the day service the crew of Eurolamp WRT could not keep their morning pace. Subscribers WRC+ channel had the opportunity to watch Valeriy Gorban and Vladimir Korsia replacing left front wheel on theirs MINI John Cooper Works S2000. Regrettably it was only consequences of the troubles that had occurred a few kilometers before. Moreover, it was only the beginning of a difficult final day.

“In the beginning of SS9, in one of the narrow bends of very narrow segment, we had driven slightly faster than needed. As result our car hit a wall and flipped. Fans quickly returned the car on the track, but as it turned out front left tire had damaged at the moment of contact with a wall. So we had to overpass a few kilometers to find a wide space where we could replace the tire. In total, were lost about five minutes on it “, – said Vladimir Korsia.

“Alas, but it was not all of our adventure. We had another puncture on the following special stage. It happened about 5 kilometers next to the finish, and we overcame this distance on three wheels till could replace the tire on the road section. Well, in the end of the final special stage of the day after a little jump the drive was broken. Fortunately, it happened just seven hundred meters to the finish line, so we almost lost no time on this one …”

A poor consolation for the team and its fans was the fact that the crew of Eurolamp WRT returned to the top 10 of WRC2 again. Before the last three stages of Rally de Portugal, which is 56 kilometers long, Valeriy Gorban and Vladimir Korsia occupied the ninth position.












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