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Rally de Portugal. Race with high responsibility.


22 May 2015

M-Sport Team prepared five new Ford R5 for its crews. Skoda R5 will have first appear on stages of World Rally Championship. Team Citroen prepared a new livery for its cars. Team Volkswagen had studied the Argentine problems of engines out and upgraded cars’ fuel system …

The whole rally world prepares for the start of Rally de Portugal. Eurolamp World Rally Team prepares for the fifth round of World Rally Championship too.

Ukrainian team will be represented by one crew on Rally de Portugal – Valery Gorban and co-driver Vladimir Korsia will participate in the race with their MINI John Cooper Works S2000. The duo had no points in Mexico after the race accident and after that they were forced to miss the race in Argentina while their car had been repairing. So Rally de Portugal is a race with high responsibility for drivers and members of the team. They should make up lost ground during last two races and avoid new losses.

This is no easy task, especially because of the record number of WRC2 crews. WRC2 entry list of Rally de Portugal 2015 contains 30 crews. It is the record number not only for WRC2 category which was introduced in 2013 but also for the early years when P-WRC and S-WRC were the major support series. But Eurolamp WRT has all prerequisites for successful performance in Portugal.

Firstly, one of the most important thing is that Rally of Portugal had returned to the north, where no stages of the world championship took place since 2001. This means that the forthcoming Portuguese race will be completely new one for all rivals without any exception. Secondly, Eurolamp WRT trained in Portugal two times during the last month trying to work in conditions close to the conditions of the upcoming event. First time it was a week training session in late April near Amarante and then over the two days training near Montalegre immediately before the race.

Valery Gorban, Eurolamp WRT driver:

“It will be really new race route for all of us. We will be able to understand what awaits us only during the recce. Only during the recce we will be able to find out what setups we need to apply, what tires to use. And the knowledge that we have collected during our Portuguese trainings should help us with it. However, I would not overestimate that part of our trainings where we have attempted to simulate the conditions of the future race. No matter how hard we tried, anyway, our training “models ” were so far from reality.

But there is quite another thing. I mean that we have acquired additional experience and skills to effectively evaluate the surface of routes and rapidly response to its change. That may be the key to success – those who will understand stages and solve their riddle faster than other – will be among the favorites of the race. Of course, we will try to be among them.

In addition, we have another special responsibility on Rally de Portugal. Eurolamp WRT is the only Ukrainian crew at this event. So we will do our best to give our fans only positive emotions! “

Rally of Portugal starts on Thursday, May 21, with short 3-kilometer superspecial stage. The daily program on Friday and Saturday, May 22 and 23 will include the six special stages, the length of which will amount to 132 and 168 kilometers respectively. On the final day of the race on Sunday, May 24, it is scheduled 55 kilometers of three stages and last of them – Power Stage.















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