WRC2 A FULL 2015

Eurolamp WRT team on road to Mexico. Through Portugal.


2 March 2015

Third stage of the World Rally Championship will start in a few days, in early march. After frosty Monte Carlo and Sweden this time crews will compete in the hot Mexico – weather forecasters promise 30-degree heat during event! After snow and ice this is gravel and dust what participants to be ready for, after the soft banks of snow — for the killer rocks. In addition, Mexico prepare for the crews and their cars one more test – the highlands and thin air, when people face loss of consciousness, and the engines lose up to 20% of its capacity.
For Eurolamp World Rally Team this trip will be a special challenge because the Ukrainian squad have performed in Mexico never before. So an extra training session had been included to the programm of preparation to the Mexican WRC stage.
Pre-Mexico training camp was held from 25 to 27 february in Portugal, near Faro (300 km from Lisbon). After four months off from the gravel, that have passed since last year’s race in Spain, the crew of Valery Gorban and Vladimir Corsya was tasked to refresh the skills of driving on mountain gravel roads. Technical Department of the Eurolamp WRT also had to collect as much as possible information about the settings and the behavior of the car in close to Mexican conditions.
Valeriy Gorban, Eurolamp World Rally Team driver:
“The roads in Portugal almost perfectly suited for simulation of what awaits us in Mexico. It is not by chance that the team Ford and Citroen worked here just before us. We had prefered to chose the really tough areas, to try to climb as high as possible in the mountains – so the crew got the necessary load, and the engineers were able to receive high-quality data to work with. To be honest, it was necessary to take into account an incredibly rapid tire wear, so at this time we did not perform full traditional 100 kilometers per day programme, but the overall result is not affected because of this.
We are satisfied with the results of Portuguese traning session. But we well aware that this is not enough. The one thing is the conditions which close to real ones, and quite another thing is the real Mexican roads. Therefore, we will have another test session, on Monday, in stage place, just before the recognise.”
Vladimir Korsia, Eurolamp World Rally Team co-driver:
“Our team will race in Mexico for the first time. So the Portuguese training was especially important. It allowed to remove unnecessary pressure for us before the upcoming start. And now we more realize that awaiting us and ready for this – both morally and physically and technically. So, hopefully, we will meet no unpleasant surprises during the race. “















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