Tomas Weng, creator of the Mitsubishi Mirage / Space R5.

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28 February 2015

From the factory Swedish in Mpart, the engineer nordic, Tomas Weng, the head of project the Mitsubishi R5 gives us the final details of what’s next for the Japanese product on the specialty. Where there are many interested in acquiring the new vehicle of the brand of the three diamonds, which has already made the first test in Scandinavian snow.

What does this new project for the new Mitsubishi R 5 for your team based in Sweden?

We have been involved with Mitsubishi for many years and, as the popularity of the Evo and the N4 classes started to reduce, we wanted to become involved with the emerging R5 Class. We also wanted to stay with Mitsubishi, as we have had great success with their cars and have a number of loyal customers who also want to stay with the brand.

What are the sporting plans you have with this car of the Japanese brand of the three diamonds?

Currently it is too early to say exactly what our sporting plans will be, as it depends on achieving homologation. Of course, we would like to see our cars compete all over the world in regional and international events, including the WRC and ERC.

How many purchase orders R 5 vehicle have so far and to countries in Europe and elsewhere?

We have had enquiries from all over the world: Europe, South America, North America, Australasia, Asia and Africa. I am pleased to say that we have had a considerable amount of confirmed orders – more than we had ever thought we would – but until we can provide delivery dates, we are not in a position to confirm numbers.

Already have made the first test in the snow and ice in Sweden in recent weeks, as have been the same: A brief overview of the performance of the first prototype Mitsubishi Mirage R 5?

The test was carried out in perfect winter conditions on a snow-covered forest stage near Karlstad. The car surpassed expectations in every way during the test and, other than a couple of very small tweaks, it ran perfectly from the moment it was started to the moment we put it back on the trailer. The speed and handling was fantastic. This was only the first test, so of course, we know there’s much more to come.

That have estimated development time for the Mitsubishi R5 is competitive against cars from rival brands?

We will be testing throughout this year, but we are confident that the Mitsubishi R5 will be as good – if not better – than most of its rivals in a short period of time. We are therefore very excited about its potential.

The next test is carried out on gravel and asphalt?

We will continue to test the car on snow while it’s possible in Sweden. However, when we have more cars available, we will be testing on gravel and asphalt as soon as we can.

Who is the team’s test driver behind the wheel of Mitsubishi R 5?

The driver for the first test was Swedish driver Martin Berglund. We have others lined up – and some of them will be well known names who have said they will be very happy to help us develop the car.

The Italian squad Max Rendina, Mitsubishi Ralliart Italy has been very interested in the Mirage R 5, which can tell us about it held any formal contact this interest?

We have not had any contact with Ralliart Italy.

This program is approved by Mitsubishi Motors of Japan and may be the apex to achieve medium-term income of Japanese constructor in international Rally?

We are in touch with Mitsubishi Sweden and Mitsubishi Europe, who are in touch with Mitsubishi Japan who are aware of this project. No plans have been discussed about an official return to the WRC.

Finally, the plan is to debut the Mitsubishi R5 mid-season in the ERC or WRC2?

We would be delighted to see the Mitsubishi R5 competing in the WRC and ERC – and other major rally championships. When this will happen will depend on the situation regarding homologation.

Welcome to the Mitsubishi R 5

This is a holding page. A new website is currently being constructed. Please keep visiting for further developments.

An all-new global contender, the Mitsubishi R5 combines the core elements of the
brand’s legendary engineering heritage, together with the latest in proven
motorsport technology.

Based on the new Mirage (badged Space Star in some territories), the Mitsubishi
R5 is designed to take on the worlds’ best. It has been created to continue from
where the Evolution left off and to take the marque to another level. Now, overall
and not just class success is ultimately achievable in both regional and international events.

Developed by Mpart AB in Sweden, the car features a 1620cc version of the
Mitsubishi 4B11 engine from the Evolution X. The R5 features a five-speed Sadev
transmission and four-wheel-drive system, with MacPherson suspension all-round,
mated to specially designed subframes and Öhlins dampers. The car is built to FIA
R5 Class specification. Homologation has been applied for.









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