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Rally Sweden WRC 2015. Winter rally kingdom.


10 February 2015

The successful training and three long training sessions testing session of Eurolamp World Rally Team are complete: and now the team is ready for make the first steps for the 2015 World Rally Championship.
Rally fans are used to consider Rally Monte Carlo as the opening event of the World Rally Championship: during a lot of years Monaco is taking that place in WRC schedule and that is the very popular and important event in world rallying. However, there are really few people who know another tradition – to hold the second event of WRC in Sweden kingdom! Two «monarchical» rallies have been replacing each other in WRC calendar during the years, but always took place in its beginning – being the trendsetters of the whole championship.
Eurolamp World Rally Team have made the decision to start in the 2015 season with Rally Sweden, that’s why the team has extremely efficient testing program to prepare for this unique rally. There were held several training sessions – from December till early February in Finland and Estonia, and Valery Gorban and Vladimir Korsia used some totally different configuration and surface of rally roads. The team’s goal was clear: to prepare the crew and the powerful MINI John Cooper Works S2000 to a variety of weather conditions, which ‘winter rally kingdom’ could prepare for the participants.
Difficult as it may believe but the weather can be the most important factor in this rally. According to the weather forecast, the air temperature in Carlstadt region, where the rally center is located, is going to be around zero degree during the whole week. And possibly getting some degrees colder at night and up in the afternoon. That means road may became slippery or – in contrary – melted at any special stage. Not so bad challenge for crews, isn’t it?
On the other hand, in 2015 the Rally Sweden road route has not been changed significantly in comparison with the last season. In fact, the changes have included only those special stages which are running through the Norway territory. Organizers have «added» the new distance in 8 km to SS Torsby, SS Rojden and the SS Finnskogen is reversed in the opposite direction, and SS Kirkenaer is slightly changed. All those stages are arranged for the Friday section that’s why Friday is going to be the most difficult day of the rally (and even more – the weather forecasts promise some snow falls exactly for this day).
However, changeable and unstable weather is highly unlikely to upset numerous rally fans – they are looking forwards the spectacular show prepared for them by the rally’s managers and organizers. The most stunning moment of the Rally Sweden is going to be the Super Special City Stage in the Karlstad (it is running twice, during the Thursday and Friday evening), and a short «sprint» stage in the city Hagfors nearby Karlstad (it is running twice as well, but only on Saturday), and finally – the Power Stage with the 16-kilometer distance. This one is being traditionally broadcast live. This stage will play the role of the final accord in the battle for the winter rally kingdom.









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