Bernd Casier has tested his Fiesta R5


Ypres, 13 June 2014
FIA European Rally Championship 2014 – Round 6 Geko Ypres Rally

The team preparations for the Geko Ypres Rally are presently in full swing. After Peugeot Sport had finished off a development test session with the 208 T16 in the vicinity of Ypres, Bernd Casier also put his Ford Fiesta R5 through its paces. Bernd Casier is one of the Belgian outsiders in the Geko Ypres Rally, an event where he has shown his speed numerous times in the past.

“I’m very satisfied with the test session in my new Fiesta R5,” Bernd commented. “It was a busy day, as it took a fair amount of time before I found a set-up that gave me confidence. Just like the Focus WRC, the Fiesta R5 as from its nature suffers from some rather more body roll. We found a solution without having to harden the springs too heavily, because in the long run you need to find a good compromise and not merely concentrate on the ideal set-up for the test basis you are using. I now have a basic set-up that gives me confidence and one with which I can build up the pace in the competition. “

Bernd Casier, who finished fourth overall in 2010 with a Skoda Fabia Super 2000, will undoubtedly need to find the ideal pace. In fact he has not as yet competed this year.

“I’m curious to see how our times compare with those of the ERC stalwarts. Over these last few years the course has become less bumpy as the result of the resurfacing of certain roads, whereby it has become somewhat less difficult for the foreign competitors, but in Ypres every year the level remains extremely high. This coming weekend I can continue to concentrate on my pace and testing in the Rally van Wervik, so that I will be ready for the start of the competition. I’m out to prove myself in Ypres, a competition that really suits me!”

Last year Bernd competed together with his friend Pieter Tsjoen. They were going to share the drive of a Skoda Fabia Super 2000, but a damaged engine during the shakedown decided otherwise. This time around Bernd will be going head to head with Pieter Tsjoen in a full R5 duel, because the eightfold Champion of Belgium will be at the start in a Peugeot 208 T16. Tsjoen was also to compete in Wervik this coming weekend, but his Peugeot could not be prepared in time.

At GoDrive, Gaby Goudezeune’s team, for years a familiar face in the Ypres Rally, the Citroën DS3 R5 has in the meantime arrived. Twofold Belgian S2000 champion Vincent Verschueren will be testing the DS3 R5 this weekend. Another potential Belgian outsider for a podium place… And we have not even mentioned Mister Ypres, Freddy Loix, who with his faithful Skoda Fabia S2000 is impatiently looking forward to the confrontation with the ERC stalwarts…






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