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Rally Italia Sardegna – the whole day drama


9 June 2014

Saturday section of Rally Italia Sardegna brought a lot of hot moments to all teams and crews – there were some really unexpected and hectic changes in top results and other participants had enough of surprises, and they were not always pleasant. Saturday became also ambiguous for Ukrainian team: Valeriy Gorban reached the finish line of the day but his result could hardly be considered as sufficient – Gorban had only the last line in WRC 2 standings.

The day was really hard. Saturday’s section had only four special stages but it had also two runs of 60-kilometer SS Monte Lerno. Some participants reported that it will be interesting and challenging stage, but in fact it went in other way. Due to accidents Monte Lerno had been canceled twice. So our crew even had not an opportunity to pass this stage in normal race mode.

But Ukrainian driver had his own reasons to loose positions – Gorban made a mistake at the first Saturday’s SS, and that was a critical mistake for the day. He moved down to the end of the results and even better pace after couldn’t recompense that gap. Our crew has finished the day – and that’s the only good news.

The final day of Rally Italia Sardegna also consists of four special stages, but they are only 48 km long. Of course, such short distance is not enough for real fight. We just need to finish the race without problems and put an end to this “Italian story.”






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