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Rally Italia Sardegna – can we have a bit more please?


9 June 2014

Rally Italia Sardegna is over – and for Ukrainian rally team Eurolamp WRT this race was extremely complicated. But it is one of the most interesting and stunning rallies in WRC calendar still – so we are really happy to met that challenge. Of course we had too many troubles, accidents and lost of time that it was absolutely impossible to reach the top lines in WRC 2. But despite of our dissatisfaction of the formal result we are glad to pass the race.

Valery Gorban explained that this time we were “like a fish out of water”: “We had troubles during the whole race – except of Sunday section. We broke wheel on Friday, had restart on Saturday and than lost a lot of time after the first stage of that day. But the worst thing was to find out that two 60-kilometer SS Monte Lerno were canceled twice. And exactly before our car! I even can hardly express our feelings when we were standing at the start gate, looking at the seconds and… They stop us! So if I could chose, I’d love to have two more days of Rally Sardegna more – because our race has just begun”.

Despite of all those unpleasant things during the race Ukrainian team is optimistic about future rallies. Our MINI worked perfectly today and allowed the crew to fulfill their racing goals, the rally was really great ans interesting – even with some pity surprises from the itinerary changes. So we are getting ready to the next events of WRC 2014.





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