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Vodafone Rally de Portugal – Ukraine in the Top 10 WRC 2 !


6 April 2014
One of the most difficult rallies in WRC season, Vodafone Rally de Portugal, is successfully completed: Ukrainian crew Valeriy Gorban and Vladimir Korsya got the 8th line in WRC 2. And that means that the Ukrainians entered the Top 10! It has became possible because of their stability and reliability.

The Sunday section had only three special stages, however, they were tough enough to clarify the results of the whole rally. First, during Friday and Saturday, Gorban – Korsya weren’t too fast: only the 12th and the 11th positions and some faster stages sometimes. Gorban is always very careful driver – he prefers to keep calm pace and avoid additional “baggage” of bad luck and penalties for restarts.

So he has exactly the same plan for Portugal. As we know heavy rains fall down over the region earlier that week, so the road became wet and slippery all over the race – there were some mud even on Sunday. So the only correct decision was to avoid risky situations and get the car unbroken.

Friday was not so good for us – only the 12th . On Saturday, during the second day, Gorban pushed forward and got the 11th place. But anyway it was out of Top-10, so the question remained opened. Gorban made his tactic perfectly – he was fast enough on Sunday, so that he made one more effective effort and reached the 9th line in live timing. It seemed that everything was done and Ukrainian crew had only to finish the race. But at the final SS16 French pilot got the bad luck with his car and left the race, so he suddenly made a “present” for Ukrainians – one more position higher for them.

We are happy to inform that this rally was the second successful race in 2014 season. Our MINI JCW RRC with the Ukrainian native ornament on the roof was the only one between all other cars in WRC 2 where most of them are Fords. Eurolamp WRT is going to take part in some European events of WRC 2014 – please, check our information later.






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