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Valeriy Gorban- Interview Special by MINI Eurolamp World Rally Team


18 February 2014

A brief balance squad with MINI Ascania Racing in 2013?

Well, 2013 was the first season with MINI for our team. And despite of sufficient experience in WRC-2 during last three years we have met totally new cars – with lot of new engeeneering knowlege and skills required. So we have spent some time – quite a lot in fact! – to get used to our new cars and to improve our technical team. We finished 2012 with Gorban “bronze” in P-WRC and our 2013 – for the first sight – could be considered like less succseed. But Ascania Racing has reached the bigger goal in fact – we have changed the category of car and made our personal progress in it.

What are your expectations regarding 2014 with MINI RRC in WRC2?

Our team has only one crew this season so it is even more important for us to reach the finish lines of as many WRC events as possible. And do it as fast as we can! Our crew is ready for that challenge – without any doubts. We have completed wide test programm befor this seasone. Hope we will do our best.

How was the debut in the Rally white in Swedish with many demands in the course of the competition nordic snow?

First off all – it wasn’t nordic snow competition this time! 🙂 We expected some snow but it turned into gravel at most of SSs. No trouble about that at all – we are not so bad at heavy road conditions. Our crew has made two quite serious mistakes – at the very beginning and at the very end of the race. That’s why we didn’t get a position in top level of WRC-2 ranking this time. But we have one victory at SS and some really fast results during the race. That is a great beginning of the season – we have found our pace.

What technical agreement has been made by the British company Prodrive regarding the care and development of the MINI RRC / s2000?

Well, we have support and consultive information for every question, some of our technicans have completed studying at Pridrive facilities as well.

What the goal Eurolamp WRT team for this year 2014? Do you only compete in the WRC2 or is there any intention of entering the ERC with the MINI JCW RRC?

WRC-2 is on the top of our racing program – we can confirm. European based events of WRC this year. And for now we are planning some rallies in Ukraine. Further attempts will be announced later – if they will be.

Why Finally, there is some conversation with Prodrive for use sometime MINI WRC 01C version to take part in the larger class of CMR?
really? Well, Eurolamp WRT stays with our RRC MINI for 2014 for sure!




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