2012 Rally Mexico

6 February 2014

Mikko Hirvonen (5th) said:

“It has been an alright morning. The boys in front are going quickly, but we’ll try to keep up. We’ve had a pretty good run, but there is still that little bit missing to get back up to where we need to be – to make the lines a little cleaner and be absolutely perfect. But overall I am happy. We just need to keep it up – try to gain a little more performance with each stage and then just see where we are.”

Elfyn Evans (13th) said:

“It is definitely getting better and better. The first stage [of the day, SS2] was going well until we clipped a soft patch of snow on the inside of a corner – unfortunately that was just enough to spin the car around. We had to reverse and lost a little bit of time there. We were a lot more cautious after that and had a good clean run through the following stages. We’re not taking any risks – just learning and really starting to enjoy it now.”


Ott Tanak (4th) said:

“This morning has gone really well for us. The car is absolutely perfect and we are really enjoying being back. We’ll keep the same pace for today at least but we are certainly not in a position to start pushing at the moment. I think we are doing OK so I don’t want to put any extra into it.”

Pontus Tidemand (9th) said:

“It has been quite a good morning for us, but we still have a few things to work on. We’ve not been in a world rally car for 12 months so we’re certainly not at 100 per cent just yet. That said, we’ve had a good, clean run with no mistakes, and I think that gives us a good base to build on.”

Henning Solberg (10th) said:

“I lost a lot of time with a spin on the first stage [of the morning, SS2], but now we are back – second quickest on that last stage [SS4]! Second fastest on the longest stage of the day is good. I have to admit that I was a little shaky after that one – we were so quick and I haven’t driven in over a year so I had to breathe a couple of times! Still, not bad for someone over 40!”

Robert Kubica (12th) said:

“There was no particular difficulty this morning, but when you are driving for the first time in snow it is never easy. The road condition changes quite a lot which only complicates the situation. It is very difficult to be confident as I don’t find it as easy to read the road as those with more experience. I can see that there is a change in surface, but I don’t know what to expect, so that is quite tricky.

“I knew that would be the case before I came here and I am actually very pleased with our performance so far. We have taken no risks and I hope that we can continue like that. As the only snow rally on the calendar it is important that we get to the end of this event having learnt as much as we can.”

2012 Rally Mexico






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