Motorsport Italia’s Mario Stagni takes the MINI out at Monza


21 November

This weekend sees the return of Motorsport Italia’s Mario Stagni to the circuit in one of the team’s very own MINI WRC John Cooper Works cars for Rally Monza. 1992 Italian gravel champion, Stagni retired from full-time competition in 1999, the same year he won the Italian production car championship. Alongside a successful national career, Stagni made a splash on an international stage when he won the production category at WRC event Rally San Remo in 1997.

With more than 10 outings at Rally Monza under his belt, including two victories in the production class, Stagni will be back in a rally car for the first time in two years, since he competed in Rally Monza 2011, also in a MINI WRC car. Despite his absence from competition, Stagni understands the importance for any competitor to stay fit if they want to be on top of their game in any sporting event and goes to the gym at least twice a week to do cardio and weights to maintain his physical fitness.

As well as having a passion for driving, Stagni believes that as part of the team management understanding how the cars Motorsport Italia rents work from a driver’s perspective is essential to providing a full customer service: “I’m really looking forward to being back out on the circuit. I enjoy driving, but I’ve also always been of the opinion that it’s important for a team to have a clear idea of the behaviour of the cars we are renting to customers when they’re tested in anger. It’s a good way of understanding the experience a driver has during the stages and allows me to communicate with my colleagues and explain how the car feels from a driver’s point of view. That helps us to progress and provide the best service possible!”

Stagni’s main target for this weekend is to survive the event and get to end, while enjoying the experience of driving a high performance rally car, but it could be a real challenge, especially if there are changeable conditions: “It won’t be easy if there’s rain, but my focus will be on reaching the finish and engaging with the rallying friends and colleagues who make up the strong community which makes our sport such a pleasure to be part of!”

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