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Mario Stagni, Special Interview by MSI 2013 / 2014


21 November

Mario, Have for sale and rent for the time the MINI WRC by MSI?

Yes we currently have three MINIs and they are all available for sale for the right price.

How many model cars by Johh Cooper Works WRC 01B have now?

We have two 01B cars and one 01C.

Is the plan to return with a comprehensive program of races in 2014?

We are currently confirming the shape of our 2014 season. We will continue with our Group N Mitsubishis and have more than one driver interested in competing in the WRC 2 Production Cup with us. There are a few other exciting things in the pipeline – but for now, you need to watch this space and we’ll confirm soon!

Or possibly introduce conversion MINI RRC to run in next year’s ERC?

Our MINI WRC cars are fully convertible into RRC spec. As you saw in Rally Australia this year, we had one MINI RRC competing alongside one of our MINI WRC cars. The RRC is eligible for both the ERC and the WRC 2 category, so it wouldn’t be out of the question to see one or more of our MINIs out on the stages of the FIA’s European or World Rally Championships next season.

Why Finally, what is the strategy or project you have in mind regarding the Motorsport Italia by International Rally in edium and short term?

We have two short to medium-term goals. Firstly, as any team or business we need to confirm our customer programme for next season. It’s a difficult economic climate in the world of motor sport at the moment, but we’ve been going strong for 15 years now. I believe we have a strong business model and can keep going long in to the future. Meanwhile, like everyone who’s passionate about rallying, we’re interested in getting new manufacturers involved and we are doing everything we can to find a new manufacturer partner for Motorsport Italia and join the WRC together in the near future!













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